Monday, May 30, 2011

Dogsitting: Awkward Homecoming

Hey there and good morning to all! Hope the Monday blues isn't bringing you down! Here's a comic if it is!

It's only four frames for today but I hope you guys don't mind! Enjoy!

In case you are jut tuning in, this strip is a continuation of PART 1 and PART 2. Head on there first if you haven't read those parts yet!

Not everyone can come home to this scene.
Relax, the dog was perfectly fine and was not in any state of mental distress. This strip had only been highly dramatized for comedic effect.


*this competition has already ended and the winner has been chosen. congrats and thanks for participating!*

Also, as you all might have known, Gina Yap of will be giving out Father's Day cards which will feature my artwork of the bros on it! This means, my artwork will be on physical form for the very first time! How awesome is that! Today is the second last day (closing date: 31st May 2011) to vote for your favourite design so head on there now to vote! There's also a mini competition that if you're lucky you might even win these cards! It's still not too late so head on there now

Here's a small preview of the card designs:

Show thy love! Get your dad one of these cards!
 If you like 'em and want 'em, 

*this competition has already ended and the winner has been chosen. congrats and thanks for participating!* 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Dogsitting: Part 2

Hey guys! I'm back! Sorry I had to postpone the upload of Thursday's comic to today. Well, you can't say that I didn't inform you guys because I did post it up on the comic's official Facebook page on Wednesday.

So, we continue the story of the bros' dogsitting adventure of Jasmine's dog, Mocha. In case you were just tuning in, click here to read PART 1.

This time we take look at Jon.

Disclaimer: This may not have happened and it is only a major exaggeration on my part.

 This STILL does not count as dog abuse, right?

Continued in the NEXT PART

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dogsitting: Part 1

This week we have a special appearance by one of the bros closest friends! Featuring Jasmine and her dog, Mocha! Yeah, they'll be hanging around in the house for a bit for this new series: Dogsitting!

We shall begin with Daryl.

Special note to Daryl:
I'm so sorry bro you have to take another hit this week after what happened in the previous week.Thanks for being so awesomely sporting in advance. You know this will come up sooner or later.

Disclaimer: This may not have happened and it is only a major exaggeration on my part.

FYI to my readers: I do have an uncensored version >:)

This does not count as dog abuse, does it?

Continued in PART 2

Special note:
Gina Yap of will be giving out Father's Day cards which will feature my artwork of the bros on it! This means, my artwork will be on physical form for the very first time! Check it out here and vote for your favourite designs! You might even win a free gift!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

You Have to Belieb!

No, it's not a typo in the title. I bet you guys know what's coming. If not, well, you'll find out soon!

This was a real life incident where we caught one of the bros in one of his most embarassing moments. It's a rather old story and might not be that funny but ehhhhhh what the heck, just thought I'd share this story with you guys.

Shamus: Now a true Belieber
 Okay don't get me wrong I'm not dissing any Bieber fans. It's just that Shamus was really rocking out (horribly) to the Bieber tune that he looked like a chimpanzee with early stages of multiple sclerosis. And he was really enjoying himself.

Lame joke this round I know. Sorry guys! I did this one in a rush just to make sure there's an upload today so yeah.... I apologize for the lack of conviction in my jokes and storytelling this round and wasted your time reading something stupid today.

If you know where I live you are welcomed to find me and beat me with a Bieber stick. (No, I have no idea what a Bieber stick is)

Better jokes next week! Promise! Have an awesome weekend!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Teacher's Day!

Good Monday everyone! Looks like today, (I'm unsure about the rest of the world), in Malaysia, today is Teacher's Day! It's a day where school kids get to give presents and appreciate their teachers and goof off the entire day during lessons as apparently Teacher's Day in Malaysia is like a holiday for all the teachers but you still have to come to school but not teach.

So, in conjuction to show my love and appreciation to all teachers of Malaysia, here's a special Teacher's Day comic for you guys! It's another one for the "Know Your Bros Better" series!

Seriously, Daryl why won't you tell me???
 Ok I'm not trying to portray teachers as being sadistic beings that constantly rain on our parade. Someone told me that the teacher I drew in this strip looks like a scary shark but that's not the point! To look at it in another way, we were the rascal ones that sometimes infuriate our teachers. I guess it's their care and love that we didn't turn out so crazy and demented today. (C'mon. Daryl might have turn out even worse without the aid of teachers)

Show some love to your teachers today! Give them a call, give them some gifts, whatever! A big hug and a slobbering thank you goes a long way into their hearts!

To all teacher's of Malaysia: Selamat Hari Guru!

Stay in school, kids! (I've always wanted to say that)

SPECIAL NOTE: For a pleasant surprise, click HERE! 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Daryl Got a New iPhone

Apparently, Daryl has gotten himself a new iPhone some time ago.

It might have been the best purchase he ever made in his life.

Here's what happened a few days into his new phone.

Better stick to "Angry Birds" next time.

Have a great weekend folks!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy (Belated) Mother's Day!

So yesterday was Mother's Day (in Malaysia). Hope you guys had a great weekend with your mothers or if you didn't spend time with your mother I guess perhaps it's still not too late to still wish that most important woman in your life. It's the thought that counts right? Or maybe you could use one of the methods shown in today's comic!

Here's a mother's day special strip for you guys! Did any of you try any of these methods to celebrate your mothers?

How extreme are you to show your love?
Ok I admit maybe this is not that funny as it was a ridiculously last minute idea but hope you guys like it!

Special thanks to a friend of the bros for giving this special idea at 1am this morning! Super thanks!

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pengotor: Conclusion?

Happy Monday everybody! Wow the week goes by so fast I did not even realise it! (wait......... what? It's Thursday? How has the week gone by so slow without me knowing it??!! Holy shit it is!)

Hey happy Thursday everyone! It's double comic week again! Look like we have been getting double comic week for almost every week these days so hope you guys please don't get used to it enjoy them while it lasts! :D

So I guess today is the last episode of the Pengotor series as Jon has told me to cut the shit already because its getting harder to socialize normally without people asking him if he did really shat his pants. (Also, I can hear some of  saying "Thank God! 'Bout time! I've had enough of this shit already!") Before I ramble on any further, here it is.

First time here? Read these parts first!


I now live in fear whenever Jon rides in my car.
I may have cockblocked Jon for the rest of his life. Sorry bro!
The end? Perhaps not as we all know that Jon now will never hear the end of this fated incident. Biggest thanks to him for being such a sport and allowing this particular story to be posted up. Give him a hand guys!

So I guess its a gonna be a different story next week! Which bro will be the next target?

Enjoy your weekend folks and I'll see you guys again on Monday!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Pengotor, Part 8

Happy Labour Day everybody! I know that was yesterday but if you are in Malaysia, today is still considered a day off! (Yes, we replace holidays) So time to sit back in your underwear at home and do whatever the hell you want!

So, in conjunction to a national holiday where we are supposed to bum around all day and do nothing, today's episode will be a special 9 frames edition! Surprises! Hope you guys like it!

This week's strip shows what happens on the other side of the room before Jon finds out about Shamus's Facebook status.

First time here? Read these parts first before proceeding!

Not one of Jon's best moments.
Have a great day everyone!

Continued in PART 9
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