Sunday, October 23, 2016

Man Gets Criticised For Doing Charity In Shorts

Hey everyone!

A random Sunday post because I just read some news that made me go what the gugujiao.

So couple of days ago news popped up of a local hero, known as Mr. Kuan or Uncle Potato, goes around visiting and helping those in need which immediately makes me look like the devil by comparison. His deeds were very inspiring to me and gave me a nice warm fuzzy feeling in the cold bitterness of my heart but unfortunately, some individuals were quick to point out that he shouldn't be doing charity in his shorts when he visits the homes of those who were Muslim as it is disrespectful.

You can read the news HERE.

I'll let that sink in for awhile.

Done? Now don't you just feel pure seething rage that some people have that capacity to go full throttle at their own self righteousness until they forgot that they are clouded in their own dickheadery? Yes. Dickheadery. I made that word up based on how ridiculous these people can be. It's amazing!

And here's the thing. Those people who commented like that? I'm pretty sure this comic sums up their actual behaviour in real life because I am judgmental like that.

Exactly like this.

At least he had pants on you assholes.

I'm pretty sure that these people are the ones that actually do next to nothing to help the needy.

Before I end this post, I just want to give Mr. Kuan a huge shoutout for being such a hero. May you continue to inspire many to be everyday heroes! You the man. Short pants or not.

Do good. Or just STFU.

Have a great Sunday ahead!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Hot Dog Situation

Hey everyone! How's it going?

So if you are Malaysian, there is this recent news making headlines all across the nation (no, not the one about Singapore I will address that one later) and it made a huge fuss all over the internet! It was met with much ridicule and criticism.

And I had much trouble understanding the situation.

Ok I lied.

To be honest, I couldn't care less about this news but being the grand opportunist that I am, I decided to draw a cartoon about it.

Poor pretzel dog just wanted to join the cool gang.

Since the hub bub about the entire hot-dog situation, the authorities then came up with another attention catching headliner, which I must admit, gave me another opportunity to make another satire about it.

He can now literally drop it like it's hot.
Which I must admit I actually like that name change. I prefer to say sausage. It is the way it rolls off the tongue.

I know I am just an awful person to take light in this matter but I just couldn't help myself. A small number of people got upset with me when I made that comic.

But then I realised that my intention wasn't to offend anyone. I was just technically giving my form of commentary and at the same time capitalising on trending news so I could get more likes on my Facebook page.

People shouldn't get too easily offended. It just creates a whole lot of negative space. Just like how my friend, Ross, pointed out recently...

Frankfurter speaking, this situation has gone from brat to wurst.
Okay I better stop now.

That's the last one I promise.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Why Does My Mum Do This

Hey everyone!

Happy Mondays!

So over the weekend my mum came by to visit me and after spending some time with her I suddenly remembered that my mum has many weird quirks as well. Not as weird as the Bros but weird none the less. So today I feel like talking about it.

Yes today I am making fun of my mum.

It's okay she doesn't read my blog.

Here is one of the things that she does which I can never ever stand and at the very same time never ever understand.

And then when I go downstairs, dinner is actually not ready at all.
Turns out that almost every single Asian mum out there tends to do this as well. They come in for 5 seconds, leave and they make sure that they leave the door open EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

No matter how times I remind her to close the door when she comes in, she will always never follow through. It is like trying teach a puppy to play ping pong.

I wonder if she does this when she enters her boss's office.

Oh wait she is the boss.

No wonder.

Does your mum do this too? If she does, any theories on why? Do let me know because I'm genuinely curious of this seemingly universal phenomenon in almost every Asian household.

Shout out to all the doors that remain open thanks to mothers out there.

Have a great week ahead!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The New Apple Phone 7

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesdays!

So the new Apple Phone 7 got released recently and despite it getting some mixed reviews, you know that people are still going out to buy that shit because capitalism!

You buy one, you impress your friends. Easy.

What's more impressive if this happens and you maintain your composure.

It's just 3 seconds old.
I remember seeing a video once where a dude just came out of the store and is one of the very first to own the new phone (this was when Apple Phone 6 was released I think) and was being interviewed live and he opens his brand new box of his phone. Due to the design of the packaging, the phone found its way screen first straight into the ground within seconds thanks to gravity. I wondered how the guy must have felt to have the entire world witness his grief and you gotta give him props for just maintaining his cool.

Very much like Daryl, I am pretty sure he will be crying on the inside for hours.

Dropping your new phone may be a small matter but we all know how it makes us feel on the inside.

Be strong.

It's just a phone.

Cry forever.

Have a great week ahead.
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