Thursday, September 12, 2013

SPONSORED: Enter The Ultimate Animators Challenge! 15th TBS Digicon6 GO!

This is a sponsored post.

Hey everyone! How’s your day so far? I had cereal this morning but frankly nobody cares.

So the annual TBS Digicon6 is back once again! No, it is not some knock off duplicate of a certain anime series of digital monsters from Japan.

The 15th TBS Digicon 6 contest is an international award for Digital Content of Animation and Movies brought to you by TBS, all the way from Japan!

Why come all the way searching for animators here? Well, Digicon6 aims to bring the creative minds from across Asia together all in Tokyo, to share, network with broadcasters and creative minded people in the land of the rising sun this November.

Accepting any video based done digitally, this is the time to share your ideas in hope to get the recognition that you feel have been long overdue!

So today, I shall provide a short tutorial on how animation can be done! Who knows, your entry for Digicon6 might just land you a trip to Tokyo, Japan!
I suck at animation.
I won't be able to join this year because I lack the necessary skills and confidence to actually come up with anything substantial for this year's Digicon6 competition. My last year's submission was deemed inappropriate.

But that means your chances just got higher! 

This contest invites digital content creators, both professional and amateur, to enter your original work.

This is your final call! Submit your entries today! 


Yeah. Do it today.

Dig from the deepest depths of your animated works and show the world your amazing talent!

You can submit your entries in any one of the following formats!
  1. Computer graphic animation (2D/3D).
  2. Live-action films shot/ edited by digital movie equipment.
  3. All 3D-rendered films (Includes stop-motion and clay animation).
Go to or more details!

Hurry up and grab your most awesome animated work and submit via right now!


  1. I thought you made a animation about Daryl dancing something like that?

  2. Make one of you guys twerking like Miley Cyrus XD

  3. "because deadline is today"... LOL!

  4. i really like the music of the "literally today" hehe


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