Thursday, April 3, 2014

Test Drive Anyone?

This is a sponsored post.

Hey how’s everyone doing? 

I've been working late almost every night for the past week and I am actually feeling very exhausted on a daily basis. Working on another awesome so keep an eye out for it!

I’m not so sure about you but have you ever gone for a test drive before? You call the showroom up, set and appointment and then go for a test drive in a car that you are most interested in. I’ve done it often enough to realise that there are many types of people when it comes to test driving a car.

Here are a few examples:

Which type are you?
Anyway, this coming 12th April, Ford will be having a test drive session in the new Ford Fiesta and I would like to call out SIX people to join me for this special test drive event and maybe you can show me which type of test driver you are!

Just don’t give me a heart attack on that day.

See you guys at the test drive!

Seriously, go sign up. I don't want to go the test drive alone. 

I wanna look cool.


  1. Signed up bro..looks like a nice car..

  2. Signed in but depending where bro. Too far i rather not :v

  3. Signed up!
    Really interested to know a bit more on the Ecoboost tech in their engines.

  4. I'm either the Paranoid, or the Clueless, depending on how canggih the car is xD


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