Monday, April 29, 2013

The Problem With Tapao Food

Hey Monday how is everybody?
Monday: "Everybody hates me."
Me: "Good."

Hey everybody how is Monday?

In Malaysia (I don't know about Singapore I've only been there like 3 times), we use the term 'tapao' which means pack lunch to go. So, at times I get too much work to do at home that I have no time to head out to have lunch and I would have to rely on my bros to help me pack lunch, hence 'tapao'.

Entrusting the bros with any kind of responsibility usually doesn't yield much positive results.

Here is an example.

Next time I'll go out with them and save all the trouble.
No wonder people always ask me why I eat instant noodles so much.

Any of your housemates have done this to you before?

Have a great week ahead!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Problem With Being Too Friendly, part 2

Hey everybody Thursday is here!

So I was randomly walking around the mall one day and I had a dejavu moment. Wait. Is that how we spell dejavu? Spell check suggested 'Dejesus'.

Back to the topic at hand, I had this moment where I felt that it had happened before or I dreamt of it the other day. And I knowing what would happen, decided to do something that I wouldn't usually do.

Here was the incident that happened to me before.

Here is how.

I only noticed it after she posted a passive aggressive status on her Facebook.
No wonder a lot of people have unfriended me over my social network.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Monday, April 22, 2013

SPECIAL: Basketballing with Bolehland & Ericleeh

Hey what's up everyone! Happy Monday!

Okay I lied. No one's ever happy on Monday.

It's been awhile since my last collaboration with other comic artists out there so I decided to have another yet again with the guys from for the second time (view our first collab HERE) and for the first time.

Our first three way! How awesome is that!

So, we had this idea for a strip after one night of a random decision to play basketball with Wai Kit and Eric despite the fact that we are all not tall people. I think if anyone ever records the three of us running around in the basketball court, we actually look like lawn gnomes spazzing out on a Harlem shake acid trip.

Of course, deciding to do something that we wouldn't usually do, immense planning was required. We discussed over the phone for hours just to decide on a court location where we believe no one would play. It was imperative that our insecurities would remain intact by the end of the night.

We decided to use Bolehland's comic layout for this collab. Hope you guys don't mind.

We actually forgot to decide who to bring the goddamned ball.
In the end, Eric had to call some other friends to come and bring the ball. Needless to say, I successfully embarrassed myself with my poor ball skills in front of people I just met.
Hope you guys enjoyed this collab!

Do not forget to drop by and if you want to read more Malaysian made comics!

Have a great week ahead!

Thursday, April 18, 2013 Interview With Ean & Arnold

Hey guys! What is up?

If you say the sky I will punch you in the throat for being such a smartass.

Nah I’m just kidding. I punch so much like a little girl you won’t feel a thing.

Anyway, about a few weeks ago, I was given the fantastic opportunity to appear alongside one of the most famous blogger beauties, Jane from on Malaysia’s number one radio station, for an hour long interview with the duo, Ean and Arnold on their show which escalated to two hours and it was epic as a Tyrannosaurus Rex eventually being able to clap its hands.

The amount of behind the scene jokes and craziness are aplenty with these jokers.

Here is my most favourite:

Teach me, master.
The amount of wackiness that Ean puts out the entire time I was in the same room as him was so massive that I was struggling trying to write all of them down on my phone.

Ean is definitely in my top 5 of my best jokers list. Arnold, being the cool rookie as a new announcer for really takes in all the ribbing Ean throws at him like a boss.

They honestly make a great pairing like in all those action cop movies where the veteran gets partnered with the rookie. Their chemistry is phenomenal and it is unlike any other when you are in the same room as them.
Jane and I were laughing non stop thanks to them.

Thank you so much for the most epic two hours of my life. You have officially bumped the Avengers movie off the top spot in my books.

I regret nothing.
Thanks for having me!

Do drop a like on the Facebook page because they are the awesomesauce!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

PETRONAS Meet The Drivers

Hey everyone! How's your Sunday going?

Early post today but that's always a good thing right?

So a few weeks back during the few days before the race weekend of the 2013 PETRONAS Malaysia Grand Prix race began, I managed to attend yet another motorsports related event where I got to actually see super F1 superstars in the flesh and in real life right in front of me. No. Not at an enclosed gala event but as simple as at a PETRONAS station.

Yes. I kid you not. At a PETRONAS station.

The event was so awesomely humble that they had the F1 drivers, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton do the most awesome thing everyone does on a weekly basis. Filling up petrol. For the top mesra card spenders’ car. What?!

Here was how it went for me at the event.
Distraction is my greatest enemy.
However, big thanks Nico and Lewis for dropping by the PETRONAS station and hanging out. I have never seen F1 drivers holding a regular petrol nozzle before and that scene enough was amazing to me. Though they were so physically close to me, just standing right there, I had no chance to say anything to the drivers as you know.

But one day. Just one day I shall.
Next time.
No, I’m not being creepy.

Before ending this post, make your week more awesome by joining this contest!

So, PETRONAS is having a Race On contest and you guys should really check out! The mechanics are super simple and super easy to take part. Just buy combo(s) at any Mesra store, submit the receipt with the correct answer and you’ll stand to a chance to win prizes which include branded electronic and even a luxury car!! Holy snap!

How simple is this Race On Contest? THIS simple:
  • For Mesra Store: Purchase a minimum of one (1) Race On promotional combo. 
  • For Mini Mesra: Make a minimum purchase of RM15 in a single receipt at any participating PETRONAS stations 
  • Answer a simple question stamped on the receipt. 
  • Drop the receipt into the contest box at the station.

Good luck in the contest and have a great week ahead!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Things Not To Say To A Woman #13

Hey how's Thursday coming along for you guys? Pretty awesome I hope.

Comic is a short 4 paneled one today. Hope you don't mind. I got bogged down by unnecessary activities like video games.

If you have been following my comic series so far, you know that the bros always have weird adventures and experiences with the ladies. Therefore, we would like to impart our so called knowledge to you. Therefore, today I would like to introduce a possible new series in the comic. I would like to call it: "Things Not To Say To A Woman."

Jon teaches you on thing number 13 today.

"Whatever happened to the first 12?"
"I hate starting from number 1."
"Then start from number 2!"
"Shut up."


Don't be too honest.
What are the other things you should never say to a woman? Let the bros know in the comments below! A real life experience of yours would be even better!

Have a great weekend ahead.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Sleep Talking

Hey Monday what's up? *stabs him in the gut*

That's what I would do if Monday was a real person and I would most likely go to jail because I make a shitty criminal who couldn't ever cover his tracks.

That aside, here is today's comic for Monday because we couldn't murder him just yet.

Daryl apparently talks in his sleep and we decided to mess with him a bit.

It was hilarious at first until someone crashes.
Seriously, I had no idea he would really react like that.

Worst of all,

I am a horrible person.

Have a great week ahead!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Petronas Street Demo 2013

This is a sponsored post.

Hey what’s happening everyone?

Early Thursday post this week is what’s happening!

So the Sepang F1 race is done and a week before that, PETRONAS Motorsports cooked up a sweet gig by cordoning off some roads around KLCC to make way for their super awesome street demo! High powered motorbikes and cars screamed through the long empty stretches while ear piercing shrieks of their high octane engines roared through the close standing crowds. It was my first ever experience to be up close with such a thing.

Here’s how it kinda went down for me.

Ear plugs. USE THEM!
I was half deaf by the end of the day only because I was a stubborn little nimrod for not putting on my ear plugs.

Apart from the great hospitality area and machines roaring through the streets, there were amazing stunts pulled off by these professionals.

Photos courtesy of because I am an awful photographer.
Now this is REAL stunt on bikes. Freaking awesome! I went home and tried it on my tricycle but I crashed and burn like a moron.

Anyway, the street demo was the closest I have ever gotten to powerful racing machines as I have never gone to the official Sepang circuit track before. Maybe I should but this street demo was pretty interesting for a first timer like me.

And for the first time I got the cameraman to have me on their jumbo screen.
I could have taken more effort to have looked more excited in that picture though. Maybe because I was already half deaf by the sheer awesomeness of the high powered engine sounds piercing through my ear drums. Also I was unprepared until the guys beside me started waving.

What a great preview before the 2013 Formula 1™ PETRONAS Malaysia Grand Prix at Sepang Circuit that weekend!

Have a great weekend ahead!

Monday, April 1, 2013

There Is No Comic Today

April Fools! Ha!

Despite the title, there IS comic today!

"Bro, that is the lamest April Fools joke ever."
"I know I suck."

Hey happy Monday everyone! Today marks the start of April and coincidentally, it is the same day where everyone can be juvenile once again and play pranks on each other.

Daryl today will teach you one awesome prank that you can play on your friends! Try this one out today!

It's either you win or you get owned.
I apologise if today's comic is a little hurried (ONLY THREE FRAMES?! I WAITED ALL WEEKEND FOR ONLY THREE FRAMES?!) and it might be a recycled joke as we have all read it on the internet somewhere but I promise the next comic will be back to awesome!

No, I'm not getting any lazier.

April Fools!

I am.

Have a great day pranking each other today! Happy April Fools!

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