Monday, April 30, 2012

Eat More, Grow More

Good morning everyone! How is the blue settling in? No worries. Tomorrow is the 1st of May and you're on holiday and you know it. Labour Day! Just relax and enjoy this one day whether you are at work or not.

Remember when you are young and your mom tells you to eat more so you can grow? Did you really believe in that at that time? I didn't which makes me totally regret it now. Now I eat like a monster in hopes that I can still grow.

That same regret still takes place in me.

Jon still gives out that advice to the bros occasionally. Only his is slightly...different.

Oh, such grand disappointment.
Why the hell did Daryl listen to such nonsense anyway??

That is single-handedly the most ridiculous thing Jon would say. One could actually wonder how what really goes on in Jon's head.Who in their right mind would ever believe that?

*takes an extra scoop of rice*

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Have a great week ahead!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Asking A Girl Out

It's Thursday! You know what that means!

Wash all underwear day! It's comic time!

So I realised that there is something serious going on around lately and I felt the need to bring it forward. I will explain it via the comic with our bro, Shamus, the renowned Facebook guru expert, who will elaborate further on what I really mean.

One of the most painful things a girl can do to a guy.
Aside from getting kicked in the nuts.

So to the dear ladies out there,

When a guy you know asks you out and you somehow agree to it, please refrain from trying to include other people because sometimes it takes a guy a lot of courage to ask you out and it is obvious he wants to spend extra time with you because he shows interest in you. Who knows you guys might just hit it off. The moment you say you want to include other people, the guy dies a little inside.

To the guys out there, you are welcome.

Now I hope my chances are also increased after this. Or I will have to go into the corner like Shamus.


Before I end this post today, here's a quick shameless panhandling announcement. As many of you might not have known yet, I am taking part in this year's Digi Wwwow Awards and therefore I would like to request a little help from everyone here to help me vote for this comic series. Really. I'm a such desperate bastard now. Big thanks for your help!


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Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Bullshit Story

Happy Mondays everyone!

Technically, that's wrong because no Mondays are actually happy unless you received a cheque of $50,000 in the mail this morning. Either that or you are a filthy little liar.

Have you ever have a friend who when you ask him/her out and he/she always have an excuse not to come? Worse, they make up some bullshit story just to justify their incapability of hanging out with you. Even worse, they just cannot simply be direct with you on why they don't want to join you and leave you wondering why in the name of God would they rather tell you a bullshit story than the truth.

That's because nobody likes you. 

Among the bros, one (or more) of us is actually like that. Here is an example:

Actual bullshit story that Daryl uses on us.
Nobody ever listens to Daryl. But what if he always had been telling us the truth?

Of course Daryl didn't get kidnapped. That's just silly. Who the hell would want to kidnap him?

Either that or he is a master escape artist.

Or a filthy little liar.

Have a great week ahead!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

B.R.O.S: Kenwooi Adventures #2 - What If Ken Man Meets Knife Man?

Hello everyone! How is the feeling of weekend? In case you have nothing going on here is yet another B.R.O.S.! I don't think I need to tell you what that stands for anymore right?

It means Being Random On Saturday! Jeez you guys...

So, last week's B.R.O.S. posting was a bit lackluster I admit because I was unprepared. So to make up for it, here's another Kenwooi Adventures for you!

Apparently it's like a superhero week in the entire blogosphere recently. Everyone is sharing their own superhero ideas to win passes from Nuffnang to the screening of the upcoming anticipated movie of the year, "The Avengers". (which the results has been already been announced and I am happy to tell that I won those passes! Finally, the need to queue for those movie tickets is no longer necessary! Laziness prevails once again!) 

Here is my entry for that contest. CHECK IT OUT!

Being the competitive little bastard I am, I took a gander at my blogger friend; the "not so famous" Ken Wooi's entry. I dare say his superhero concept is totally one of the dumbest thing I heard. But hey! Mine was equally retarded too and so I thought, what if our superheroes actually meet?

Read KenWooi's dumb superhero entry to fully understand the comic.


Here's what would actually happen.
When Ken Man meets Knife man, they will have an orange party.
Yep. And world destruction will never be stopped.

Therefore, Ken Man must never meet Knife Man because Knife Man has better things to do than to eat oranges. Oh wait they already did.

So now you will know why the world is going to end this year.

Have an epic Superhero Saturday!


Still can't get enough superhero-ness in your weekend? Ever wondered how I look like? Here's a video where I became a power ranger for a day instead of Knife Man. Special thanks to bloggers Eric Lee, Jackie Loi, Benjamin Foo, Joel Wong, Caroline Ng and Ken Wooi for the fun video opportunity. 

Do share it around if you want to further destroy my dignity. 


See you guys back on Monday!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

CONTEST: Marvel's The Avengers

Happy Thursdays everyone! May the mighty lord Thor shine brilliantly upon you on this day!

Did you know Thursday is actually Thor's Day in those days?

"Nobody cares."

Anyway, if you have been following my demented updates on the official Facebook page (LIKE IT IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY) and on my Twitter (FOLLOW IF YOU MUST) I did mention that today's comic will be so retarded that your mother will tell you to quit the internet forever. Well, today's comic actually weights more on psychotic rather than retarded.

So, your mother will DEFINITELY tell you to quit the internet forever for sure.

Nuffnang is currently running a contest for people to create blog entries about an huge upcoming and very much anticipated blockbuster movie of the year 2012, "The Avengers" and exclusive screening passes to the movie are to be given out! All we have to do is to create a superhero character and explain how this superhero is going to save the world.

Knowing this sort of movie of this scale will render me unable to watch it till a week after its premier due to the kiasu-ness of Malaysians and my own personal laziness to get tickets earlier. Therefore, here's an attempted entry to win myself movie passes to this movie so I don't have to queue in line or even spend money.

Yes. I am THAT desperate just to watch Iron Man kick-ass once again.

Disclaimer: Today's comic is rather psychotic than my usual standards. At least today you get to see the demented psychotic creativity side of me.

Best superhero idea ever: Mr. Knife Man
So, to the dearest Stickman. You now know what to do. If not, I will come by your office one fine day and...

With stabby justice.
No. I am not psychotic.

Catch "The Avengers" in cinemas premiering..... SOON.

*stabby stab stab*

Monday, April 16, 2012

Cereal Time

Good Monday! Another week has gone past and it's already the mid of April. I swear to God as we grow older time seems to move a lot faster.

Everyone loves cereal. Cereal is delicious and full of diabetic levels of good deliciousness unless you count in the healthy ones. Then cereal is deliciously wood-like and full of fiber healthy goodness to make you poop good. And what's the best time to have cereal? Morning time is always the best time to have cereal!

As most of you have noticed in this comic series by now, the bros are always seen having cereal. But it is not always that simple that we can always have cereal. There are steps to it and which proves that even having cereal can be a real challenge.

Jamus shows you how.
Cereal time was subsequently aborted.
No milk? Just rage quit.

Now you know it's not easy to have cereal.

For more comedic one liners daily, follow the comic series on Facebook HERE NOW!

*You cereal bastard.*

Have a great week ahead!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Being Random On Saturday (B.R.O.S.): Meme Time?

Happy Oh Yeah It's Saturday!

Granted I am still not really used to being prepared for Saturdays' posting resulting in a totally half assed entry for today but hey, it's being random on Saturday!

So, as you already know that I don't usually do memes (pronounced "meem") but here's one which I have done a long time ago using my cartoons but I had no idea where to park it. I guess it goes well with a Being Random On Saturday (B.R.O.S.) post. I do hope you know what B.R.O.S. stand for by now.

Come to think of it, in relation to today's super half assed posting, this image has an extremely deep meaning to it.

Really deep.

Only a few will REALLY get it.
Have a great Saturday!

P.S. Nah I don't get it either.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cute Dog Disadvantage

Happy Thursdays everybody! How was your Wednesday? If you are Malaysian then I hope you did have a great chilled holiday despite the rumbling tremors due to the earthquake on the west coast of Sumatra. Hope everyone is all right.

Anyways, here's a continuation from where we left off in the previous episode. Yeah. You didn't think there was a second part to this story eh?

Next time, don't rush your answer.
The disadvantage of being Mocha Jon. Sometimes.

Moral of the story: Think first before you answer when a hot chick asks you a question.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Cute Dog Advantage

Good morning everyone! How is Monday treating you so far? Don't let the blues get to you!

Anyhow, today's strip we explain what advantage you can get from having a cute dog in your presence. Lowering of blood pressure may be one of them but this is another advantage which is beyond that.

Jon shows you how it's done! But first, he needs a dog to explain. Time to borrow Mocha from Jasmine.
Yet another tactic that we all have to learn.
Now that's what I call determination.

I think this is one of those rare times that Jon doesn't actually bully Mocha. But it's all to his advantage.

Having a cute dog DOES have its advantage.

P.S. I changed the font for the chat bubbles this time. Something I should have done a long time ago. What do you think?

Have a great week ahead!

UPDATE: I changed the font once again because it was not very clear to some readers. I do apologise. I hope this newer font is more comfortable for the eyes.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Being Random On Saturday: Kenwooi Adventures - Looking Good

Man, that is one long assed title for a post.

Hey everyone! A comic post today!

Wait, what? It's Saturday? Of course I know it's Saturday! I know my days of the week! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holiday! 8 days! How can I ever be wrong?

So anyways, this is a sudden random Saturday posting. The first of its kind! Suddenly I think I should post random simple comics that is not bro related and half-assed on occasional Saturdays. Who knows it might be an every Saturday thing but we'll see how it goes. So do check back on Saturdays from now on as sometimes I will now OFFICIALLY post on Saturdays!

I hereby declare this post series as Being Random On Saturday (B.R.O.S.) *see what I did there? Oh, I'm so clever*

Today's random Saturday story features a good "not-so-famous" friend blogger of mine Ken Wooi of! Had the idea of this half-assed strip when I read this particular post of his and I thought that sh*t is hilarious and I decided to parody it. Mainly because I have too much free time last week.

Here it goes. Bear with me if it makes no sense and is unfunny. That's only because I have a retarded creativity side in my brain.

Oh, so handsome you are.
Read Kenwooi's original post HERE. Trust me. It's funnier there. And the rest of his posts too. Seriously, he has some really good stuff there.

Don't forget to check back on Saturdays from now on! ;)

Happy Saturday!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Why Hugs Are Nice

It's Thursday already? Boy do the week fly by fast!

Ever wondered why people like hugging? It gives us the sense of closeness to another person and it is one of the close and secure feelings we feel when hug another person. It makes us feel special and loved with all the warmth and security that anyone could ever hope- ULTRA GAYYYYYY!!!! (*insert gay seal meme here)

THIS is why we like hugs.

Disclaimer: Not everyone is like this. This is just an assumption. Still does not deny the fact that Daryl is still going to kill me after this.

Yay! A Daryl comic! Enjoy!

Tactic level: Legen'daryl'
Objective achieved to say the least.

Jealous. Really. I am. Infinitely.

I got no skill.

Daryl is definitely the living legend I know. Nope. He is still going to kill me.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fools!

Good Monday morning everyone! Despite the title of this post, today's entry is NOT about April Fools!

Ha! April Fools guys!

Wait. What do you mean it's over? April Fools was yesterday? F***!

I fail at pranking people.

Anyways, here's today's comic while I wallow myself in self pity for making myself look like the king of idiots.  A motorbiking incident occurred sometime ago in the bros household.

Shamus has some serious priority issues to work out.
Anyhow, Jamus was fine really. He only had minor injuries and nothing serious. He still was admitted for a day in the hospital though. Everyone had a scare nonetheless. I almost lost my sh*t.

Jon almost sh*t his pants as well. Sh*t. I'll stop saying sh*t now.

Was not really an April Fools joke and we're glad that Jamus was all right. He still rides his motorbike only more careful this time.

Shamus still really couldn't stop praying.

Shut up, bro.

Have a great week ahead!
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