Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Muscle That Matters

Hey Thursday is here! If you are Malaysian and happen to be working in the Federal territories, it is a public holiday for you guys tomorrow and that means your weekend came early this week. If not, just wait one more day.

I hate waiting one more day.

So, here is today's comic because I have nothing else interesting to say.

You thought he was talking about his dick weren't you?
Ouch, bro.

However after that, Daryl still doesn't gym.

Have a great weekend ahead.

Monday, January 28, 2013

New Friend Request

Snap. I thought it is still Sunday. Little did I know Monday has crept up behind me and smacked me in the head so hard that I passed out till 11pm and when I woke up I realised that little bugger had stolen my wallet.

There is no such thing.

Hey happy Mondays everyone! Sorry for the late posting as I had thought it is Sunday still as today most Malaysians are on yet another public holiday. If you are at work or at school now, well, happy Mondays. At least your blues will be over by the end of the day and those on holiday today will have their blues starting tomorrow.

Anyway, here is a comic and it is something that I occasionally come across on our dear social media, Facebook which I really seem to hate. Random friend requests.

Shamus will demonstrate how it is a problem to a lot a people.

Anyone faced this bullshit before?
Yep. These sort of random people on Facebook are full of shit. They add you and then lay the coup de grace by never acknowledging it and make it seem that you were the one who added them in the first place.

If you are that kind of person and reading this right now, I hope that one day all of you collide with each other and die because seriously I have no idea why do you have to go out of your way to make yourself look like you are some hot shit.

But on the other hand, if you are that kind of person and reading this right now and don't wish to be hated, stop this nonsense and hopefully everyone (including your parents) will love you more after that.

Ok wow. That was kinda dark even from me. I need to change topic.

I had fries for dinner last night.

Have a great week ahead!

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Problem With Earphones, part 2

Hey good morning everyone! It's Friday and weekend is near!

Mine has already started.

Finally we can get back to my usual content after the couple of back to back adverts.

Yes, I am still on the topic of earphones. From the previous episode, we see how much trouble they can cause. They tangle and they are  a great bother to a lot of people. But to the bros, being tangled is just the beginning of the problem. To some, they are a nuisance but one of the bros can see a silver lining from this situation.

And that one bro s is gonna hunt me down after this.

Read PART 1 first.

Tangled earphones look like pubes. Really.
Best part, no one told Jon where the earphones had previously been.

I'm sure he is going to throw the earphones after this.

Have a great week ahead!

Monday, January 21, 2013

SPONSORED: All New Morning Crew

Hey good morning everyone! You know who else wishes you good morning? That’s right, the morning crew! They can wish you a good morning so awesome like no other.
Yep. You know where this is going.

For so many years, the famous duo of JJ and Ean has been entertaining us each time with their funny antics over the radio every morning. They have become household names that a vast majority of Malaysians would know who they are the moment their names are verbally uttered. They hang around during our mornings that we got so used to them that we wouldn’t mind if we find them sitting on our couches when we walk into the living room.

But recently, some different pairing graced the bro’s living room instead.

Yep! No joke. It is official! Jin and Ryan will be taking over the morning show from now on! (You'd probably know that by now if you have been tuning to their station since last week) Brand spanking new morning crew and I am sure they will be able to do an awesome job very much like JJ and Ean have been doing previously.

So prepare yourselves as Jin and Ryan will invade your mornings from now on with tonnes of more awesomeness attached with their own unique blend of wackiness!

Every weekday from 6am to 10am
Do make them coffee if they ever come over to your house.

Have an awesome week ahead!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hey good morning everyone! I am obligated to wish you good morning because no one wants to hear someone wishing them a bad morning.

Have you been to the Petronas Twin Towers lately? I have been living in Malaysia for slightly over a quarter of a century long and I have never really taken the initiative to set foot at one of Malaysia’s most important landmarks.

It is like this thing with two spires with a thingy in the middle.
Recently the bros paid a visit and they found a nice gadget that kept them occupied for a bit. 

Perhaps a bit too occupied.
What the bros are playing at is the Petronas Motorsports Interactive wall which uses the kinect sensor for the liquid and metal elements on screen to follow your movements according to the command of your arms. 

It can be a great workout if you haven’t been moving much lately and have always been sitting in front of the computer screen daily for hours on end.

That sounds exactly like me.

Back to the wall, when the two elements clash with each other long enough, a short animation comes on. I was too stunned when it suddenly happened that I did not take a picture or a video of it but this should give you an idea.

The point of the game is to find a partner to help push the elements on the other side of the screen to the centre. Doing this alone only renders you looking like a mad man when you wave your arms furiously in front of the screen while waiting for something to happen.

The wall is only up till 18 January 2013 (that tomorrow) so if you are in the area, go and drop by and have some interactive wall fun! 

When I Speak, You Listen

Hey what's going on Thursday?

Why am I up so early...

Just into the fourth week of 2013 and we already have a candidate in the running for joker of the year. She is so hilarious that I can never remember her name other than referring to her as 'listen'. If you are Malaysian, you know what and who I am talking about.

So recently there is this new 'listen' phenomenon sparked from a 'debate' video that went viral on the internet. Okay so it wasn't exactly a debate. It was a colossal example of how someone could actually spew a nonsensical tirade, make irrelevant comparisons to actual facts and overpowering someone with sheer unwarranted charisma and rudeness with a solid blend of our broken national language and still get an applause by the uninitiated crowd, just because she sounded really convincing even though the whole time she was talking facts equivalent to a baked potato. Fortunately, the internet populace is not as uninitiated and saw comedy gold behind it instead.

Since then, everyone on the social media has been talking about it due to its retarded value and so many people made parodies, hilarious Facebook statuses and tweets and now she even has a song remix for it! She is like the pseudo-PSY of Malaysia right now for all the wrong reasons. If you do not know who PSY is you are a big fat liar.

This 'listen' catchword is everywhere on the internet now and due to many requests from you guys and by popular demand, it would be a shame if I didn't do a comic about it.


Or read. Or whatever.

I wonder how much ridicule can one take.
Frame 2: Pendidikan = Education
Frame 3: Kucing = Cat, Anjing = Dog, Apparently jaws directly means shark.

I don't care if the comic doesn't really make any sense because when she speaks, she doesn't make any either. I am counterbalancing. Or not. Who cares.

I had trouble finding one focal point at her comedy gold just so I could draw this comic. It was a huge problem for me.

It is confirmed now that everyone has problems. Even Jaws.

Shark fin soup anyone?

No? So here's another one.

And that is how she has officially ruin every possible gathering we can ever have for the rest of our lives.
Frame 1: Berkumpul lebih dari tiga orang adalah haram = A gathering of more than three people is illegal.
Frame 3: Haram = Illegal

I could go on but then people will then tell me to shut up and listen.

And tell me to go to Cuba.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Problem With Earphones

Hello Monday morning everyone! Let's begin another routine week with yet another comic and velociraptor hot buns.

I need my coffee as that last sentence only made half a sense.

Earphones is an amazing invention where you can use it to blot out any other audio distractions by plugging the damn thing into your ear holes. It is a good tactic or a sign to show people who are not currently in your audio space that they should not talk to you as you are busy listening to the latest tween pop hit that nobody cares about.

But every single set of earphones come with this one problem. It happens so often it must be an international conspiracy.

I don't have my own (because half the electronics I own are broken) so I usually borrow. But that is not the problem I was referring to.

I think I should really get my own.
I returned to watch him get trapped in his own tangled heap of what used to be earphones.

Tangled earphones. They are the real everyday menace.

Anyway, before I sign off, do vote for me for the coming Social Media Awards 2013 in March in the Most Creative Blog category if you think I deserve your vote. Yeah. I'm still begging on the Internet as usual without shame.

Have a great week ahead.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Hey happy Thursdays everyone! Weekend is almost here and I am not really that excited.

Anyway, I don't have much to say today as today's comic is not related to any topics or issues as it is really just a comic on the random retarded shenanigans of the bros.

Sometimes it is not just random retarded shenanigans. Sometimes it is just plain ol' madness in the bro's household.


This is why we cannot have ceiling fans in our house.
I had a feeling Jon actually wanted to do the Sparta kick at me.

Just for madness.

Ever had madness with your friend's before? Let me know if it is even more mad than this one.

Before signing off, just want to let everyone know that I am taking part in the Malaysian Social Media Awards 2013 in the Most Creative Blog category so if you have the time and the generosity do drop me a vote HERE if you think I really deserve it. Thanks a bunch!

I could really consider a career of being a professional internet beggar now.

Have a great weekend ahead.

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Problem With Being Too Friendly

Hey Monday! How's everyones Monday so far? Sorry for the late post. I failed to wake up early today.

Anyway, have you ever had a problem with over friendliness? May it be from you or from someone else or some random stranger.

Mine is a strange mix of all three.


That moment felt like forever.
Someone please tell me they have done this before or I will feel like the only total spaz who does such thing in the whole world.

I really wished the sidewalk would have swallowed me whole and kept me in six feet under for all eternity.

It's not the girl's fault really. I have this stupid tendency to wave hi at anyone who seems to be waving in my general direction without checking. Additionally, our country has become a dystopian crime ridden place where even you are not safe when walking in broad daylight. It's a sad reality.

Also, I really need to work on my social skills.

And look less like a creeper.

Have a great week ahead!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bro Long Story: Kidnapped - Part 10, The Conclusion

Hey happy Saturdays everyone!

I have nothing much to say this weekend but as usual the Saturday post is here! We have come to the conclusive last part of the Kidnapped series! Hope you guys have enjoyed it thus far!

You can now read it from start to end without any cliffhangers!

Read PART 1, PART 2, PART 3, PART 4, PART 5, PART 6, PART 7, PART 8, PART 9

And that's it! The end of the Kidnapped series! Hope it wasn't as senseless as I thought it would turn out to be! I will be posting up the original shittier version of this comic on the Facebook page soon in case you would like to compare the difference in terms of storytelling and art quality.

Just so you guys are informed, I will be posting less on Saturdays from now on for a bit to spend more time to work on another amazing project that hopefully will see the light of day by the end of the first quarter this year. Saturday posts will still be there, but now on a more random basis depending how free I am.

Have a great Saturday ahead!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

What's Your New Year's Resolution?

Happy 2013 everyone!

Looks like this will be the first post of the brand spanking new year of 2013! And when it comes to the new year, everyone usually have their own set of resolutions that they try their best to keep. But sometimes, over the span of 365 days, we lose track and forget about them and get back to our usual old habits. Resolutions are hard to keep. Unless you are driven. Driven as in highly motivated not driven like a car kind.

I had a resolution this year. Today is only the third day of the new year and I have already broken it.

Here are the bro's resolutions that we really find it hard to keep.
What is your resolution this year that you are most likely to break?
Which resolution of yours that you can never seem to keep? Let me know in the comments below so that the bros don't feel like total shit. Seriously.

As a fail safe to my already low self esteem, the next person who asks me what my resolution is. This will be my answer:


Screen resolutions are the best.

Have a great year ahead!
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