Friday, March 29, 2013

Spoiler Alert

Hey guys! Sorry for the delayed post which was supposed to be up yesterday. I was out from early morning till late evening and had no chance to be in front of the computer.

Yes I know it's already Friday. I love Fridays. They are the awesomest day of the week next to Saturday.

So, today's comic is about something that usually happens when there is a new movie out and Shamus somehow got to see it first and he just loves doing this shit.

You know what I mean. And I hate it.

Right at the start of the movie.
Freaking bastard.

Of course the movie in question is not exactly "I am Legend". I'm only using it as an example because I didn't want to use a recent movie in case you haven't watched it yet and I spoiled it for you in my comic. See? I am way more considerate than that troll Shamus.

"But you just spoiled the ending of "I am Legend" in today's comic bro. There are people who haven't watched it yet."

Unless, well, you haven't watched the movie "I am Legend".

Oh God, I am becoming Shamus.

We will always have THAT one friend, won't we?

The one who spoils movie endings for you.

Kill him/her while you can. OR just make sure you watch all movies first before he/she ever does. And take sweet revenge.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Voting For the Coming Elections

Hey it's Monday! It's Monday you guys! Do you know it's Monday?

That is how annoying you sound when you wish people good morning on Facebook on a Monday.

Anyway, I would like to apologise for the lack of update last Thursday as I was supposed to make way for an advertorial but they have yet to approve my draft hence I missed out on that day to upload a new comic. Here's a comic to show that things are still normal here.

So, if you are Malaysian, you know that the general election is coming. It is the time where we all have a chance to voice out, decide and entrust our believe on who can govern our country better on a piece of paper.

At the moment, the date of said elections have yet to be announced so people have been voicing out pretty much anywhere else while waiting for that day to come.

Unfortunately, there are 'these kinds' of people.
There will always be one guy you know that is full of hot air.
Yeah. You don't deserve the right to complain if you do not intend to vote at all.

Show some responsibilty as a citizen of the country.

In the meantime, this has been happening a lot recently.

Still a goddamned mystery.
Disclaimer: This post is my own personal view and not endorsed by any political party in Malaysia. Just trying to get the message out to remind everyone above 21 years old out there to vote when the general elections come. Cheers!

In the mean time, have a great week ahead!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge 2013

Hey Monday! I's gonna stop complaining about Mondays for once in order to break from routine and reduce myself from making too many predictable jokes.

That doesn't change the fact that I still hate you Monday.

Anyway, a superplug post about an event that I do enjoy attending every year which only gets better every year.

The enduring partnership of Johnnie Walker and Vodafone McLaren Mercedes is bringing you yet another series of the most exclusive party event for year 2013! Yes. The exclusive Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge event "Step Inside the Circuit" is finally here!

Okay that was pretty hard selling. But no seriously, the party is always awesome and I try my best to attend at least one every year. Being exclusive in nature, I have to usually look around to see if anyone would be kind enough to bump me a pass to enter their premises of free flowing Johnnie Walker Gold Label reserves.

However this year I got a bit luckier!

In the end I was too chicken to ask anyone. Yet.

There will be great music played by world DJs and great entertainment while served with their exclusive Gold Label Reserves throughout the night. Honestly, I am not usually bothered by those as I would usually be distracted by the free flowing bar.

Gimme a break. It's not often that I get to help myself to expensive liquor.

The Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge is coming this March! Will you be there?

Get your passes today if you haven't!

The Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge 2013 is happening this 23rd March 2013 at Terminal 2, Subang Skypark from 8pm to late night!

If you are going, I will see you there!

Obvious hard selling ends here.

"Booze booze booze."
"Boobs boobs boobs."
"Shut up bro." 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Daryl!

Hi guys! Sorry I'm late today as I was busy this morning and only just got around to get my hands on the internet.

Anyway, today is one of the bro's birthday and he is none other than the crazy awesome Daryl! Daryl turns another year older but lets hope his humour remains the same because I don't want him to get any wiser. Just kidding. But no seriously bro I like you better when you are crazy.

I know that I don't usually do a special posting to wish any bro on their birthdays but I guess I had to do this one because of his random behavior once again. And also because so many people love his character so much that this has to be sort of a tribute to one of the most awesome characters ever created in cartoon only because he exist in real life too.

He wishes the same damn thing every year.
Thanks for being awesome bro! May all your wishes come true!

Keep up the randomness!

Show Daryl some love! Drop your wishes for Daryl in the comments below!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Why I No Longer Give to Beggars

Monday. You are back. You son of a bitch.

That is what I would say to Monday on a Monday if he/she was a real person.

So, there was this one time I was meeting up an old friend at a 24 hour mamak stall (seriously how many mamak stall in Malaysia isn't 24 hours these days?) When there is a huge crowd you would know the usual would happen.

Yes. The beggars will come. I'm not so sure if this happens in your country but in Malaysia, this is a really common occurence when you are just trying to have a cup of tea.

You WILL BE a prime target if you are alone and so happens at that time, I was alone as I was waiting for my friend. Of course there are many ways to turn them down (either by ignoring or simply raising your hand and shaking your head) and usually the beggars will leave you alone. But it still doesn't deny the fact that they will attempt to rattle your guilty conscience.

Just because of the guilty conscience part, I decided that I should do some good and give to the less fortunate.

And do good I did.
Even a beggar knows how to cockblock me.

Apparently, there are those who keep coming back once you are nice to them. Like stray cats who keep coming back once you give them food.

Teach a man to fish, they say.

Unfortunately, this is also very prevalent these days in Malaysia on a federal government scale. Handouts. Handouts everywhere. In the end, no one will know how to fish. Yay, progress.

But what do I know. I'm just a lowly comic artist. 

My comic story doesn't just end there however. When I was walking back to my car, I saw this.

The same f*cking beggar I gave RM1 earlier.
True story.

That's it. I'm considering a career switch to be a full time beggar now.

"Bro, weren't you just talking about how people should learn how to fish?"
"Do you know how many fishes I would have to sell just to get a Merc?"
"Technically, I will be fishing for people's sympathy."
"I want a Merc."

Currently, I consider myself to be an internet beggar. That's a start. Right?

Yay, progress.

Have a great week ahead. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Why You Should Not Be a Smart Ass

Hello Thursday! Weekend is near. Hang on to yet another 48 hours of menial labour routine.

So I am a smart ass. If you have been following me on Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram (where my smart-assness is not really apparent), you will notice that I post really snarky or even smart ass remarks that might warrant someone to one day come to my house, ring my doorbell and sock me in the face the moment I open the door.

Fortunately, not many people know where I live and I don't usually answer the door.

Poor Shamus. (potentially) 

Here is a prime example of how much of a smart ass I can be.

Well played, Mr. Daryl.
Don't get me wrong. I am not condoning anyone to be a smart ass in their daily lives. While it may be amusing to you at a certain degree but there is a downside to it.

Mainly because there will definitely be a bigger smart ass than you out there.

P.S. Special thanks to a friend of mine, Sue Lynn (who has made a cameo in my comics before), for giving the idea for the second row of this comic. Daryl and I did not have that exchange but it still does not deny the fact that he is definitely a bigger smart ass than me.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Bed Sheet

Hello Monday everyone!

How was your weekend? Hope it was good but unfortunately Monday has made its way back again and we are all back to our usual daily routine of school and work.

If Monday was a person, I wonder who would be friends with him. That poor guy.

Anyway, Jon and I decided to go downtown to grab a little something.

I hate it when Jon does that.
Okay so this story is a little made up as that picture is not originally by me as I found it somewhere in the deep crevices of the internet. (Not really, someone actually shared it on Facebook). Couldn't help myself but to do a comic about it. What really happened was that I shared the picture with Jon over social media which only resulted in the same ending much like the comic above.

If that picture is yours and you are reading this right now, do let me know so I can properly credit you for finding such a sweet comedic gem and reaffirming the true fact that we still can't spell for nuts.

"We can't spell? That's a whole lot of shit bro."
"Damn funny now, is it?"

Have a great week ahead.
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