Thursday, June 30, 2011

Talking About Sizes

It's the last day of June. My, my, my do time flies when you're having the worst diarrhea of your life fun.

I can't be so sure of the humor this week but this incident really happened when an old friend of ours came back to Malaysia after so many donkey kong years. We hung out for a bit and this bit of conversation ensued.

Classic Daryl.
Daryl just did a dick joke. In case that didn't register yet. No, Daryl is not a homo. Stop asking.

If this is your first time here and you want to know exactly what the DICK is going on, click here to find out!

Sorry if this isn't up to my usual standards as it is a bit of a rushed work. Been having the worst hectic week. I hope next week will be better.

Have an awesome weekend guys!


  1. Hahaha, don't ever believe when girls tell u size doesn't matter, they mind a lot~

  2. Lol, what's with guys and 'SIZES'? HAHAHAHA! :P

  3. omg, I will be surprised if Sue didn't freak out. WTH? LOLOLOL... Seriously Daryl asked that?

    Loved the anticipating silence. XD

  4. @kelvin: hahah... how u know???
    @lindy: lol i think its a guy thing lindy.
    @sumbuddy: yes he did! classic moment! she didnt but she was a little stunned at first then she laughed. the anticipating silence also happened it was like daryl digesting wat he just heard.
    @ken: aiya u know la ken. don pretend ur very innocent XD

  5. Mine is like 'Incredible Hulk'. When calm small small only. But when angry that time........ MMMmmmmaaarrrrggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. LOL! I clicked on the link and that's really funny! I like the way you tell the story anyway! :D

  7. @VELARian: walao... so scary.. make sure ur hulk dont angry in front of me! LOL
    @Jiamin: haha thanks jiamin:) it actually happened in real life u know!

  8. Seriously, what IS it with guys and sizes? I'm a girl, and I don't really care about size. Does it really make that big a difference??? @.@ (Why am I asking this HERE? =.=)

  9. @liz: hmmmm... yes liz... why are you asking this here? LOL... imagination 100% loaded

  10. Wow..i can't believe Daryl asked that to Sue at a public place :O


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