Monday, October 29, 2012

How To Spot Talented Girls

Hey everyone! I am back! For once I am not stating the obvious which is the days of the week. Thinking back, I think I might have been helping those who didn't graduate kindergarten so some good might have been done. I will continue stating the obvious in my next post onwards.

Anyway, I am back from my trip! I had very little access to the internet as I am not near any wifi spots during my trip but if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you would have noticed that I posted a pencil drawing of me riding an elephant. That was the only time I was near the internet. And yes. My pet velociraptor got jealous that I rode some other animal than him. Anyway, I just got back, so here is a simple comic strip from me this time round.

The other day, I introduced a new friend to my bro, Daryl and this is what ensued.

Yep. 'Talented'.
There are many talented girls all over social media nowadays. Especially those with 'inspiring' captions beneath them. I am utterly impressed by the size of them talents. Maybe they should try their best to hold them in before they burst out and impress even more people around.

Nah, I'm just kidding. Every bro would like to see talented girls. Fully expose your talents if you have to. If you don't get what I mean by now, it must only mean you are too young to be on this site. But hey consider that you are (vaguely) learning something new. Just to be safe, please don't go asking your mom.

Within the past minute, I am sure Daryl has successfully taught you well on how to spot great talents.

So much talent. So little time on the Internet.

Have a great week ahead!

Disclaimer: This has yet been another comic in conjunction with the breast cancer awareness month. Yes. This is the last one about boob jokes this final week. Cannot guarantee it might not come up again though. But I know you like it. Boob jokes rock.

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  1. haha i like the way how daryl stands. buka kaki kangkang


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