Monday, April 14, 2014


Hey happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was a curious cocktail of terror and confusion. 

I do not even know what that means.

You drive? I remember what it is like driving 10 years back. Where you actually have to attempt going unfamiliar places and all you are armed with is basic instinct, luck and shit loads of petrol.

I am that old. 

Personally I like GPS. It is like trusting a robot with a sense of direction.
Oh, how technology spoils us.



Have a great week ahead...

P.S. Sorry for the lack of new comics last week. I know I have been saying this a lot recently but I am currently working on something new and the effort and time required to be put into it is astronomical. Honestly it has been the source of my stress and eventual lost of my sanity. Hopefully I will manage to get it out within the next couple of months and I am very VERY sure it will be worth your time. Care to guess what it is? No? Ok nevermind.
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