Thursday, June 28, 2012

Old Friend, Part 2

Happy Thursdays everyone! Just one more day and then you can toss all your papers in the air and proclaim "F*** this sh*t!" because the weekend is almost here!

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

But seriously, don't waste paper.

Surprise! We continue from where we left off in the previous episode, where Jamus supposedly meets an old friend. Jon also has his version of the story to tell.

Here is how it goes.

That awkward moment when you thought you know someone.
Jon made a new friend that day anyway.

A good tactic to talk to random hot girls perhaps?

I might just try it out.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Old Friend

Hey Monday! You are back so fast like a boomerang full of vengeance and hate.

Anyway, I am on a holiday now. So no blues for me. Joy. If there are blues for you, just know that there is a comic for you today to cure that sh*t you have every Monday.

Jamus is pretty popular in the bars back in our hometown. Each time he steps into them he gets a hi (not high) from almost half the place. Reason: He makes a lot of friends when he goes out. Even I can't help but to feel like the anti social one when I get overshadowed by his sunniness with total strangers each time we have a drinking night out.

Jamus is very popular. Period.

He also didn't know his name.
That's why the word 'bro' is very useful.

It poses as a problem eventually. He can't remember everyone.

But he tries his best.

He seriously hopes he does not meet that guy again or it is going to be a whole world of awkward.

Have a great week ahead!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

B.R.O.S.: Facebook Shenanigans #3 - Poetic Grammar

It's Saturday! I'm back! And it totally feels like I was not totally gone at all. 

No. I did not graduate from pirate school.

The worst thing about Saturdays is that I always wake up late because that's the only time I can catch up on sleep that I was deprived of for the past week due to a really busy schedule. And that causes late posting but hey a guy needs his beauty snooze. Sorry though but a promise is a promise so here is a simple entry for your B.R.O.S. entry today. Better late than never right?

Yes. Another Facebook shenanigan. Because I had to rush it.

But this is another true Facebook conversation the bros had last year.

Jamus: Grammar Nazi

Shamus loves and tries to be poetic with words. ALL THE F***ING TIME! Sadly, his command in english isn't there and it always end up with us in a confusion pit just trying to understand what the hell he saying.

Daryl has given up many years ago.

Does anyone have a clue? Help us interpret this convoluted quote of his.

I wanted to say piece of crap quote but I'm afraid that would drive him into the corner again.

Have a great Saturday!

P.S. I can't wait for July. I think it's going to be fun!

Yeah, like anybody cares.

Shut up.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Why You No Reply?

This is a scheduled posting.

Hey! Happy Thursdays everyone!

If you are reading this now, most probably I am drifting on a barge somewhere in the middle of the South China Seas, trying hard to be a wannabe pirate. Knowing that I get sea sick, I should be back by this evening as the rocky sea waves are not really good friends with my stomach and head. By now I should be feeding loads of fishes by the side of the boat with my vomit. I might even almost have died by drowning for at least two times by now.

I can never be a pirate.

Anyway, I have a question for you. Have you ever experienced the moment where you texted someone asking them out and it takes ages for them to reply? Makes you wonder doesn't it. Is that person busy that he/she didn't notice the text sent? Is that person too snobbish and haughty that you are scum that doesn't deserve their high glory and almighty response? Is that person dead? Shamus goes through that experience almost regularly on a daily basis.

Here is how.
I understand if you do not want to hang out or anything but the best is to reply at least something than none at all right? It's not nice to leave someone hanging and I am sure that nobody in this world likes that. If that person repulses you so much at least give a response saying,: "I can't hang out because I am busy. Forever."

Anyone would get that hint.

So to the "I-am-too-good-for-you" people out there, pick up your phones and reply to those sms'es that you have left unreplied. Be a nice person for once.

Just don't reply to the telcos because that's just plain silly.

Even forever alones don't do that.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Hey Monday everybody!

I'm not going to mention anything about the blues today. Doing it week in week out is predictable, sickening and depressing.

Anyways, yesterday was Father's Day. I hope everyone had the best quality time with your dads yesterday and yes, an obligatory Father's Day related comic is here for you today and even though this is my second year of doing such a comic I am seriously running out of ideas for Father's Day related stuff. Nevertheless, I now have 365 days to figure out the next one.

Ever remember when you were still a kid you do the stupidest things thinking it was the coolest thing to do ever and now you are 25 years old and thinking back you realised how stupid you were? And during those times, you get caught by your dad doing those stupid things and you had to face the consequences?  Yes. I'm talking about getting punished by our dads. .

Here's a comic about how we get punished by our dads during the days.

Thanks dads but Daryl is somehow unpunishable.
Translation for 3rd frame:

When we were kids, we hate punishments to the burning depths of hell but now if you have grown up, you would realise that those punishments made us who we are today. If you are a good person, you definitely were taught well and if you are an asshole, well, that's just you being the f*cked up child you are.

I'm glad our dads did what they had to do to keep us in line for I have no idea how they hell we would have turned out if it weren't for them. Thanks to all the dads in the world for making sure we don't grow up being the stupidest people around.

If you are still young, well, enjoy them punishments. They do you good.

How did YOUR dads punish you?

Happy Father's Day!

You are a day late.

Shut up.

Have a great week ahead!

P.S. I will be away for a week starting today because I am going to the deep seas of South China for some pirate tryouts. I heard being a pirate is a good career path. Therefore, Thursday's comic posting will be a scheduled one so no one is missing out on anything unless you are too lazy to check back on this site.

Have a great week ahead!

You said that already.

Shut yer trap, yer scurvy cur! Arr!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

B.R.O.S.: Facebook Shenanigans #2 - Worrying

Happy Saturday everybody!

I woke up this morning and saw that the house was in total chaos. The question I am asking myself now is: what the heck happened last night?

Everyone gets worried sometimes right? The bros worry, everyone worries. If you don't, you are not human. Anyways, here's today's B.R.O.S. about me chatting with Jon about something worrying.
That's really worrying.
Ernest: Where are you now?
Jon: In KLIA airport. Going to fly in a few hours time so I'm chilling now. Damn I'm having stomach ache because I had spicy chillie noodles just now.
Ernest: LOL you better don't accidentally shit your pants while flying later.
Jon: I am actually damn worried about that now.

So if you have been following my comics and from the previous posting, you would know that Jon has the tendency to have accidents in the pants.

It has become a household joke for the bros now.

Even Jon has embraced it.

That is why he is awesome.

Have a great Saturday everyone!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Monopoly: Fart Break

Hey everybody! Thursday really sneaked up on me this time. Actually, Thursdays have been sneaking up on me every week.

Thursday is a freaking stalker.

Remember the last time I mentioned that the bros enjoy playing Monopoly? Yeah. We end up fighting a lot halfway through. Most of the time some other stuff happens. This is just another scenario that we experienced during one of our Monopoly sessions.

Trust me. There are many stories that comes along during our Monopoly games.

Jon stood there for about another 2 minutes before he realised none of us is coming to his rescue.
Somehow I feel our Monopoly sessions are not normal.

If you are new here, just know that this is not Jon's first experience of having an accident in the pants. Read the whole story HERE.

This week's objective: Hide from Jon.

He should be coming towards me with his chocolate stained underwear right about now.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Monday, June 11, 2012

At the Digi Wwwow Awards 2012

Hey good AFTERNOON everybody! Pretty unusual for me to be posting in the afternoon but hey, there was football last night.

Anyways, if you have been following this comic blog, a few months ago I was panhandling like a shameless beggar for online votes for an award event most popularly known as the Digi Wwwow Award. Thanks to your votes, I was in the Top 50 in my category of Blogger of the Year and then weeks later I was notified via email that I qualified into the Top 10 and subsequently the Top 5 which grants me automatic access to their award ceremony held last Saturday (9 June 2012) at the Digi Headquarters in Shah Alam. It was great news but I didn't think I would stand any chance of winning despite my nomination as the competition was really tough. Nevertheless, Daryl tagged along with me to attend this event.

This is what happened there when it was time to announce the winner of the category I am in, the Blogger of the Year category:

Bromance: Nothing really gay about it.
YES! It is shocking but true! If you have been following the comic series on Facebook and Twitter, I was announced as the winner of the Blogger of the Year for the Digi Wwwow Awards 2012! It came unexpectedly but it was the greatest moment I could ever hope for in my entire life. (I usually don't win anything and go home disappointed) It was really surreal seeing the title of my comic emblazoned hugely on the large screen.

Picture credit to Melissa. Follow her on Twitter!
I went on stage and due to the fact that I did not expect this win, I fumbled my thank you speech and forgot to mention a whole bunch of people that I am thankful for for this great honour.

Therefore, I would like to thank the entire stickman's gang, Digi and everyone else who has been supporting my silly comics all these while and it would be total nothing if it werent for you guys. Thanks for all the comments, remarks, the weird emails and everything else that has contributed as juice for me to keep going. Special mention to lady boss, my lovely fellow comic bloggers of CBM which includes a fake cat, a man-eatera yellow shirted guy and many other and thanks also to my blogger friends which consist of one who claims is a "not so famous" orange and boobie lover, a beanie wearing Youtuber, a mexican chocolate bear, all my friends and especially YOU (yes you!) for reading and supporting this comic thus far! Without you guys, I am just an insane person drawing comics to an uninterested Internet crowd and every single one of you made it happen because you must be downing awesome juice every morning before you head out and continue being awesome in your daily lives.

Thanks everybody!

Absolute big thanks to my family for their unconditional love and support and also to my bros for being ridiculously awesome, unpredictably real and for always being there! Much love! Keep up the awesome and "Bro, don't like that la, bro"

Then again, an award result is not an award result without the usual haters. I woke up the next morning with hate comments and emails which I appreciate a lot despite the nasty things they said. Due to the request of several readers, here is an EXTRA comic about how I handled one particular hater.

I like pigs. They are cute.
"A swine-like blog like yours won the award?"
"*pig sounds*"

Chill la bro. Kita Satu Malaysia ma. We are One Malaysia.

There are no losers. Only sour grapes. 

Thanks to everyone again! I can't thank you guys enough!

You have an extremely awesome week ahead!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

B.R.O.S.: Facebook Shenanigans #1 - Call Me Maybe

Welcome back Saturday! Weekend is here!

Facebook is one of the tools where I get my comedy inspiration from. The way people use it nowadays enables me to question their ignorance and stupidity and that enables me access to the most wonderful world of weird statuses, comments and the like. As of now, I have a huge collection of the most random and craziest things people around me say on Facebook which I have so happily 'print-screen'-ed.

The bros use Facebook to that great extend as well and for the first time on the comic series, I introduce to you: "B.R.O.S.: Facebook Shenanigans"

For the first episode, we look into a status about a song that has that capability to latch onto my brain and wouldn't let go.

Thanks a lot guys.
I really hate that song now.

Have a great Saturday ahead!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

How Not to Make Pancakes

It's Thursday already. Another week has gone by just like that. And it's already freaking June.

Time's fun when you're having flies.

That quote doesn't seem right.

Anyways, today's comic is slightly rushed due to a clog in the idea and creative department. It's my fault as I didn't feed the bros with enough Red Bull last week to enhance their retard level of shenanigans that usually produce great results in providing insane stories. Today's comic will have to do for now.

We talk about pancakes this time. Who doesn't like pancakes? Unless you are a hipster and think pancakes are too mainstream or are the root of evil capitalism, here's a comic about on how NOT to make pancakes.

That's only because I would assume that everyone here knows how to make pancakes.

I don't.
Pancakes? More like FLOORcakes! BA DUM TSSHH!..... Okay, I shall stop now.
How not to make pancakes? Just don't let Jon touch anything.

Now that's how NOT to make pancakes.

Waste not, want not.
Enjoy your pancakes. However they are made.

Even with a little hair in it.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Bros Watch Movies: Snow White and the Huntsman

Happy Monday people! Okay. I lied. There is no such thing as a happy Monday. The person who invented Mondays must be one colossal prick.

So there is this one new movie where the bros watched recently called, Snow White and the Huntsman. Starring Bella from Twilight who decided to ditch her fairy/vampire to hang out with some dwarves to piss of poor Charlize Theron. So, turns out that the same guy who played the God of Thunder from the movie Thor, Chris Hemsworth, also decides to hang with Bella and ditches his original weapon, the Mjolnir hammer to use dual wield hatchets because a change from one weapon to two is mathematically more impressive.

Actually not the real synopsis.

That said, this has opened a whole new world of concept for Jon when he was watching this movie the other day. I'll let the comic explain it better.

Presenting, a brand new series for the comic :"Bros Watch Movies". It's like a movie review. Kinda.
He was so confused throughout the movie.
 To Jon, Thor will always be Thor.

Lightning Attack!

Have a great week ahead!
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