Monday, July 29, 2013

Guest Artist: Akiraceo

Hey it's Monday! Comic time as usual!

July is coming to and end and we are in the final legs of the guest artist month! What would my guest artist month be if I did not feature the person none other than Akiraceo from

Akiraceo a.ka. Jian Goh is the creator behind Miao and Wafu Pafu comics and he is the guy responsible for making cute comics on a weekly basis. A guy. Making cute comics. On a weekly basis.

Let that sink in for awhile.

So here is his take on a bro comic based on a real life incident. Kinda.

One weekend Akiraceo came down to KL and we had to pick him up at the train station but before that we had to go to an event first. Here is how it went down.

Goddamit Jon.
When we finally arrived at the train station and Akiraceo wanted to put his luggage in the trunk.

He squeezed in the back with the bros. Along with all his stuff.
That silver dustbin had a VIP spot in my trunk that whole night.

Thank goodness it was quite empty or I would have a maddening time trying to clean my trunk.

Have a great week ahead!

"You not gonna tell what happened to the dustbin?"
"Shut up bro."

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Hey everyone! I know it's Saturday but here's a post!

If you've been following me on my Facebook page, you would notice that this comic has already been up for awhile but then I think it would get jealous if it never got on to be as a blog post. I think comic strips have feelings too and this only solidifies the fact that I am a complete weirdo.

So a couple of weeks back till the recent days, in Malaysia there was the most retarded phenomenon ever where people (mostly grown ass adults) lined up for hours at a popular fast food franchise to get their hands on cheap little yellow plastic toys that comes with every meal set that is supposedly to be for happy kids.

Yes, I was talking about the Minion craze.

Here is how I perceive those who went all out just to get their hands on them.

I'm just being really optimistic about the three months period.
According to sources via social media, some people who managed to get them weren't interested in them anymore after 72 hours. Some much less.

And here is how I perceive those poor people who just wanted to eat some fast food. Like the bros.

Let's begin the bros story with this:

Once upon a time, two bros went out one night to get ice cream...
Shortest fairy tale ever.
The lines at every franchise was mad long and I am not even sure if the toy is worth lining up for. Glad the minion craze is over now and we can all get back to our normal lives.

At least until the next fast food toy craze.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Guest Artist: Eric Lee

Hey it's Thursday and another guest artist!

For today's guest artist, we have Eric Lee from!

This is his take on a bro comic and looks like Daryl's gonna be the subject once again. Why am I not surprised.

As usual, regular bro comics will still be uploaded on the Facebook page.

Everyone has their best collection.

Tetek betul these two.
I guess when it comes to boobs, Daryls now comes to his mind first.

I first started noticing Eric's stuff when he was commenting regularly on my posts. I noticed that he was also a comic blogger and his comic posts has that sarcastic vibe in them and I never say no to sarcastic jokes. I first met him during a blog awards ceremony back in 2010 and was even seated next to his girlfriend and we just hit it off and had a lot of fun. He was however separated from us and was seated in the back with a bunch of quiet people and got bored as shit. It was then when I realised he was a walking magnet of stories, jokes and materials as he always has the weirdest and most awkward situations happening to him on a daily basis.

Do check him and his awkwardness out at!

Have a great weekend ahead!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Guest Artist: Kendylife

Hey happy Monday everybody! Sorry for the delayed posting today. I headed out for breakfast this morning and by the time I was driving halfway I realised that I have forgotten that it is actually Monday morning.

So here's a Monday afternoon comic for you to read!

We are at the mid point of the Guest Artist month. Today we have Kendrick Ng from and this is his take on a bro comic!

Old bro comics will still be uploaded on the Facebook page.

Jon and his stupid crocodile suit.
Really like his interesting art style!

First met Kendrick at the first Comic Bloggers Gathering about two years back. I remembered I was walking around with another few comic bloggers and I spotted this one guy who was standing from afar and smiling at me. He didn't say a word so I turned away. After awhile we noticed that he was following us. Little did I know that this guy is the person behind Kendylife! I have already forgotten how we broke that awkwardness. I felt like a total arrogant douche at that moment.

Do check out!

Have a great week ahead!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

What We Love About Ramadan

Hey guys! Happy Thursdays!

So we will take a pause from the Guest Artist Month to make way for this comic as it is requested by some that I do one about the fasting month of Ramadan!

In case you do not know, Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar where Muslims worldwide observe this as a month of fasting.

Here is what the bros love about the month of Ramadan!

What do you love about Ramadan?
Jon has been having strange nightmares about dates recently.

Also another awesome thing about Ramadan is when everyone gets together to break their fast and it is always like a nice little party with everyone!

I can never fast successfully like my Muslims brothers and sisters out there. If famine ever strikes our nation, I will be one of those who dies first.

Anyhow, the bros would like to take this opportunity to wish every Muslim out there a happy Ramadan!

Have a great weekend ahead!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Guest Artist: The Eggyolks

Hey Monday, what is up?

I am so sleepy right now as I had the wrong choice of beverage at an ungodly hour last night. I am talking about coffee.

We are just about halfway through with guest artist month! Today we have the cheeky Eggyolks from! Regular bros comics will still be posted on the Facebook page.

Here is their take on a six paneled bro comic!

I guess that is how he perceives Shamus. I may have made Shamus seem to dirty.

It has begun to dawn upon me that I am ruining all the bros' images in the public eye.


I actually have never met the Eggyolks couple since they are in Kuching, Sarawak all of the time and there is no indication of them ever coming to the peninsular for a visit. We only spoke online so I guess I should make the effort to go meet them physically. Also, they are going to have a baby soon so congrats to them!

Do check out! They have one of the weirdest sense of humour!

Have a great week ahead!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Guest Artist: Chee Ching

Hello Thursday and the weekend is near!

Today we have yet another guest comic artist who would be drawing for us today and it none other than the adorable Chee Ching from!

Guest artist ain't your thing? Don't worry I am still posting my original comics on my Facebook page.

When I approached her for the guest artist month, Chee Ching was pretty excited to be drawing a six paneled bro comic for me as she felt this is something she has never tried before! And this is what she came up with!

True story. Short and simple.
I am beginning to feel that the bros actually scare people.

No wonder we can never get the girls.

Prior to meeting Chee Ching years ago, I was following her blog and I noticed that one of the gif image she made got pretty viral and she wasn't aware of it. I only first met her when we were going to a blog award ceremony where she was one of the finalists. She was very shy in nature but once she got comfortable, she is really nice to talk to. One of the most talented designers I have ever met!

Do check her out at!

Have a great weekend ahead!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Guest Artist: Ms. Bulat

Hello it's Monday once again and we should all simultaneously punch him in the face.

Thank goodness I am still alive after a brutal weekend. If you have been following me on Facebook you would know what I am talking about.

Anyway, we are still on guest artist month and today we have Estee a.k.a. Ms. Bulat from!

If guest artist content isn't your thing, don't worry as I will still post bro comics on the Facebook page.

In the mean time, here is Ms. Bulat's version of a bro comic!

This really happened in real life. Pizza is more important to Jon.
I really like Estee's style of drawing!

Got to know her via other comic bloggers and only met her for the first time during a movie screening and she said she was too stunned when she first saw me. She has a really cute personality and I really appreciate the fact that she and her awesome other half, Rocky, who came all the way to the National Art Gallery to give me wings (that one energy drink) during my 24 hour comic challenge.

Do check her out:!

Have a great week ahead!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Guest Artist:

Hey guys!

Starting from today till the end of July, I will be featuring 8 different comic bloggers who have coerced volunteeered to participate in yet another scheme fun project of mine: the Guest Artist Month!

These 8 comic bloggers will be drawing their own version of a six panel (maybe more) of a bro comic. So for the next month, the typical flavour of my usual bro comics will differ slightly (maybe more) so do bear with me and show some support to these awesome artists! Usual old bro comics will still be posted twice weekly on my Facebook page in case you still need that bro humour fix.

Today we will be featuring our first artist: Tan Wai Kit from!

Here is his version of a bro comic!

The bros really did freak him out even though they were only joking.
This is his perception on the bros. Not mine. I must admit I must made the bros look too scary to the regular person. is by the duo, Tan Wai Kit and Dan Khoo (this guy super famous and you should know him by now) and it depicts the adventures of two regular Malaysian guys in their daily lives. A bit like the bro comics, except their stories contain more self inflicted butthurt.

Got to know about Bolehland comics during my first few months of running my 'Bro, don't like that la, bro" series. We spoke only online at that time. First met Dan Khoo at a rock band competition in a bar. At that time he was only just starting out in his Youtube channel and only had about 15 likes on his Facebook page. After a long time since then, I only finally met Wai Kit for the first time when I had my first newspaper interview where he was featured in as well alongside a few others. He is an awkwardly nice guy and his niceness can be hilariously ridiculous at times. Really.

Do check out!

Have a great weekend ahead!

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Problem With Earphones, part 3

Hey what's up Monday?

Nothing. Nothing can possibly be up on Monday.

Well, my comic's up! See what I did there? I'm lame I know.

So turns out Jamus's adventure with earphones have yet to end. I have to admit that you tend to discover new things everyday.

Here is another inherent problem I think most of us have with earphones. Though not as common.

Read the initial parts here: PART 1, PART 2

Jamus tried to focus on the dubstep instead. And it was pretty good.
Shamus, you are damn pengotor.

This is why I never liked to borrow people's earphones.

Have a great week ahead.
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