Thursday, January 5, 2012

Every New Year's Eve

Thursday and the fifth day of the new year! Just another day and it's the weekend. Seems like we're on a streak of holidays and not much work is getting done.

This calls for another comic!

This comic was supposed to be up on the previous Monday right next to the start of the new year but it had to give way to another story that has a deadline. However all not is lost as it's been only five days away and I suppose this story still is timely enough for everyone to still be able to relate to it.

Apparently a lot of us had experienced this kind of New Year's Eve at some point in our lives. This experience actually sucks.

Happy New Year, bro.
If you've never experienced this before, I envy you.

This did not happen in the recent new year but it did happen for a few times for several years before.

Celebrating the new year's count down in the car. Every time.

Total bull-crap feeling.

Have a great weekend guys!


  1. lol.. i was at The Curve as early as 5PM! :D

  2. ho ho ho.. never too excited about countdown.. usually done it at home because I can't really cope with those crowd.. Ha ha ha.. ^_^.v..

  3. LOL! That's what you get for coming out late in the city summore xD Well at least there were a bunch of other cars to celebrate with you. Not bad lahhhh one NU\YE I spent it by myself alone, in bed #foreveraloneguy

  4. i my sleep ;p but i'd prefer to go for house party^^ count down out side too...difficult~

  5. Hahahahahahah that's what you get for getting ready late and in a city summore xD At least it's better than one of mine lols. One year i celebrated alone, in bed #foreveraloneguy

  6. haha. better than me. drinking coffee alone in dorm room on new year eve

  7. LOL..I also countdown in the car this year with two cute poodle.

    Happy New Year!

  8. haha happened to my coursemate before...we were in Johor and then they plan a trip to countdown at Singapore which is actually only 30 minutes drive away from our hostel..told him to get there in the morning as it would be jam, he did not listen to me and start his journey at 6pm..Result? Countdown at the middle of the bridge from Johor to Singapore in the bus...reached destination at 2 am to actually find a hotel stay.. most epic one i've heard

  9. What? It's new year already? <--- me. i'm really bad at celebration/dates.

  10. @rascat: happy new year to you too :D
    @ken: wah! dam kiasu la u! haha at least you beat the jam and all
    @aki: i know. next time i dont wanna go out anymore. cant stand the crowd
    @glo-w: yeah house parties are the best for NYE celeb! but this year no one we know did house party.
    @punk chopsticks: lol sometimes i feel celebrating in bed is awesome too! no hassle!
    @PCK: ok wat.. no stress and peaceful
    @una: haha looks like most you guys stayed home.
    @shirley: LOL! the jam makes us countdown in the car. i dont like le. no fun :(
    @eric: serious that bad ah? i would consider my night ruined! haha
    @sumbuddy: good morning ;P yes it is 2012!

  11. That's why You need to go there earlier! If it happens to u a lot of times already, u should've learn from it! Haiyaaa!! haha

    That aside, this NEVER happens to me. Coz usually my new year is in front of the tv, or lap top. Well, this year was a bit different, I was on a bed, at my best friend's house, after a very long day. (It was her wedding day)

    Anyway, Happy New Year Bro!

  12. I never go to any countdowns, so the above incident never occur to me ....... muahahahahaha *evil laughs* usually during that time of the years I would probably already pengsan (asleep) or still up facebook or watch CSI ^^

  13. It doesn't matter where you are for the countdown, it's WHO you're with!


    Right. xD

  14. hahahahaha epic. I am ernest would like to be girls instead in car when celebrating new year..

  15. Just finished reading through the archive. It was AWESOME.

    My husband and I went to eCurve for the countdown, didn't really see shit, too many people around. Then we went back and saw an awesome party at the Red Carpet. Should've been there sooner =(

  16. hahhahahah... i thought i was the only one..!!!

  17. just countdown at home is fine what.
    save cost. no need to dress up, no need to use up petrol for the damn traffic jam, most importantly, we didn't argue with friends.

  18. Count down at home only la!! Y bother jammed with others? that's what I've learnt over the years... :P

  19. Lesson of the year: Go out early on New Year's Eve!! XD

  20. @nana: strangely yet predictably, the bros never learn.. lol happy new year nana!
    @hunny kitty: HNY!!
    @bananasampan: yeah i guess next year i'll try to stay home. but the bros would rather go out no matter what
    @liz: haha glad you noticed that. LOL
    @monk: sadly the bros were not chicks :(
    @frau: new year countdown is such a chore these days! takes way too much effort just to have a good time:( you read the whole thing? AWESOME!
    @pohvin: aww yeah! high five bro! we are not alone!
    @norazlin: true true. stay home. safe money. avoid heartache!
    @magsters: haha but the bros never learn their lesson one! how?
    @puiling: how early? too early also very sien le.. lol

  21. Lol! But at least you guys' got to see the fireworks. I had worse! :(


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