Thursday, August 29, 2013

Monopoly: Park Lane

I need to stop sleeping at 4am.

Hey happy Thursdays everyone!

Did you know that Monopoly is the most sold board game in the world?

Today I have yet another Monopoly story and I think I can safely assume that everyone reading this right now can relate to the situation story that I am about to tell in my comic.

Previously, we have other two incidences when the bros are playing Monopoly. HERE and HERE.

Before proceeding to the comic, I would like to reaffirm my statement about Monopoly:

Monopoly is a game about trading and buying properties where it strenuously tests your friendship and brotherhood because it brings out the a**hole in every one of us and slams us with the reality that life is cruel and if you get screwed in life you tend to get screwed forever and in the end nobody likes the game and we all hate each other.

Whoever came up with this game is a sick diabolical f***.

I really hate Monopoly.
Stupid dice is clearly f***ing with me. Or the universe. Whichever comes first.

If you don't understand the massive effect of landing in Park Lane with a hotel erected on it, it is equivalent to be bending over at a prison shower after dropping the soap. Whoever lands their piece on that property and develops it will evolve into the biggest douche in the entire game. Whoever lands their piece on that property after the first douche fully develops it will become the biggest prison ass giver in the entire game.

And you don't even have to get sent to jail.

Did you know that Monopoly also holds the record for the most broken friendships?

F*** you Monopoly.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Monday, August 26, 2013

How To Prepare Dinner For Five

Hey happy Monday everyone!

Living in a house with five other people is always a big challenge. One of them usually involves preparing dinner for everyone. Sure we could just go out and find a nice place to eat but every once in awhile, it is always a healthier option to stay home and cook for the benefit of every member of the house.

Today, Jamus and Jon will teach you how to prepare a scrumptious meal for five!

Step 6: Ban Jon from the kitchen in the future.
I lied. There is no such thing. Preparing dinner for five is difficult as shit.

Order pizza. That's how you prepare dinner for five.

Fast, easy and less hassle. Just prepare a wallet that actually has money inside.

Have a great week ahead!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Home Alone Again

Hey what's up everybody! It is Friday and it is time for a comic!

"You usually post them up on Thursdays you liar."

Have you ever encountered the situation where you have spent the entire day in your room and the moment you decide to step out from it to socialize a bit, you realise that no one is at home and you have been left all alone and it is so quiet that as if the zombie apocalypse has arrived?

Daryl has.


Here is how he handles it this time.

First home alone incident HERE.

Always make the best of every situation.
Admit it. Every guy must have done this AT LEAST once. If you are a guy and you don't understand the joke, I have really sad news for you.

What do you do when you realise you are all alone at home and you can do whatever you want?

I would play video games in my underwear.

Have an awesome weekend ahead!

Monday, August 19, 2013

When You Just Cleaned The Toilet

Hey happy Monday everyone! Ok I lied. Monday's are never happy.

Sometimes we decide to do some household chores over the weekend. One of which is cleaning the toilet. Which you must admit, is something that guys do not like doing too often. Especially if the entire household is inhabited by predominantly guys. That being said, despite having so many hands in the house, the probability of getting a clean toilet is still pretty slim. Still, someone has to do it.

That week it was Jamus. 

But somehow, something ALWAYS happens when you just cleaned the toilet and that something is usually THIS.
Scumbag stomach.
This tends to happen way too often. Its either someone has to use the bathroom almost immediately after you cleaned it, or it is you yourself that has to officiate the ceremony to desecrate the recently pristine conditions of the toilet. Talking about doing damage to the epic sandcastle you just built.

And it happens way too often and almost every single time.

Or not. Depending on how often you help clean the toilet in your house.

Have an awesome week ahead!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Trap At EVERY Escalator

Hey everyone! It's Thursday!

Ya I know I am late. Again. But in full honesty I've been really busy working on something big recently so this whole tardiness is going to be very VERY worth your time.

So back to today's post, I am going to talk about that trap at every single escalator. Yes. There is a trap at every single one at any given time of the day. Whether it is at hotels, shopping malls, airports, you name it. It is EVERYWHERE. The only difference is either you fall in it or not. If you've never, you lucky bastard. If you had at least once in your life, then you can check that thing off your bucket list. Assuming you are crazy enough to have that in your list.

Which trap am I talking about? I'll let the comic do the explaining.

THAT trap.
Anyone can place it. Anyone can fall in it.

Thankfully (in a weird way) it was only Jon. Imagine falling into one placed by a total stranger. And you can NEVER walk out of one. It is like an automated car wash and you have to just keep going forward. Forward into an invisible brown death cloud. And it gets you at the first whiff. By then, you know it is too late.

BEWARE the escalator trap.

You could be next.

"Bro, I think it's just you."
" way, seriously?"

Did any of you fall into this trap before? Let me know or else I'm gonna think I'm a bloody fart magnet.

Have an awesome weekend ahead!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Dustbin Thief, part 2

Hey everyone! It is finally a working day after the long Raya weekend. Hope you had a fantastic holiday!

Sorry for the late post today. Waking up late and then proceeding to go to my meetings hence the delayed post today. Oh well, it happens. But here's today's comic.

So we shall continue about the silver dustbin story where Jon "sneakily" steals a metal dustbin. He was pretty confident about his heist until I received a call.

A call from the authorities.

Read PART 1 here.

I've never seen Jon so scared in my entire life.
Ok, I lied. There was no call from anyone. Apparently no one cares about a missing metal dustbin. But you have to admit that it was a pretty good prank. A borderline cruel one.

Yeah I'm sorry Jon. Now you know.

*locks door*

Have a great week ahead!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Selamat Hari Raya 2013

Hey everyone! 

It is the last day of Ramadan and looks like it's that time of the year once again and the bros and I would like to wish everyone a Selamat Hari Raya! 

Maaf Zahir & Batin
To all who have fasted this past one month, good job (I can never manage even one day) and have a safe and fantastic Raya celebrations with family and friends! And to those who don't, it must be awesome being Malaysian because happy long weekend holidays! And it starts tomorrow! Aww yeah!! (To some it already started this morning)

KL traffic is going to be so awesome this weekend.

That being said, there will be no comic posting tomorrow because I also want to celebrate Raya. Ya.

"Tapi ko tak puasa."

So I'll be taking a break for tomorrow and comic shall resume normally on Monday but there will still be comic postings on the Facebook page if you still need that bro comic fix this holiday season.

Selamat Hari Raya to all and have an awesome weekend ahead!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Dustbin Thief

Holy jeepers it's already 11am? Damn alarm didn't wake me up.

Ok I lied. I don't have an alarm.

Hey guys! happy Mondays. Sorry for the late post as I just only woke up after a long night of gaming. And I have no regrets.

Okay so we are just done with the guest artist month for the whole month of July and we've seen some really crazy versions of bro comics by several other comic artists out there. One of them, Akiraceo of Miao and Wafu Pafu, actually told a story about the metal dustbin and since several emails have requested me to talk more about that incident, here is a comic about it.

You can read Akiraceo's story HERE first.

This will most probably not end well.
We just came out from an event and we were all tipsy and our rational judgment was impaired. Jon slightly more than us.

What do you think happened next?


Have a great week ahead!

"Oh ya Raya coming! Selamat Hari Raya everybody!"
"Belum lagi bro. Chill dulu. Nanti Khamis baru ucap."

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Guest Artist: Bacon Asylum

Hey everyone it's Thursday! And August is here. 

Time really stabs you in the back when you aren't looking.

So we are at the final strip for the guest artist month and today we have none other than TJ from Bacon Asylum! This guy came into the scene for less than a year and he has many fans around the world. The stuff this guy puts out is plainly demented, crazy, disturbing yet super amazing!

For his bro comic, TJ has decided to give a proper ending to my Pengotor series. If you are new here, my Pengotor series is one of the most popular stories of my bros about who is the biggest pengotor around. 

Pengotor means dirty bastard.


You can read the first part of the series till part nine HERE.

Notice how the comic is NOT even about slaying the monster.
Perhaps TJ should draw a part 11 where Shamus actually battles the monster. Even I'm curious how that is going to turn out.

In case you are wondering, this comic is just a spin off, totally fictional and non canonical in the bros' universe. Of course there is no insect beast monster demon hiding in a cave in our house. But I admit that would be awesome though. Imagine the adventures we can have.

Check him out at Bacon Asylum!

And that's it! All eight artists and their version of bro comics! Thanks to everyone who participated and to you for reading and showing support to our local webcomic artists! Which one was your favourite? Do let me know in the comments below!

Have a great weekend ahead!

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