Sunday, January 1, 2012


This time it's WAR!

No, not really. This will officially be the first post for the year 2012!

2011 came by and went and I didn't even notice her leaving but what I can say is that 2011 has been really awesome especially in the final few months and it can only mean that it will be more awesome coming into 2012!

I am not going to bore you with what I have achieved or experienced during 2011 and all that kinda stuff because the future is like with spaceship and robot dinosaurs.

I don't even know what that means.

Anyhow, thanks so much for supporting my comics all these while and like always, I will do my very best to deliver more hilarity and cartoon entertainment every twice a week for you folks out there!

So before we start off the new year with another comic, here's an awesome artwork specially made by a great handful of comic bloggers all around Malaysia who got together and collaborated for the grandest collab I ever had so far! So from all of us comic bloggers,

Awesome enough to warrant it as a desktop wallpaper? Hi res version can be found HERE.

As 2012 is the predicted year for the end of the world, will you side with evil and embrace and conspire towards the world's destruction or will you be noble and protect and defend the planet from impending doom?

Special thanks to all those who participated and made this wallpaper to be totally filled with awesome fueled power juice!

In case you don't know them, here's a list and do go check them out!

The Doom Bringers (Left Side)
1. Ernest Ng ( <-- THAT'S ME!
2. Aujinz (
3. syuthekitteh (
4. Miss Morbids (
5. Miao&WafuPafu (
6. UTAR Boy (
7. Pauline Low (
8. Robin (
9.The Sharkox (

The Protector of Earth (Right Side)
1. Amin Aizuddin (
2. Egg & Yolk (
3. Munyamunya (
4. Kendy's life a.k.a house88kend (
5. King Syahmi (
6. CheeChingy (
7. Bolehland (
8. SE (
9. Dorky Guy (
10. Kyoru (
11. SayaDoodle (
12. Pek Chek Kia (

I chose to draw on the evil side cause I thought the bros as black ninjas would look REALLY cool. But seriously I do not hope or encourage for the world to end this year.

In other news, since this is the new year I would like to announce that "Bro, don't like that la bro" has a TWITTER! So yes, for more nonsensical ramblings from yours truly, don't forget to follow my daily tweets!

Happy 2012 everyone! Have a great year ahead with countless blessings and all the goodness in the world!


  1. you dirty little evil~! i will make sure that the good side will win! haha

  2. woot2

    my 1st collab with u guys...imma gonna cry

  3. WAH! awesomeness will flood 2012...

  4. We at the RIGHT side will sure kick ya ass off! muahahaaaa

  5. LOl WAY to join the dark side!!! *woots*

    Haha I can identify only a few out there...that's all. Grats on being the forerunner of this colab

  6. you actually stay till 12am then post?!?! LOL.. happy new year bro!

  7. wa lao.. you should totally draw the NINJA VERSION of the bros!!!

  8. haha,I'll go for The Doom Bringers [evil laugh]
    Love the wallpaper and happy new year to you and the bros! :D

  9. @dorky guy: no waiii! doom shall be brought!!!
    @king syahmi: lol feels awesome right :)
    @aujinz: yessah bro! u bila up???
    @nylia: yes! epic will rain from the sky in 2012!!
    @pek chek kia: BRING IT!! wuarghhhh!!!
    @punk chopsticks: thanks clarissa:) it was an awesome job by everyone!
    @yy: um no la.. it was scheduled posting haha u think i sibeh no life ka? lol
    @ken: haha you like them as ninjas? just might be surprised! :D
    @syun: yeah! doom bringers FTW!! happy new year to u too!

  10. coolio!
    happy new year ernest!
    hopefully u'll have a blast :)

  11. I just join in Cheeching's unit. But we nned to take Miao first because of his pet dragon blast us to kingdom kong before the rest of u evil doomster could do the job. Looks like we'll need the 5 nuclear countries (Russia, USA, China, Britian & France) for the Nukes to nuke U' all evil Doomsters. Hahahaha.

  12. have to join the doomsbringer, coz Miao misused his power and exterminated all the Protectors of Earth! XD

  13. OMG, it took me a while before I realized where you and the bros were at! xD Cool "costumes"!!! :DDDDD And Pouleen looks HOT! :P

  14. Me likey~ new desktop background! yeay!

  15. @cheeching: D-D_D-DRAGON BEAM! XD
    @una: happy new year una! u have a blast too!
    @anonymous: defend miao at all cost!! DEF +100
    @pouleen: haha im glad i joined the right side too!
    @liz: LOL glad you found the bros in their unconventional armors! pouleen is trying to eat some men! haha
    @nana: awesome! it is my desktop BG now too!
    @rascat: you chooose la :D

  16. pouleen & you where at same side~me want too~ XD


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