Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: Looking Back

Hey everyone. No comic today. Would like to take this last day of 2012 to say something and be thankful about some stuff. This is this going to be a lengthy read but skip to the end if you want. Hope you don't mind. And I am writing this in my underwear. Hope you don't mind that as well.

Someone once told me that you have eyes in front of your head because you have to always look forward. That someone is a random character from a Doraemon comic.

Since then, I try my best to be that kind of person. Always looking forward. But today I would like to break that rule and take a look back for a second.

I remember at the beginning of the year, the superstitious lot told me that 2012 will be a bad year as it is the year of the water Dragon in the Chinese zodiac calendar and things will be a rough for everyone. I wouldn't say that they are wrong, I admit there are ups and downs but however, upon looking back, I would think that overall the year 2012 has been very kind to me.

The first half of the year was pretty uneventful. It's either nothing much happened or I was too drunk to remember but all I know it was vague but still good. Everything was normal.

Little did I know by the second half of the year, I won my first award at a national level.

Photo credit: Melissa
Then things got crazy.

Here are a few highlights.

Soon after, I got interviewed on the newspaper again and was on air with Red FM and Bernama Radio.

The interview with Red FM was fun. I was awful and stiff on Bernama Radio. Don't ask why.

They went with the ugliest picture of me that they could find from the photoshoot.
I was even invited to do a web chat with all my readers on on a sofa which they usually reserve for celebrities and artistes. Till now, I am far from both.

It was the best one hour with my readers. Ever.
Then I was also invited to talk at the Nuffnang Blogopolis alongside a very famous blogger, Maria Elena. It was the first blogger conference ever held in Malaysia and being a part of it was truly an honour.

Photo credit: Simon Seow
Isn't Maria lovely in this picture?

After proving my ability to spew nonsense when given a microphone and placed on stage, I managed to give more talks here and there all thanks to the Stickman's gang, especially to an ostrich riding bro named Shah. That's his site. He loves his suits.

After that, I took part in a brutal 24 hour comic marathon which tested my mettle and undeniably humbled me at the 12th hour though I managed to rise up to the challenge and complete it with 45 minutes to spare. For the first time in my life, I managed to complete a fully colored 24 paged comic within 24 hours. Special thanks to Sarah who brought me into this new light in the comic drawing scene as it is an experience never to be forgotten. I am glad I have came to know her and we are now friends.
Special thanks to those who came by to give me support and food so I would not die at my table.
After that, I took part in a comic contest for the first time in my life which I took home second place. I've never joined any comic contest before and this achievement was rather overwhelming for me.

Photo credit: RICOH Malaysia
At the final stretch of the year, after realising that we survived the 'end of the world' nonsense, me and a few other comic blogger friends of mine managed to come together and put out our calendar again for the second time running despite all our busy schedule.

Those are the few major highlights that I could remember from my humble comic blogging career this year in 2012 and all of these are nothing but mud and dust if it weren't for your support all these past two years. Thank you all, the readers, for always being patient with my potty humour, late postings and lame jokes (if any). Thanks for all your responses, comments and feedbacks (though I tend to not reply sometimes, not because I am a dick but because I wish I have more than 24 hours in a day); they have always been my fuel and energy to keep going and keep pushing forward to see how far can I bring the bros go.

Thanks to my family and friends for always being supportive and giving me advice and insights about my comics. Special thanks to the bros for always being there for me although I know sometimes they are absent minded but they have been the source of my inspiration all these while and I thank you bros for keeping up the awesome and always staying crazy for your readers.

That said, eyes are at the front for looking forward. Today is the last day of 2012. Tomorrow will be the first day of 2013 and today I still like to state the damn obvious.

Will I be able to achieve more if not the same amount in the new year? What is in store for the bros in 2013?
I have no freaking clue and neither do the bros. It is without a doubt that all our eyes are in the front and we are looking forward to it.

Till then, to the all my lovely readers, family, friends, and bros...

Population: Everyone
Happy New Year and may 2013 bring more awesome surprises to you!

Have a great week ahead!

P.S. Some people asked me what is my New Year's resolution. Simple. I just want more time to play my video games.


  1. Errr.. why is the far right comic artist giving a 'up yours' gesture in the ricoh picture?!?

  2. that random character happens to be Nobita's cikgu, how i still managed to remember that, i dont know

  3. Happy new year bro. :) I'm so proud that I know you. :) to infinity and beyond!!

  4. 2012, u became one of the Malaysia's famous comic bloggers.

  5. happy new year bro... 2012 also is not a bad year for me as my job been converted from contract to permanent. also i got married this year.

  6. your bro face on every of your picture made me lol'd
    happy new year

  7. is that townsville in the last pic?? :P

  8. inspirational thought .. look forward from u Ernest. No lame jokes for me so far. No worries, love u all BRO :)

  9. keep it p bro! too proud seeing ur achievement hahaa i knw this is late hahahhaa but Happy 2013 and keep on going ! :)))

  10. lels I like ur books the story is very funny


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