Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Welcome! And Another Handphone Story

Finally transferred everything from the Facebook page to here! Phew! It was more tiring than I thought imaginable!

Oh boy! A new comic this week! Sorry this was supposed to be up on Monday but here it is as promised. A delayed comic so I guess this makes it a Tuesday comic!

For those who have been following me on the Facebook page, welcome to the new home of "Bro, don't like that la, bro"! The Facebook page will be updated with comics from time to time but fresh comics will now be uploaded here more frequently now! Don't forget to check out the "The Bros" tab to finally learn a little more about the bros! The Gallery page is coming soon and will mostly contain miscelleanous things related to the comic series. The Comics page will be rearranged soon as it is so messy there!

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Do click back to see the old posts and comics and leave some comments there! If you do, you will get an extra comic to view this week! Hidden comics FTW! So SURPRISE guys! This week is a double comic week on one single day! Hope it was worth the wait for you guys!

Here's another take of Jamus's issue with handphones. I believe almost everyone has experienced this situation before.

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I know right? Sometimes don't you just wish your "that one friend" would just freaking pick up his damn phone!? 

My message to them:
"You! Yes you! Person who never always picks up his calls! Your friend is just trying to call you! What are you the President or something? Busy? At least return the call or leave an sms! It only takes like 10seconds! Yes, you! I'm talking bout you in my comic!"

Jeez. Pick it up already. 

Making Milo

Yep! Morning time is the best time to make yourself a nice cup of Milo. Does anyone drink anything else other than Milo? I need to stop saying Milo, its like im promoting them to no end for no fee!

Has this happen to you before?

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Jon, stay out of the kitchen next time.


Heres a first part of a two parter about Malaysian police and vuvuzelas! Vuvuzela? If you've seen any of the World Cup 2010, you've heard the vuvuzela. If you haven't, you might want to use this miraculous Internet connection to call for rescue from the lead-lined cupboard at the bottom of the Marianas Trench you're improbably trapped in.

I never really got the name of the police officer so I'll just refer him to Abang polis and give him a very generic look.

This incident happened awhile back when World Cup was in season and I'm only just getting around to tell you guys about it. Hope it is not too stale of a story yet! Yes. This definitely happened during the World Cup fever in July!
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Jamus, sometimes you are just too daring!

Here's part 2:

Ok, so just to clear things up in case you are wondering why is Jamus taking the heat when Jon was the one driving.

Actually there was another police talking to Jon on the other side but nothing interesting happened on that end so luckily Jamus had a unique incident going that moment! Both were intoxicated and almost kena 'saman' but luckily we got Jamus!

Turns out during the World Cup fever, everyone can relate to the annoying trumpet called the vuvuzela and it seems everyone would like to get their hands on it. They make good negotiation items. I guess football brings Malaysians together.

Jamus, thank you for saving the day! 

But at the price of Jon's vuvuzela... 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Can Die Bugger!

This is actually the FIRST ever comic i made of this series but it never made through to be published earlier. Perhaps I think people might find it too offensive or just simply too crude but screw that! I just need to let the world know of Daryl's fetish! And I do also hope you dont get bored of Daryl. He is still my most favorite character to draw:)

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The image of the girl in pink is a result of Google Image Search so if you are wondering, it NO, i DO NOT know who she is! I hope she doesnt suddenly stumble upon this comic though or she's gonna sue my ass off.

I know I am damn "potong stim" sometimes.

Daryl. Dont deny. You love that girl in pink. Her tetek, i tell you, CAN DIE BUGGER!

Show Me Your Dick, parts 1 - 5 + BONUS FRAME

Ok, I've uploaded this series before on the official Facebook page but I just love it so much so I'm posting all parts from the series into one long post! Make a cup of milo and take your time to read this!

So, I realised Daryl hasnt got much appearance time yet so I'd thought I'd introduce him a lil bit on his odd behavior. Not trying to portray him being a homo but he sometimes requests the darndest things from his friends. In other words, he's a pervert.

Yes. This situation happened right before my eyes. And only the first part of this story...

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Part 2: The continuation of Daryl and his quest (to look at his friend's dicks). I was his first target! Will he succeed or will he fail?

Apparently not.
Of course fail la! Do you think I would let him see my dick??

Part 3: This time he goes after Jamus! Will Jamus succumb to Daryl's odd request?

Not happening.
Jamus apparently has extremely quick thinking.

Part 4: Daryl goes for Jon once again! This time: an ambush attack!

So close, Daryl.
Part 5: Conclusion! The reveal! Whose dick does Daryl finally gets to see? Shamus finally steps in!

Not even a peek?
The moral of the story applies to everyone who comes into contact with Daryl. Just don't do it. Its never worth it no matter how funny the situation is. 

Daryl, you will never see our dicks.

This is what happens if you don't heed my warning. You will end up like Shamus.

Note: Jamus calls Shamus "kor" because they are brothers. For those who don't get it, in hokkien, "kor" means older brother.

You have been warned! Heed or suffer the trauma in a corner.

Where's My Handphone, Bro?

This is an incident which really happened for real when I was out shopping with my bro, Jamus along with another stoner bro friend of mine, Damien. Absent mindedness is an enemy we are faced with everyday but I believe technology is the real enemy. Why?

Sometimes technology gets the better of us.

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Jamus, you win this round.

Has this ever happen to you before? Please say no so I can make Jamus look bad here.

Devil Boy, part 2

Now this is one comic that is not in the official Facebook page!

Anyhow this is the continuation of the Devil Boy story and how it spelt the end of my 1 hour old brand new Playstation 3. I deeply regret stepping into that house that moment!

click to view a larger image

Dammit, now I've got to go get a new Playstation 3. This one is already beyond repair!

Is there any cheap Playstations around?

Devil Boy

The second posting within the hour!

In this episode I am trying to explain the nice things in life that we have and how sometimes it is frustrating when people to not appreciate your favorite things like you do.

This is one prime example.

can't see? click on the comic!

Jon, it's time to buy a new guitar.

What's your favorite item? Is it still around?

The Various Styles of Making Instant Noodles

Hey there! Finally things are getting up and running on this blog! Would like to start of by posting all the previous comic from the official Facebook page to here one by one into each separate post! Redundant? Tell me about it!

Anyhow, who those of you just tuning in; Welcome to my weekly webcomic series, "Bro, don't like that la, bro" where new comics are posted up every Monday in efforts to help you folks wash off your Monday blues! Occasionally, if i have enough time, I will also post up surprise comics on Thursdays just for the heck of it and for the heck of your entertainment! 

"Bro, don't like that la, bro" is a weekly cartoon about five friends and their daily shenanigans! Most stories told within the comic happened in real life so its up to your discretion to actually believe it or not! Trust me the most unexpectable ones are the ones that could be the real life occurrences! 

Here's the first comic of the blog! Do enjoy it and comment! Thanks!

click on comic if you find it hard to read

Shamus, I should learn to adopt your style.

What's your favorite style of making instant noodles?

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