Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Heres a first part of a two parter about Malaysian police and vuvuzelas! Vuvuzela? If you've seen any of the World Cup 2010, you've heard the vuvuzela. If you haven't, you might want to use this miraculous Internet connection to call for rescue from the lead-lined cupboard at the bottom of the Marianas Trench you're improbably trapped in.

I never really got the name of the police officer so I'll just refer him to Abang polis and give him a very generic look.

This incident happened awhile back when World Cup was in season and I'm only just getting around to tell you guys about it. Hope it is not too stale of a story yet! Yes. This definitely happened during the World Cup fever in July!
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Jamus, sometimes you are just too daring!

Here's part 2:

Ok, so just to clear things up in case you are wondering why is Jamus taking the heat when Jon was the one driving.

Actually there was another police talking to Jon on the other side but nothing interesting happened on that end so luckily Jamus had a unique incident going that moment! Both were intoxicated and almost kena 'saman' but luckily we got Jamus!

Turns out during the World Cup fever, everyone can relate to the annoying trumpet called the vuvuzela and it seems everyone would like to get their hands on it. They make good negotiation items. I guess football brings Malaysians together.

Jamus, thank you for saving the day! 

But at the price of Jon's vuvuzela... 


  1. can not get this.. is not like he was driving, just co driver

  2. Sorry dude, I did explain about it after the comic lol!

  3. seriously jamus is like berani mati giler with the police. thank goodness the police let them go.

  4. eh...
    doesn't that count as bribery?


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