Monday, October 8, 2012

SuperPlug: The Problem With NuffnangX

Hey it's Monday! Another working week ahead to fully 'enjoy'!

It's plugging time! Because I am a sellout attention seeking nutjob nice guy.

For many bloggers out there we always have this problem of reaching out to our readers. I, for example, have this problem where my readers sometimes just can't seem to be getting updates from me on a consistent basis. My updates do not appear on their Facebook wall, twitter or anywhere that is accessible to them. This usually happens on mobile! And since everyone is practically on mobile now, after a while, they would assume that I am not posting anything new, don't check back then disappear and never read my comics ever again and that means one less reader rendering me to flip out, do the monkey dance in my red underwear and periodically due to paranoia, quickly put them back on just in case Daryl walks in on me.

Okay. I lied. I do not know how to monkey dance.

So I decided to try something new, an app called NuffnangX. There seem to be one problem with it.

I am such a pain in the butt.
People get updated way too often and demand for my comic just increases and that is scary.

Nah just kidding. I love it when I get feedbacks like that. Thanks a lot guys! Your feedbacks are always the awesomest things I read in the morning.

So do follow me on NuffnangX and stalk me further! Now you can't say you do not know about my updates! Get NuffnangX on your mobiles now!

Or else, *stabby sab stab*. You know what I mean.

Have a great week ahead!

Disclaimer: Names in the comic above have been slightly edited to protect your privacy so that weird random people don't go looking you up. But if you see any similarities to your real name, you know this is my weird random way of saying hi to you. Hi.

Disclaimer 2: Yeah I know this comic might not be that funny as I have been having writers block recently. Promise usual content shall resume on Thursday. Do bear with me. Thanks guys!


  1. No worry bro, u have been doing great!

  2. Woah..I don't know this. Should try.

  3. hahahah I dunno I got follow you or not *better do it now*

  4. Always following ur updates, don't worry la bro~ XD

  5. M still following ur posts, don't worry la bro! Be awesome! XD


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