Thursday, April 19, 2012

CONTEST: Marvel's The Avengers

Happy Thursdays everyone! May the mighty lord Thor shine brilliantly upon you on this day!

Did you know Thursday is actually Thor's Day in those days?

"Nobody cares."

Anyway, if you have been following my demented updates on the official Facebook page (LIKE IT IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY) and on my Twitter (FOLLOW IF YOU MUST) I did mention that today's comic will be so retarded that your mother will tell you to quit the internet forever. Well, today's comic actually weights more on psychotic rather than retarded.

So, your mother will DEFINITELY tell you to quit the internet forever for sure.

Nuffnang is currently running a contest for people to create blog entries about an huge upcoming and very much anticipated blockbuster movie of the year 2012, "The Avengers" and exclusive screening passes to the movie are to be given out! All we have to do is to create a superhero character and explain how this superhero is going to save the world.

Knowing this sort of movie of this scale will render me unable to watch it till a week after its premier due to the kiasu-ness of Malaysians and my own personal laziness to get tickets earlier. Therefore, here's an attempted entry to win myself movie passes to this movie so I don't have to queue in line or even spend money.

Yes. I am THAT desperate just to watch Iron Man kick-ass once again.

Disclaimer: Today's comic is rather psychotic than my usual standards. At least today you get to see the demented psychotic creativity side of me.

Best superhero idea ever: Mr. Knife Man
So, to the dearest Stickman. You now know what to do. If not, I will come by your office one fine day and...

With stabby justice.
No. I am not psychotic.

Catch "The Avengers" in cinemas premiering..... SOON.

*stabby stab stab*


  1. ahahah! super hero :D with a knife.without knife,is normal man :D

  2. haha.. why your face fatter already wan? :P

  3. This made my day. Knife man ftw!

  4. Nuffnanag better watch out.


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I got a knife too XD
    Wait I get from my kitchen LOL

  7. I got a knife hence I am a Superhero.. step aside Ernest.. hahahaha

  8. haha... bite by a spider. no by a knife!

  9. so u will become fat once u r knifeman huh lol

  10. Pricked by knife and becomes a superhero.

    Seems legit!!!

  11. hilarious~~~ I love this post~ very much! haha.

  12. Pink Knife Ranger Man!!!

    Lol~ I'm gonna give this a shot to.
    Assuming that I have more time after commenting on your post(s) XD

  13. haha :DDD... the last part is funny... :DD

  14. nice one nice one! very entertaining and funny haha =D

  15. hahahahahaha. Imma stab you. Epic line!!!

  16. OMG, Your face! "Imma stab you. SOON." To Stabby Justice!!!! xD

  17. wahahaha.. ganas wei!

    intimidation got u ur tickets? ;p


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