Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rain VS Parking

It's Thursday. You know what's up.

I don't have much to ramble about today because I'm typing this so early in the morning where I should be under my comfortable sheets dreaming about happy dinosaurs and spaceships. Let's get to the point here today.

I hate open air car parks. I seriously do. It's not that they have done anything wrong to me but the whole concept of it makes the entire car parking experience feel like desperation.

Okay, so I am not good with words in describing that feeling. Read the comic instead.

Yet another classic Jon.
Tersungkur = fall on your face.
Basah kuyup = drenched

The crocodile runs in the wadaaa~ (No translations for that.)

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Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Everyone will experience this at least once.
    Though in a different situation :P

  2. shoot.. Ha ha ha.. this will never happen to me since, I never forget the car key.. Ha ha ha..

  3. haha this must be the 1U carpark...haha

  4. Does Jon always do things without thinking first? hehe

  5. hahah XD mostly holding own bag for replace an umbella

  6. my car key is always in my trousers... even when i'm sleeping. I never pull out anything from my trousers until use. So my trousers always kembang at the pocket.

  7. good it. :)

  8. is this like... DATARAN CARPARK? LOLL

  9. geh. Always like that one for me. (yeah reaffirming the klutz that I am). Told you Jon must be my much-more-disgusting-twin. lol~

  10. upper level car park? hehehe.. SUNWAY!

  11. You know what, it happens a lot to me too. Not car keys, but a lot of other things. Then every time I have to patah balik to get them I pray to God no one notices me! Paiseh only =.= haha

  12. lol! me likey! this happened to me before too! :P ... nice nice super nice comicssssss

  13. @fina: haha but im sure not as terrible or basah kuyup like jon rite?
    @aki: what about ur other things? haha
    @eric: lol HOW YOU KNOW AH??
    @madwitch: yes. he does that. almost everytime. do first think later. LOL
    @rascat: but what if in the bag got laptop? must jaga le
    @sumbuddy: even when ur sleeping ur keys are in ur pants? wont that be annoyingly uncomfortable? what if your keys pierce your scrotum?
    @irlene: hey its you! thanks yea!
    @ken: walao. seriously you dam genius la! how come you know so many things one???!!
    @nana: lol you get wet like jon as well in this same situation?
    @robin: nope haha. its reference to the 1U dataran carpark. eric and ken got it right.
    @liz: LOL same as me la but usually I dont care if people were staring at me like some sort of space baboon. keep walking only
    @isaac: haha. happen before ah bro? serious you got wet like that too?
    @jian: everyone can be forgetful at time hahah

  14. O.O wow, that never happened to me. lmao. Yes, sometimes i will wake up in the middle of the night because the key (and everything else in my pocket) is pressing against my thigh.
    I dunno. Maybe i keep my car key, wallet and handphone close so that i can quickly go to my car and drive off in case of sudden zombie apocalypse in the middle of the night. XD

  15. so funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  16. Let me guess, is this place u draw based on jusco (aeon)..?
    It's colour and background building look like jusco building...

  17. hahaha this always happen to me leh =/

  18. Pffft~ won't be as terrible as taking public transport.. I can tell you I've experience worse than this situation especially when I forgot my umbrella at home/ if I have an umbrella that time, the wind is too strong and my umbrella flip. Super embarrassing....

  19. I mean running and taking the trouble to get the car, but when reached there, realized I left my car keys. If not wet from rain, it would be wet from sweat. heheh~

  20. huhu..i came via nana(yup, we know each other~). the 1st post here already explained y nana trgila-gilakn blog u guys. haha..n now i joined her lahh... ("~,~)

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  24. the crocodile in the water (waadaa)
    captain obvious signing off XD

  25. LOL why is this Jon always make mistake hahaa


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