Thursday, January 10, 2013


Hey happy Thursdays everyone! Weekend is almost here and I am not really that excited.

Anyway, I don't have much to say today as today's comic is not related to any topics or issues as it is really just a comic on the random retarded shenanigans of the bros.

Sometimes it is not just random retarded shenanigans. Sometimes it is just plain ol' madness in the bro's household.


This is why we cannot have ceiling fans in our house.
I had a feeling Jon actually wanted to do the Sparta kick at me.

Just for madness.

Ever had madness with your friend's before? Let me know if it is even more mad than this one.

Before signing off, just want to let everyone know that I am taking part in the Malaysian Social Media Awards 2013 in the Most Creative Blog category so if you have the time and the generosity do drop me a vote HERE if you think I really deserve it. Thanks a bunch!

I could really consider a career of being a professional internet beggar now.

Have a great weekend ahead.


  1. that really a madness.. lucky i'm not u guys neighbour.. haha..

    p/s: internet beggar? LOL!

    1. That's why current neighbours wanna kidnap them...

  2. they actually did that? seriously? then, that is total insane.

    n what happen if Jon really did that Spartan kick to you??

  3. did they seriously just destroy the fan ?! unbelievable ! haha !

  4. Lolz, D.Imagine a girl he like walks to that door,.... confirm Kuyakz.... hahahaha.

    But the comic actually reminds me of a pinata games, wheres Daryl is the Pinata hanging from the celling fan while both, S,J & JON being the contestants trying to hit the "Pinata", not blindfolded.

  5. OMG, that is really madness! @.@

    Bros CANNOT live together! Utter chaos and mayhem all the time!
    (No wonder your neighbours wanted to kidnap you! xD hahahahaha)


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