Sunday, April 14, 2013

PETRONAS Meet The Drivers

Hey everyone! How's your Sunday going?

Early post today but that's always a good thing right?

So a few weeks back during the few days before the race weekend of the 2013 PETRONAS Malaysia Grand Prix race began, I managed to attend yet another motorsports related event where I got to actually see super F1 superstars in the flesh and in real life right in front of me. No. Not at an enclosed gala event but as simple as at a PETRONAS station.

Yes. I kid you not. At a PETRONAS station.

The event was so awesomely humble that they had the F1 drivers, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton do the most awesome thing everyone does on a weekly basis. Filling up petrol. For the top mesra card spenders’ car. What?!

Here was how it went for me at the event.
Distraction is my greatest enemy.
However, big thanks Nico and Lewis for dropping by the PETRONAS station and hanging out. I have never seen F1 drivers holding a regular petrol nozzle before and that scene enough was amazing to me. Though they were so physically close to me, just standing right there, I had no chance to say anything to the drivers as you know.

But one day. Just one day I shall.
Next time.
No, I’m not being creepy.

Before ending this post, make your week more awesome by joining this contest!

So, PETRONAS is having a Race On contest and you guys should really check out! The mechanics are super simple and super easy to take part. Just buy combo(s) at any Mesra store, submit the receipt with the correct answer and you’ll stand to a chance to win prizes which include branded electronic and even a luxury car!! Holy snap!

How simple is this Race On Contest? THIS simple:
  • For Mesra Store: Purchase a minimum of one (1) Race On promotional combo. 
  • For Mini Mesra: Make a minimum purchase of RM15 in a single receipt at any participating PETRONAS stations 
  • Answer a simple question stamped on the receipt. 
  • Drop the receipt into the contest box at the station.

Good luck in the contest and have a great week ahead!


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