Monday, August 5, 2013

Dustbin Thief

Holy jeepers it's already 11am? Damn alarm didn't wake me up.

Ok I lied. I don't have an alarm.

Hey guys! happy Mondays. Sorry for the late post as I just only woke up after a long night of gaming. And I have no regrets.

Okay so we are just done with the guest artist month for the whole month of July and we've seen some really crazy versions of bro comics by several other comic artists out there. One of them, Akiraceo of Miao and Wafu Pafu, actually told a story about the metal dustbin and since several emails have requested me to talk more about that incident, here is a comic about it.

You can read Akiraceo's story HERE first.

This will most probably not end well.
We just came out from an event and we were all tipsy and our rational judgment was impaired. Jon slightly more than us.

What do you think happened next?


Have a great week ahead!

"Oh ya Raya coming! Selamat Hari Raya everybody!"
"Belum lagi bro. Chill dulu. Nanti Khamis baru ucap."


  1. please don't get caught by police..hahaha :P

  2. Haha sure security wanted to have a "talk" ;)

  3. For every action, there will be a reaction chained to it! lol

  4. Ahh you missed out an "i" in your "thief"

    1. aw nuts! haha initially i misspelled it as "theif" then i amended it and it is still wrong. goddammit.

  5. wahahahahaha.. i couldn't digest it properly, why metal dustbin Jon?.. why?

  6. but why he steal that dustbin? ==

  7. What goes on teh internetz....


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