Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bazaar Ramadhan, continued

Thursday Mursday and the weekend is coming! Not to forget the WEEK LONG BREAK OF RAYA HOLIDAYS! Time to mess shit up get duit raya go party  celebrate after the month long of fasting! (for my Muslim friends I mean. I failed to puasa all the way and only managing to last 7 days OK FIVE cause I cheated a little!)

Anyway, whatever happened to the Justin Bubur that Shamus bought from the bazaar?

Read the initial part HERE first in order to get the damn joke.

Daryl is positive max.

In case you are new here, this is actually a running joke from episodes like THIS and THIS.

Okay. So today's comic might be a little short and anti-climatic. "Ernest, you are getting pretty lame and lazy aren't you?" Well, actually no. (Okay you got that part half right: lame, yes. lazy, no)

Why? It is most probably due to the fact that I am busy preparing for something AWESOME that is going to happen in the whole month of September! (the comic is turning ONE next month (9th September) in case you don't know that already) We're heading towards Year Two very, VERY soon and to commemorate that event we will have special episodes every Monday for the whole of next month! (Not exactly. It's still gonna be my usual six frames and dick jokes but it will be a little different I promise)

Stay tuned and have a great and safe trip for those going to balik kampung for the Raya Holidays and have an awesome weekend subsequently and an inevitably awesome holiday!


  1. and I'm like Bubur, Bubur, Bubur, OHhhhhhhh!

  2. Well at least Daryl's not licking any gross stuff in this strip.

    And above comment ftw. XD

  3. Love kens song ^^ bubur bubur bubur Ooo...say you'll always be mine <3

  4. haha,Daryl is right this time! :D

  5. I'm sensing a locally made exploitable internet meme here. If I anything, grant me the honour to call it "Optimist Daryl" exploitable.


  6. Wow..this time daryl actually nailed it!

  7. the first comment above is ftw! xD
    I hum the same song too when I read Justin Bubur. lol

  8. me also lame eh lazy to draw too details in my comic. for me as long as the massage sent, its ok..LOL

  9. @ken: dammit ken! now that song is stuck in my head!!
    @lee: justin bubur is not considered gross? well maybe not as gross as the other things he licked lol!
    @sharkox: yeah! coming very soon!
    @aujinz: lol why surprise?
    @glo-w: habis la.. now everyone gonna sing this bubur song.
    @syun: haha yalor! finally!
    @sumbuddy: lol ok sure go ahead! we shall call this 'optimist daryl' exploitable! maybe the bubur is really delicious?
    @hilmi: yeah! once in a blue moon! lol
    @oridusartic: oh noooo... now theres a bubur song! XP
    @dorky guy: ur style is minimalist ma. ok what. sometimes my comic quite detailed and takes quite long to finish.

  10. OMG, LOL @ken's comment!!!! xD If the porridge is as good as his music, was it GOOD, or BAD? :P *teehee*

  11. I'd much rather have a bowl of that Justin Bubur than "chocolate" or "peanut butter".. lol..

    I am soo going to share this strip to my friends and infect them with "the bubur song"... >:)

  12. @liz: haha i know. his comment makes this post even funnier. thanks ken!
    @lee: now everyone is gonna share the bubur song? lol the bieber fever just got bigger. just great!

  13. This is sooooo Funny!HAHAHAH

  14. @benooi: haha thanks ben! i was worried it wasnt XP


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