Thursday, May 19, 2011

You Have to Belieb!

No, it's not a typo in the title. I bet you guys know what's coming. If not, well, you'll find out soon!

This was a real life incident where we caught one of the bros in one of his most embarassing moments. It's a rather old story and might not be that funny but ehhhhhh what the heck, just thought I'd share this story with you guys.

Shamus: Now a true Belieber
 Okay don't get me wrong I'm not dissing any Bieber fans. It's just that Shamus was really rocking out (horribly) to the Bieber tune that he looked like a chimpanzee with early stages of multiple sclerosis. And he was really enjoying himself.

Lame joke this round I know. Sorry guys! I did this one in a rush just to make sure there's an upload today so yeah.... I apologize for the lack of conviction in my jokes and storytelling this round and wasted your time reading something stupid today.

If you know where I live you are welcomed to find me and beat me with a Bieber stick. (No, I have no idea what a Bieber stick is)

Better jokes next week! Promise! Have an awesome weekend!



  2. lol.... I won't be surprised. Shamus the belieber... lolz... well, actually, I think he just like the music rather than a true fan, unless he proof himself otherwise.

    I dunno which is the greater insult, shitting yourself or being a belieber. lolz.

  3. @huayling: thanks! glad it is funny :)
    @sue: thanks sue! was worried this was lame
    @sumbuddy: ur back! where have u been? anyways, note that he has a bieber poster in his room...
    love ur last sentence!
    @meor: i know! thats y he is so famous! sorry meor, no idea on the watch. checked it out but no info. sorry :(

  4. @ernest: I assume it's not so irl... is it? It's only dramatization right? *turn to shamus* shamus, u dun really have bieber's poster right? *force smile* eheheh....... no?

    p/s: i haven't been commenting because the last 2 strip got the same fate as pengotor 6.5, can't read from office, dunno why. :'( sedeh....

  5. haha...come to my room and see...i doubt

  6. @sumbuddy: haha looks like shamus answered for u!
    @shamus: bro, dont malu malu

  7. O.O WOOT?! OMG! *jaw drop*

    But, that makes you even cooler! u don't mind people know that u are a Belieber! U ROCK!

  8. @sumbuddy: err... i did this strip without his consent. lol.

  9. It's not stupid! Funny! xD

    Baby, baby, baby...Ooooooo... :P

  10. @liz: are you a bieber fan too? lol shamus will be please if you are!

  11. Not exactly. But I do give credit where it is due, and he's a pretty good singer. :D I try to stay neutral. I find it fascinating that he has soooo many haters, when he hasn't really done a thing (except flip his hair)!!! xD

  12. @liz: lol his hair! yes it must have been his hair!

  13. so you think people with multiple sclerosis are horrible? have you ever met one? do you know how hard they struggle with counting days to paralysis? let me tell you one thing, you're not any better than horrible coz you're more worried about dissing bieber fans than people who are living on hopes.

    just so you know, i'm not a beiber fan either...


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