Thursday, June 7, 2012

How Not to Make Pancakes

It's Thursday already. Another week has gone by just like that. And it's already freaking June.

Time's fun when you're having flies.

That quote doesn't seem right.

Anyways, today's comic is slightly rushed due to a clog in the idea and creative department. It's my fault as I didn't feed the bros with enough Red Bull last week to enhance their retard level of shenanigans that usually produce great results in providing insane stories. Today's comic will have to do for now.

We talk about pancakes this time. Who doesn't like pancakes? Unless you are a hipster and think pancakes are too mainstream or are the root of evil capitalism, here's a comic about on how NOT to make pancakes.

That's only because I would assume that everyone here knows how to make pancakes.

I don't.
Pancakes? More like FLOORcakes! BA DUM TSSHH!..... Okay, I shall stop now.
How not to make pancakes? Just don't let Jon touch anything.

Now that's how NOT to make pancakes.

Waste not, want not.
Enjoy your pancakes. However they are made.

Even with a little hair in it.

Have a great weekend ahead!


  1. Ewwwww... disturbing.
    But Daryl is ok. He eats evrything and anything anyway~ lol

    p/s: I don't know how to make pancakes. lol~

  2. haha make a new 1 la!!! pancake is love man! :P

  3. er....yea....5 second rule. i think i will order out instead.

  4. make him wash the dishes *evil grin*

  5. haha.. poor daryl. eat the pancakes that Jon 'specially' made for him. haha.. XD

  6. At least this pancake is way better than chocolate-on-the-wall :p

  7. Jon simply being Jon, did Daryl finish up the pancake(s)? =)

  8. why is there hair on the floor?

    1. i'm more concern on which part of the body is that hair from :|

  9. OMG!! I didn't know red bull will increase the retard level!!! Better stay away from it! XD

  10. pancake is only awesome with honey syrup!! haha LG Cinema 3D Smart TV review

  11. must be Jasmine's dog Mocha's hair! ;)

  12. Replies
    1. yah's actually 3 seconds rule.not 5

  13. Ewwww. haha~ But not bad lar, got pancakes! I don't know how to make them either :/

    I can make toast! :D


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