Thursday, January 20, 2011

Brothers Battle Royale

What day is it?

Okay, so this is an unusual post which does not adhere to any of my usual time of cartoon uploads but here's another comic for you guys this week! Surprise! Double comic week FTW!

This situation occurred right after the "Clam to the Head" incident. If you are just tuning in, you can view Part 1 HERE to see what happened before this strip.

This episode is a little wordy but I won't say much lest I spoil this one for you. Enjoy!

Wow... Just wow... 

So polite!

This really happened. Turns out Shamus is such a mindful guy when it comes to his own public outrage. The watching public's safety is his priority concern. Make sure they feel safe and won't be sucked in.

I just realised that this is the FIRST TIME I have really included a girl in my comic! Talk about diversity! No wonder some people have told me so far the series has a little homoerotic sense to it! Well, congrats to the couple who were standing nearby during the fight between the two brothers. Sorry we didn't get your names but you have been unsuspectingly cartoonized and featured in my series!

If you have noticed, I had bleeped out the usual foul language that are usually strewn all over this series. Consider it as an experiment to see if you guys prefer it like this or not. Personally I feel it adds to the humour indirectly but let me know your thoughts in the comments section below:)

Remember guys, if you are going to fight in public, make sure to be mindful of the people watching you.


  1. Interesting stuff dude! keep it up..

  2. lols...not bad. controlled chaos ^^

  3. @melvin: thanks dude! stay tuned for more:D
    @puiteng: thanks! i like that u like haha
    @glo-w: haha controlled chaos! yes i like that word!

  4. dont censor the cuss word la man. we are not kids here. LOL

  5. did jamus really put the pqil over shamus's head? marah betul jamus that day.

  6. @saleh: thanks man:)
    @miza: lol i know! hmmm.. dilemma.. no one else has voiced out their opinions on the cuss words yet tho
    @nizam: yes he did... mmg panas baran that guy.. dont be deceived by his innocent face

  7. Ernest bro! u have my support all the way! so do keep it up! its quite fun and interesting so cheerz! ;-D

  8. urkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    so the slugfest did happen?

    who won?

    wow,safety concern summore?baik betulll

    the cursing adds flower to the wording,jgn jadi cerita melayu,baik sgt sampai no cursing,very the tipu!! :D

  9. @sirion: thanks bro! glad to know u have been following the series up till now:D
    @pitto: haha well they argued but never managed to have a slugfest. u'll see who won in the next strip:D yes shamus is concern for public safety.
    really you think so? hmmm.. ok then maybe the next one its back to uncensored cuss words! thanks for the feedback:D

  10. I's cool man...Love it so much...:)))

  11. I don't mind abt the cursing
    don't think it should be censored after all

    I like ur comics and I want moreeeeeeeeeee

  12. thanks una! yeah maybe after this i will not censor the cuss words anymore! sorry for the late reply. internet has not been generous to me. will make more soon!

  13. Ahaha, and you think this ONLY happens in cartoons! *irony* xD

  14. @liz: true! only my bros will pull off such a thing! haha!

  15. i really wanna know if u guys pernah ada pillow fight? kinda cute rasanya~

  16. warghhhkakahaaaaakkaaakaaa
    so farnee and cute these bros


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