Thursday, December 29, 2011

SPONSORED: Celcom's Blue Rusa Award 2011

This is a sponsored post.

I need some form of a cool gadget. Like a smart phone or a tablet. I never have any of those mainly because I am broke most of the time. Even kids these days are seen tinkering around with them (no, it is not even daddy's!) and that makes me jealous. Currently, I look like a techless hobo and half the electronics I own are half broken.

Damn it.

So, I came across this online contest by Celcom and I think it could be my one ticket to getting a tablet which I so desperately want but not necessarily need, without paying a fortune for it. Still, it’s one of the simplest contest I’ve ever seen since ever.

I've always wanted to call myself a blue deer. 
All I needed to do was to write a headline and submit it and I could actually stand a chance to win a Samsung GALAXY Note and also claim the Blue Rusa Award 2011, thus officially becoming a blue deer who owns a high tech tablet!

The tablet seem to appeal more to me though. Because I can show off if I do win it.

Worth a shot. With the bros randomness, I’m confident anyway.

They all actually say those stuff in real life.

Ok, I’m not so confident anymore.

So if you think you can do better than me and the bros, CLICK HERE and give it your best shot. Just submit your best headlines (remember to make it sensible. Don't be random like the bros) and successfully make me and the bros feel absolutely uncreative and retarded.

Let me know if you do win it so that I can somehow claim the glory from you to make myself feel better.

Because I don't stand a freaking chance at all.

Submit your headlines NOW!


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas To All!

Yeah, so I should have posted this earlier this morning but I was on the road for a little bit so I couldn't post this earlier. Been travelling quite a bit during this holiday season.

Still, it's not too late! Today is Christmas and I sure hope you guys are having a great time! Whether is hanging out with friends, chilling somewhere, stuffing your face with food or just being in front of the computer right now, here's a Christmas greeting from me and the bros!

Merry Christmas everyone! Have it awesome! Have it good!

We fail at delivering presents.

Like this enough to warrant a desire for it to be a wallpaper on your desktop? Here are a few sizes to choose from!

Share the love everyone! Happy holidays!

Announcement: Since it is the holiday season and everyone is partaking in the holiday celebrations, "Bro, don't like that la, bro" will be taking a break tomorrow (26/12/11) so there will be no comic for the day. No one is working tomorrow right?

Enjoy the wallpaper! See you guys on Thursday!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Hey guys! So sorry for the super late than usual posting today! My computer crashed and suffered a fatal error that I had to restart drawing today's comic from scratch. Anyhow, I managed to get it done all over again after several hours. Hope the wait is worth it.

Today's topic is about a rather common incident which has happened so many times to our dearest Jon. Bless his heart. Do let me know if this also has happened to you or to someone else you know so that he does not feel that bad.

We have never seen Jon run so fast before in our entire lives. Other than that one other time when he was chased by a dog.

This was actually one of the many similar incidences that has happened to Jon but miraculously and luckily for him, his laptop was never missing and always seem to be in the same spot seemingly waiting for him. Despite how forgetful he is, he has never lost his laptop this way before. We don't know how he does it. Seriously.

Just in case you are a little confused by the third panel, "The crocodile hides in the wadaaa~" is just one of the random sh*t that Jon says from time to time. I still don't know what it exactly means but I laugh anyways. Shamus seems to really get it.

Anyways, Christmas is coming this weekend! Holiday cheers aplenty and I hope you guys are ready for the impending holidays!

Have a merry weekend everyone!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Water Polo

Good Monday morning everybody! Monday blues? Yeah, stupid question.

Anyway, as usual and routine enough. Here's today's comic!

Today's comic is a Daryl comic. If you have been here long enough, you don't need my explanation to already know what is coming. If you are here on first time basis, I apologise in advance.


Yeah. We all saw "that", bro.
Daryl says it was an accident.

I still think he did that on purpose.

Before signing off; if you have been following the series through the comic's official Facebook page as well, you may have noticed that I said a special announcement will come with today's comic. Well, just one more click to find out what it is about!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Know Your Bros Better: One Saturday Night Out

Hey everybody! Sorry for the slight delay in today's posting. Encountered a small hiccup along the way. Crisis averted and I still manage to have today's comic up by today!

This time we revisit a favourite series of the comic, the "Know Your Bros Better" series where if you are familiar with it, I drew on random topics such as instant noodles, sleeping styles, mothers, fathers, teachers, exams and a few more others. I know I haven't done this one in a while so here it is again. It might be slightly different conceptually though but I hope you enjoy it all the same.

So, we're just about 2 weeks away till the year 2011 ends (I actually had an awesome 2011 so far) and around this time of the year, events and parties are thriving like nobody's business and everyone is just getting out there to get their party on before they welcome in the year 2012.

In conjuction of the year end party season, here's another "Know Your Bros Better" and it is all about parties! On one Saturday night.

New word of the day: 'Batang' figuratively means 'penis'
And synonym for 'batang' is 'sausage'.

It was rather strange that we encountered so many types of parties within one night.

What kind of party do you usually frequent?

It's usually a "batang party" everyday in the bros household.

Have a great weekend everyone and get your party on!

Monday, December 12, 2011

One In Every Five Guys

Hey good Monday morning everybody! Why is it good? It's because it is a holiday in Malaysia today yet again!

What? No? It's only in one state that's having a holiday? Not the whole country? Everyone else is still working? Oh.

Well maybe that explains why today's posting is a little delayed as it being a holiday (in my state), I overslept thus causing a slight delay in today's comic.

C'mon, gimme a break guys. I haven't had such a good nights rest for the longest time.

Still, for those working today out there I hope that this isn't too late and the comic is still good enough for dousing that Monday blue that you might be having.

Today's comic is a little different from my usual small squared six framed format but I thought of trying something a little different so do let me know what you think.

I came across some new research statistic and thought that I'd share it with you guys.

Everyone began to suspect each other.
 The whole household was like that for about 10 minutes.

Then this happened.

Seriously. My shirt is purple.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Car Wash

Okay so I just had my eye glance over the number of posts that I've posted up till now and just realised that I have already posted 100 postings without including today's scheduled posting. Wow. A hundred? Seriously? I don't know if that means anything though maybe just the fact that I have actually showed enough dedication on this comic to eventually get to that number.

This is posting number 101.

Today's comic is about a situation which I bet many of you have experienced before so it is definitely nothing new but it sure as hell frustrates the sh*t out of everyone every time it happens. And it happens to me every time.

Someone upstairs must really be playing an elaborate prank on me.

Weather, why don't you ever make up your mind?


UPDATED (12/12/11): Competition is officially closed. The winner has been selected and will be announced. Thanks for participating!    

Before I sign off and head towards the glorious weekend, are you interested to win a special prize from the far east? (country not the movement) It's a random idea thought up by Mr. Teh Tarik Drinker from when he did a quick review on this comic on his blog! Click HERE to read about it and find out how you can win something free for yourself!

UPDATED (12/12/11): Competition is officially closed. The winner has been selected and will be announced. Thanks for participating!    

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Home Salon and Spa, part 3

Good morning everybody! It's Monday. Already.


We'll continue from where we left off from the previous episode. In the previous post, I did mention that Shamus eventually went to a salon to get his hair fixed after being sneakily damaged by Jon, and he still comes out of there with the most ridiculous hairstyle anyone has ever seen. I don't have a real life picture of it to show you (as I don't intend to put real life pictures of the bros in this comic blog to protect their identities) but what I can do, is explain how Shamus still have a ridiculous hairstyle even after seeking professional help.

Here is why.

Read PART 1 and PART 2 first to enjoy the full story.

It was an awkward bromantic moment in the salon.
Yeap. Shamus did not come out of there with his hair intact. At all.

Thank God his sanity was still in good condition.

Jon definitely has his way of driving people crazy. Especially when he is bored. Someone get him a ball of yarn or something. Jeez.

Keep your scissors/sharp tools whenever he is around.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Home Salon and Spa, part 2

Thursday and another day towards the glorious weekend. I could seriously take some rest and relax this weekend. The whole of last week and this week is a total nightmare for me and I can't be certain for the ever increasing busy schedule of mine for the whole month of December. I do hope I come out of the year 2011 alive and with my sanity still intact.

But who gives a sh*t? You're here to read my comics not listen to me rant on my daily life!

Turns out we have a continuation from where we left off in the previous episode.

Read PART 1 first if you haven't to fully enjoy the story.

New word of the day: "Cibai means vagina.
Jon. Ultimate troll. With a new pair of scissors.

The bastard.

Can someone get rid of his pair of scissors now? He's been walking around the house with it in his hands too often that it's driving paranoia into the entire household.

Shamus eventually went to a real professional salon to fix his hair. Unfortunately, he still sports the most ridiculous hairstyle anyone has ever seen.

Have a great weekend guys!
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