Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day 2012

Good Morning everybody! Guess what?

 It's Monday. Freaking Monday.

Happy Mother's Day! Am I too late?

Anyway, yesterday was Mothers Day and everywhere was flooded with special wishes from everyone to their beloved mothers and even better when I saw that mostly everyone were spending some quality time with their mothers.

I got jealous because I was about 150 kilometers away from mine and all I managed was a phone call which was awkward.

An awkward phone call. It might just have been the weirdest gift ever for my mum on Mother's Day.

Here is a list of the weirdest things you can ever give to your mum on such a day.
Son of the year award goes to...
So, do not give these weird things to your mothers unless you are as retarded as the bros. But I am sure that none of you have done anything this retarded, right?

Right? C'mon, don't make us feel like total idiots.

What's the weirdest thing you have ever given to your mother?

You can tell me. It will be our little secret.

Have a great week ahead!


  1. haha! Now that's weird, i like the last part,hahaha

  2. hahahhaha....boys will be boys...hehe HMD!!!

  3. So who u bringing for the free cruise??

  4. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! Good news but not for mom. HAhahahahah! I absolutely love that! Sigh I'm like 6000 nautical miles away from mummy but i celebrated with her through Skype! =) Hope you celebrated a great mothers day/dropped her a great message so she can feel special all over again. =) Great post.

  5. Son of the year award goes to Ernest.. kah kah kah

  6. ahaha tepuk dada tanya selera lah..which son/daughter are not the same like ernest? telling the gud news but not including our parents~ ==

  7. lol .. coz ernest need some money from mummy....
    actually the thoughts is the most important....

  8. Haha.. don't think if I've given anything weird to my mum before :P

  9. even the frog looks unconvinced with shamus~

  10. I always make cards and stuff for my mum :) This year I didn't come home cos of work, so I made her a video and emailed it to her! :D You should get tips from NORMAL people larrrr :P

  11. I never give my mom anything on Mothers Day.Am I cruel??


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