Monday, January 9, 2012

EVENT: Kronenbourg L'aperitif Fashion

Oh crap. Monday is no longer a holiday. For the past two weeks, we were enjoying our Mondays like they don't exist. Today is no longer that day.

Monday blues are officially settling in again.

No worries though. To counter them blues, today's comic is more than six frames. That should add another ten or so seconds more to your reading time thus accomplishing your task of procrastinating further at work today. You're welcome.

So, several weeks ago, me and the bros were fortunate enough to be invited to this fashion event called Kronenbourg L'aperitif Fashion but rather than seeing this as a fashion event I was more inclined to see it as the official launch of the Kronenbourg beer in Malaysia. Chicks and free beer. Seriously. What more could the bros ask for?

This comic has been a long time coming but this story is finally done and up.

Jamus never finished studying that night.
Jamus, we're very sorry, bro.

All the best in your exams. Or the results. Or whatever.

Also, if you guys haven't noticed yet, I got twitter weeks ago. Go see. Like, if you want to.


  1. Between exams and free flow, free flow ftw!!!

  2. Oh dear....Jamus....I can feel he damn frust wan~

  3. "Errr... I gotta go." Epic, no? :P

  4. Free Flow for the Win!! Ha ha ha..

  5. Poor Jamus... dah la exam.. missed the free flow pulak..

  6. A lesson you can learn: NEVER be more drunk than the chicks you're trying to get! :P Otherwise, pointless lar brooo~ Just curious, if you had to choose: Chicks or free flow? :D

  7. All the best Jamus. You can ignore these people who cares not for exams. lol.

  8. the flushed faces. LMAO. epic win! especially Shamus' right under his sunnies. LOLOL.

  9. hahahaha this one is epic! but why no hot ang moh girls!!

  10. @leoncsy: haha but then what will happen to your exams??
    @madwitch: oh yeah he was so frust that night haha
    @jeffro: yes. its was epic REJECTION!!
    @aki: but too much is kinda bad dont u think? lol
    @magsters: you cant have everything. in jamus's case, he got nothing lol the poor guy
    @liz: lesson learnt! but i am bound to repeat it anyways. i would still choose chicks
    @nana: hey i do care k? note the second and third frame.
    @shamus: thats becos u can get chicks >:(
    @priscilla: haha yes poor him
    @ivy: lol thanks! glad you noticed that!
    @eric: no space to draw liao haha.. we didnt speak to any hot ang moh chicks that night

  11. I wonder if got answer or not to how long England dicks are.. LOL~ Nice one larr...

  12. hahahaha.. got any chicks, bro?..

  13. i have question what Religion for Jamus & shamus?

  14. Police, we have a drink and drive case here.

    lmao. you drove home drunk? BUSTED!

  15. @rascat: haha ya poor him. i will admit that.
    @icecreambun: lol i had no idea what happened after that cos i was too shy to stand beside them.
    @aujinz: got is got. but you know la, the usual happened.
    @miyen: yes. everyone pities him now haha
    @anonymous: which religion do you think they are? Xd
    @sumbuddy: drunk? who said I was drunk? nobody said i was drunk!! pass me the mango salt.

  16. Haha! I totally understand that~ Super straight guys.. XD

  17. really? they will turn like that when FF???? OMG!


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