Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Making Milo

Yep! Morning time is the best time to make yourself a nice cup of Milo. Does anyone drink anything else other than Milo? I need to stop saying Milo, its like im promoting them to no end for no fee!

Has this happen to you before?

click to enlarge

Jon, stay out of the kitchen next time.


  1. This is really a good one... I tot it's something similar to the Maggi instant noodle's strip... hmmm...

  2. did happen to me, but mine was with rice cooker. My mom asked to cook rice for my dad who'll coming home in 30mins time. When he come home and we are serving the foods, turns out the rice not yet cooked! I forgot to switch it on! Lucky my dad was cool about it.

  3. haha! yeah I guess this happens to everyone at least once in their life!

  4. my friend's incident is funny. her mum already put the milo powder in the cup and all she got to do is to add water to it. so she did and drank it. she found out the drink tasted a bit different and nicer and ask her mum whether got add ginger to it. nope. when she finished drinking she found a dead lizard in her cup. so, lizard essence I presume?

  5. oh speaking of milo, there was once (back in primary sch i think)i was painting and i put my milo next to the water for painting.. then i accidentally put the paint brush into the milo... ><


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