Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy GST Day!

Hey everyone! How's it going?

Not very good I presume. If you are Malaysian.

Well, if you are Malaysian, you would know that today is the day. The first day the nation gets introduced to a new thing called GST (Good and Services Tax). The first day of GST. Wow. Our neighbouring countries are all going like: "Aww, they finally have GST. So cute."

For the first time, this brand new GST will now be applied to lots of things.Like all new things, it's new, it's strange and not everyone gets it. Some things might get more expensive, some things might now but one thing is for sure is that we are all complaining about it now but naturally after awhile we will all slowly accept it because you'd be surprised how high everyone's tolerance for bullshit is when you feed it to them slowly.

But all is not that bad, I heard that there's a little side to this GST thing being introduced today.

Here's how I'd expect my first day of GST to be like.

I swear some smartass eatery place is gonna use this sick joke on someone.
Oh, it's April Fools Day today as well? I didn't notice.

Yep. It is actually pretty awesome that GST gets implemented on April Fools day.

No, not really.

GST is no joke.

How do you think your first day of GST will be like?


Happy GST Day everyone!

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