Thursday, November 17, 2011

Washing Dishes

Good Thursday morning everyone! Just another day and then it's the weekend! Hang in there!

I have nothing much to say right now as my mind wanders off into a glorious weekend ahead! Let's cut to the chase.

Here's a comic for you to kill some time before the weekend officially begins!

"Oh, yeah? Like killing only what? 20 seconds?" 

Shut up.

Enjoy today's comic!

Seriously, Jon. Why didn't you stop?
Here's the thing: Don't f*** with Jasmine.

Apparently that never got into the logic of the bros in the house.

It's like I already knew what happened.
Yes, Jasmine is the only girl that lives with the bros in the house (in case many of you have yet to realise that). How does she manage to bear living with the bros, is another one of the world's unsolved mysteries.

Oh yeah! BEFORE I sign off, as you might have known, the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011 is coming and the voting phase has begun! No, I did not get nominated but that's okay. I'm still an Internet noob. Somehow, not one, BUT TWO awesome friends of mine are nominated instead! I'm jealous, but how cool is that?! They are:

Chee Ching from for the "Most Original Blog Design" category (she was bad-ass enough to come up with that cute picture you see above which is very clicky and very awesome) and our favourite booby loving "sei ham sap lou"...

Not a clicky link thingy. Sorry.
...Kenwooi from for the "Hidden Gem" category! Very glad that he is nominated for this category rather than some bullshit hack of a jackass blog.

So, do vote for them as they are representing Malaysia for those two categories! If you are a Malaysian, do it for Malaysia! If you are not Malaysian, do it cause they are seriously awesome! Also, if they do win, it will make me feel good. Help make me feel good. Seriously. Vote now!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Was looking forward to a post saying you were nominated! On the bright side, by this time next year, your readership should have exponentially grown!! :D

    Keep at it ernest, always looking forward to your comics!

  2. i wonder how she survives =_=" *she must be a kung fun master or something..hehe..

  3. I wonder how Jasmine looks like in real..

    ohw ya, coincidentally, i did vote for both cheechingy and kenwooi.. They really do deserve to win..

  4. ho ho ho.. no worry,the vote is available each 2 hours.. and Kenwooi gonna treat us good after this.. ha ha ha.. Now,it's fucking good Jasmine get the hell out of Jon there.. ha ha ha.. :-p..

  5. voted them both!!! It's gonna be wierd if I don't vote for Ken since I nominated him~ lols.

    That aside, when u're having fun, it's okay to fool around. But when we are serious, dont f**** with ANY girl! hehe

  6. hahaha.. jon jon jon, it must be so much fun in that house.. Gotta admit, I'll give thumbs and toes up for Jasmine! She's the bomb! =P
    (in no way I meant any offense there)

  7. I'm gonna call Jon... "Inappropriate Jon"
    The caption for the exploitable meme today is "Splash water with a girl friend... at the kitchen sink"

  8. dont mess with jasmine..LOL
    btw done voted

  9. Jon so meannn..

    btw, voted both of them!

  10. so....jasmine never vomit blood staying around? that's one hell of a superwoman!

  11. Hah. Girl power yo! :D

    And thanks for the plug.

    *Sniff sniff bad ass is terharu*

  12. @adam: aww you had much too high hopes on my blog. but thanks for the sentiments! haha lets hope for better chances in years to come! hopefully I will still be drawing comics by then! thanks so much for ur support bro! you deserve an epic high five!
    @eggyolks: haha yalor. dono how she can tahan the bros. dam kungfu master la she.
    @pohvin: lol she is actually kinda hot! srsly! thanks for voting for them :D
    @aki: if kenwooi wins, i demand him belanja me since i help him rally votes here as well! LOL!
    @nana: yeah! vote for ken. dont be a hypocrite! haha! i guess dont f*** with any girl when they are doing serious household chores.
    @jeffro: are you sure? most people cant stand it. unless you are as nuts as them haha! she will be so happy you said that about her:)
    @sumbuddy: serious bro, you want bro memes? haha someday you WILL get some! stay tuned!
    @eido: yes. she is a 2nd level black belt in taekwondo. dont play-play! thanks for voting!
    @fina: jon is just extremely playful la haha! thanks for voting!
    @eric: strangely not yet. only injuries are inflicted on the bros because she can really kick some ass. she is a black belter in real life!

  13. @chee ching: LOL! you represent Malaysian comic bloggers ma! must make sure you win!!! chingy FTW! me gusta!

  14. haha,I often do that to my sibling but I do know when to stop! XD

  15. it should be: don't mess with girls! :D

  16. Jon used Water Gun!
    Its not very effective...

    Jasmine used Rage!
    Its super effective!

    Jon fainted!

    *is a poke-nerd...

  17. Voted for both. =) Jon really has arse luck when it comes to things going on ard him or he is just being idiotic.. Lol..

  18. @syun: haha ever tried NOT stopping? lol
    @邁爾斯 阿波羅: well, its like dont mess with girls like jasmine because she will not hesitate to lay the smackdown on us haha
    @ken: no prob bro! u better win i tell you!! *belanja lunch k?* hehe
    @lee: haha i totally understood all of that! does that make me a poke-nerd too?
    @lala: thanks for voting! i think its both. he has ass luck and he is always being idiotic haha

  19. Waaa, fierce ah. Pity her future husband lol.

  20. Haha.. I think me n jasmine can become very good friends..


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