Monday, February 27, 2012

Story Telling, part 2

I was so busy over the weekend it felt almost non existent!

Anyways, the story telling stories are not over yet!

This time Daryl wishes to share something to lighten up your day. If any of you are having the Monday blues.

Nothing much else to say today. I'm still exhausted from the monstrous amounts of activities I had over the past two days.



Daryl's various tactics never ends.
Almost immediately after...
No he didnt ask me to "show him my dick" in that situation.
You have to admit Daryl never gives up the hunt. That is why he is awesome.

*I'm saying this now so he doesn't come kill me later

I'm sure most people who just read the comic strip above must have wondered in their head "what is an ankylo". Damn Daryl technically just asked everyone to show him their boobies.

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Story Telling

Hey everyone!

Lately, I have been really swamped with a lot of other projects and most of my time are unfortunately not used to be drawing my comics but I am honestly trying to keep up with the promised postings of my comics on Mondays and Thursdays. This week has been really rough but I managed to cough up a strip for today. It's a rushed work and I don't know if its up to my usual standards. If it is, I thank you whole heartedly but if it isnt, do bear with me just for today and I promise my next strips will resume its usual comedic quality.

In today's comic, I revisit an old joke that I used to tell my friends and since Jon has a bad memory, I'm sure he doesn't remember this old school joke.

Will he find it funny?

I bet most of us didn't see this coming those days.
Almost immediately later...
Who is being tied to the pillar now? You or me?

It's a lame and juvenile joke at this period of time but it sure gives me the kick of getting back at the bros once in awhile.

Though I usually still get my ass kicked and lose in the end all the same.

Have a great weekend guys!

Monday, February 20, 2012

CONTEST: Nuffnang Stickman's Birthday Ideas

So, Nuffnang is turning five this year and this calls for yet another epic event by them which warrants them the ability to have a blog entry contest to give out exclusive invites to those who participate.

Admittedly, once again I succumb to the internet's peer pressure of coming up with an entry for the upcoming Nuffnang's 5th Birthday Bash. Because seeing so many of the other bloggers submitting their entries made me jelly so I just had to submit mine as well so I don't feel left out later. And knowing that there's a high possibility that my friend Kenwooi from would be going further reinforced that idea.

So we are required to write an entry to give some ideas on how their mascot, Stickman, should celebrate his birthday this year.

As usual, the bros are always ever willing to contribute their suggestions.

But I seriously wouldn't mind having all the girls in bikinis. Seriously.
*last frame is just for illustration purposes only. I do not expect the Nuffnang Birthday organising committee to seriously have everything that the bros suggested. But I am pretty sure Nuffnang's staff are always in boxer shorts because they are such a chill bunch.

Also just to clarify, Nuffnang definitely DID NOT come all the way to my house to ask for ideas because I am not as popular enough to have that sort of random privilege.

Anyway, I wish Nuffnang an early happy birthday and if you would like to try out your luck and win those invites to their birthday bash, click HERE for the details.

Also, a crocodile tank in the middle of the party would be awesome as well.

Just saying.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hardcore Scar

This is one of those days where I do not know how to begin my post as I have no idea what to say as nothing interesting happened lately.

Valentine's Day you say? As expected, nothing interesting happened on that day. No artwork for Valentine's Day you ask? No way I am gonna draw loves and hearts and all that stuff as it is so not brosome and un-macho of me. It might further insinuate to the bros that I am gay and I really do not want that to happen.

You want to know what's hardcore and macho? Today's comic.

So totally un-gay at all.

God f***in' dammit. Not again.
Ok. I lied about the gay thing. Today's comic has a gay joke in it.

But I am not gay.

You have to admit that Daryl is getting way too good at trolling me.

And also he knows too much. He must die.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Fried Chicken Drama

Good Monday everyone? How was your weekend?

Anyways, somewhere about almost a week ago in Malaysia, there was this great incident involving a very well known fried chicken franchise and a Youtube video that has been catching fire on the news lately and every one seem to know and have something to say about it. I am not going to mention which famous fried chicken chain as they have been getting all sorts of publicity since that incident and I do not want to further contribute to that.

And also I do not want to get sued or anything if some people are just way too sensitive to take a goddamned joke.

But just in case that really went over your head and you do not have any idea on which franchise I'm talking about, it's fried chicken from Kentucky.

No I am not going to post links about it. Go Google it yourself. Seriously. It's everywhere.

So, today's comic didn't really happen but what I am trying to do today is to show you that I am aware of current issues and not just living ignorantly in my brosome little world. Today's comic serves more like a Public Service Announcement (PSA) and I hope everyone reading it gets the message.

But mainly I am just trying to ride on recent events to gain higher readership. Fine. I am incorrigible and desperate. Yes. Thank you. 

Jamus and Shamus is here today to share with you that message. Enjoy!

You know sh*t just got real when they give you that judgmental look.
I hope we have all learnt the moral of the story from this fried chicken fiasco.

The real life fiasco. Not this somewhat reenacted version in today's comic.

This is NOT the moral of the story.

We all still love fried chicken don't we?

Don't forget, fried chicken now has the original recipe for national drama.


Special Thanks to reader Leon Chok for tempting me on this idea. Thanks, bro!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Urgent Matter

Good morning! It is Thursday and the long holiday has ended a couple of days ago and yes. That means I'm back from wherever I was.

According to one reader, after this there will be no long holiday weekend in Malaysia for quite a bit. That is definitely ill news. We are all going to die on the Internet.

So that could only mean another comic for you today to encourage that notion.

Shamus recently had an urgent matter to tend to while we were gaming one day. I had no idea how urgent it was.
It happened too fast. Jon did not see that coming.
Shamus takes his urgent matters really seriously.

But really? Running across the house just to fart into Jon's face? What the f*** bro?
It was only the beginning of a very disgusting game.
Farting into people's faces is now a typical thing in the bros household.

I am definitely going to die here.

Have a great weekend guys!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bottle Opener

This is a scheduled posting. 

Hey guys! How is your Monday coming along?

If you are reading this right now, I am currently on holiday in another country. I won't know what I will be doing right now but I can be sure that right now it's a holiday in the state of Selangor in Malaysia! So to all who isn't going to school or working today, go have a great day ahead! Wreak havoc! But make sure you clean up after that.

To those who are on their usual Monday blue routine, well, you are here right? Hope today's comic brightens up your day!

Anyways, we'll have a Jamus comic today since I didn't draw him in the previous episode and people are already wondering where has he gone to. No worries as he's still around.

I am very sure he didn't know what he was doing at that time.
I didn't want to drink from the bottle after that.

Jamus had no regrets though.

But recently, he has already figured out how to open a bottle with his teeth. Congrats to him! All those cracked tooth were definitely worth it... I hope.

I'm still not drinking from the bottle.

Since I am out of the country, do not feel bad or offended if I haven't been replying to your comments or emails. Will do so when I get back!

In the mean time, have a great week ahead! See you guys on Thursday!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Monopoly: Phone Call

Thursday is hitting hard and hitting fast and sooner than you know it we are en route to yet another long weekend in Malaysia (particularly in the state of Selangor)! Hurrah! We get too much holidays its a no wonder we never get anything done.

One thing you'll need to know about the bros, is that we spend quite some time playing board games together whenever we are not inflicting the world with our shenanigans. One of those in particular is the board game called Monopoly. If you haven't heard of it, you might want to thank your parents for the beautiful childhood you had.

Monopoly is a game about trading and buying properties where it strenuously tests your friendship and brotherhood because it brings out the a**hole in every one of us and slams us with the reality that life is cruel and if you get screwed in life you tend to get screwed forever and in the end nobody likes the game and we all hate each other.

Whoever came up with this game is a sick diabolical f***.

Here is one of the scenarios why I say this game is cruel.

Cockblocking level: Over 9000
Monopoly brings out the devil inside all of us.

You have been warned. Don't play it.

Before signing off, just want to let everyone know that I will be flying off for a holiday somewhere in Northern Asia so on next Monday's comic, there will be no comic DO STAY TUNED for it as it will be scheduled so there will be no interruptions in your demand for your biweekly cartoon entertainment from yours truly! Maybe I'll get one of the bros to update on the comic's Facebook page once it is out on Monday since we can't automate updates on it.

How awesome is that? You are welcome.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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