Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Truth About Energy Drinks

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesdays!

Sorry for the late postings today! Intended to post this comic early this morning so that when you got into your office you would be able to read it but what happened shall be explained in the comic below.

This really happened to me last night.

Wings gained: Zero
Every. Single. Time.

It seems that energy drinks no longer work on me. No matter how much I guzzle them down, the effects do not last that long for me and the crash tends to come within minutes. Instead I am beginning to feel that energy drinks help me sleep.

I would down a can of energy boosting juice, get amped for a full minute and then the crash comes hitting me like a brick and before I know it, it is already daylight.

Maybe it is just me.

Maybe I should just get some sleep.

Have a great week ahead!


  1. you should try longjack orang kampung...works for me

  2. or you can just take a nap before continue your works... ?

  3. Everytime I go for outstation work, I drank at least 2 L Branded Drink and after 2 mins it wares off......

  4. Why the raid bull? Bantai the karlberg straight away la

  5. Power naps, bro. Power naps...

  6. mix both liquid in fridge !!! it works

  7. I think I've never had energy drinks before in my life :p


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