Thursday, November 27, 2014

Whose Road Is It Anyway?

Hey everyone! Happy Thursdays!

Yes! Another new comic for the third day in a row! Why?

Sebab saya masih gila.

Don't get to used to it though. Next week might not have comic so I'm just doing this now to appease everyone in advance.

Also that my country loves giving me new materials for jokes. I love you Malaysia. You are one funny guy!

So I did mention that the names of major roads in Malaysia had been changed recently and I finally realised that this could be the most legit reason.

As per my tweet from yesterday:

"I think the main reason they change the name of the roads is so that when someone says, "YOU THINK YOUR FATHER'S ROAD AH?" they can say "ya""

Seems legit.

So don't simply cuss out at bad drivers. It could very well be their father's road.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Reality About Facebook Notifications

Happy Wednesday everyone!

"What? Another new post back to back? You just posted a new comic yesterday! Is this for real?"
"Ya. Sebab saya gila."

Anyway, here's another new post to justify for my lack of new comics recently and there is a chance that there will be no new comic next week so I will post this here now as an apology in advance.

So recently I've been getting a lot of notifications on my Facebook and that's great! Everyone loves notifications.

Until reality hits me.

Two words: Potong stim.
As I've mentioned on my Facebook page before:

"Receiving a notification which turns out to be a game invite on Facebook is like receiving a present except that you open it only to see a tiny version of the person who gave you the present inside it and he/she is flipping you off." 

Game invites on Facebook is the reality of notifications on Facebook.

"Just block the app lah!"
"You shut your mouth."

Stop sending me game invites. Please.

Have a great week ahead!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Reason Why People Change Names

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesdays!

I know I haven't been actively posting anything new but rest assured it is not because that I've abandoned this blog. It is because I have been busy working on something new for this series so that I could feed you guys with even more content! It's something new and I hope it works out well!

Anyway here is a quick comic based on something that was announced this morning. Turns out several major roads in Kuala Lumpur has been changed and many people aren't too happy about it. And this situation reminds me of friends who love to change their names (especially on social media) and it ticks me off to no end as well.

Why people love to change names? You are about to find out.

Free time lets you get creative.
If it were that easy to change names then I will call myself Galactic President Superstar McAwesomeville.

"Did you just quote How I Met Your Mother?"

Looks like I need more free time to get creative.

Have a great week ahead!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Things That Can Make You Feel Sad

Hey everyone! It's Friday and time to partay!

Not until 6pm of course. Till then we all still gotta work.

And that makes us feel sad.

Let's discuss that! What makes us feel sad these days?

Ticks in exam papers makes us happy though.
Anyway, recently a phone messaging app, 'Whatsapp' announced a new feature which will enable you to know if someone has read your message. Pretty much like the 'seen' function on Facebook chat. Now you can know it if you are being virtually ignored!

"Bro, she has read my message. It's been two hours and no reply."
"Well, she hates you and she is ignoring you."
"....I hate this feature."

Knowing that BOTH 'Facebook' and 'Whatsapp' belongs to the same company now, we all can conclude that Mr. Zuckerberg is one sadistic dude that feeds on our insecurities.

Thank you Zuckerberg.

Thank you for creating yet another feature that has the ability to poke at our feelings and actually has the capacity to ruin someone's day. Thanks for creating another thing that can make us feel sad.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Truth About Energy Drinks

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesdays!

Sorry for the late postings today! Intended to post this comic early this morning so that when you got into your office you would be able to read it but what happened shall be explained in the comic below.

This really happened to me last night.

Wings gained: Zero
Every. Single. Time.

It seems that energy drinks no longer work on me. No matter how much I guzzle them down, the effects do not last that long for me and the crash tends to come within minutes. Instead I am beginning to feel that energy drinks help me sleep.

I would down a can of energy boosting juice, get amped for a full minute and then the crash comes hitting me like a brick and before I know it, it is already daylight.

Maybe it is just me.

Maybe I should just get some sleep.

Have a great week ahead!

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