Thursday, July 31, 2014

How It Is Really Like Being A Comic Character

Hey happy Thursday guys! Hope you guys are having a fantastic Raya holiday. Or maybe you are back from the holidays and reality has indefinitely resumed for you.

Anyway, there were times where my Bros get asked how is it like to be a comic character. Being a comic character is pretty fun and I must say it has its perks.

Shamus decided to use it recently.

He paid full price for the book. Comic character or not.
Shamus: Miss. I'm one of the characters in this comic book. Do I get a discount?
Cashier: Hah? No way!
Shamus: Look! Don't I look like this guy over here?
Cashier: Not really.
Shamus: Look at my identification card. It's the same name as the character in the book.
Cashier: Oh yeah! Shamus!
Shamus: So do I get a discount?
Cashier: Nope.
Shamus: ....
Ernest: Apasal ko pegi buat bende gila camtu?

I lied. There is no such things as having perks for being a comic character.

Mystery solved.

Anyway, as you might have known, I have recently released my second book, BACK TO SCHOOL. It's kinda selling pretty fast so do quickly grab a copy before it finishes.

Also I am having a book signing and a comic workshop this coming weekend at KLCC so do come by if you would like me to sign your books! We can take pictures and talk about how awful the new Transformers is and other stuff.

See you guys there!
Please come. I don't want to get lonely.

Have a great weekend ahead!

It will be great because you are coming to meet me, right? Right?


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