Friday, November 7, 2014

Things That Can Make You Feel Sad

Hey everyone! It's Friday and time to partay!

Not until 6pm of course. Till then we all still gotta work.

And that makes us feel sad.

Let's discuss that! What makes us feel sad these days?

Ticks in exam papers makes us happy though.
Anyway, recently a phone messaging app, 'Whatsapp' announced a new feature which will enable you to know if someone has read your message. Pretty much like the 'seen' function on Facebook chat. Now you can know it if you are being virtually ignored!

"Bro, she has read my message. It's been two hours and no reply."
"Well, she hates you and she is ignoring you."
"....I hate this feature."

Knowing that BOTH 'Facebook' and 'Whatsapp' belongs to the same company now, we all can conclude that Mr. Zuckerberg is one sadistic dude that feeds on our insecurities.

Thank you Zuckerberg.

Thank you for creating yet another feature that has the ability to poke at our feelings and actually has the capacity to ruin someone's day. Thanks for creating another thing that can make us feel sad.

Have a great weekend ahead!


  1. Hahaha on the two blue ticks! A great feature with subtle flaws that hit you with a big bad blow.

  2. while BlackBerry Messenger already implement 'D' and 'R' mark for ages...


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