Monday, July 30, 2012

EVENT: Fatboy Slim In KL Live!

Good morning Monday!

If you had a childhood and you are into football, there's a chance that you might have heard of this name Fatboy Slim, a.k.a. Norman Cook. He is the guy behind that iconic song, "Rockafeller Skank", from the FIFA 99 football video game. You know the one that goes like this "right about now the funk soul brother, check it out now the funk soul brother" and that is the only lyric of the entire song. Really. But it's catchy as hell.

Never heard of it? Mr. Google is your friend.

No internet? Wait. How are you even reading this now?

Anyway, I heard that he is finally coming to perform in KL and I really wanted to go finally see this guy rock the stage. So a couple of weeks ago, thanks to some really awesome people in the Stickman's hideout, I was given the opportunity to attend his show and finally see this DJ legend in real life!

I couldn't bring all the bros along so I decided to bring Daryl as he is the epic dancing bro.

Here is what happened.

No birds were actually killed in the making of this comic.
Disclaimer: I know the pictures are shitty as the place was so packed I couldn't even move to a better position to grab a nice picture of the legend on stage. Also, I'd rather be partying than trying to be a photo journalist that night. The music was seriously that good.

Daryl was a happy little dancer that night and it was seriously worth every ounce of energy to attend and really feel this event despite how tired I was that day. Fatboy Slim is definitely awesome.

I was killing birds with stones as well that night. Duh.

The music event was brought to you by Heineken in conjunction with the launch of its new iconic bottle, featuring "innovative details that provide a contemporary appearance and overall enhance the overall drinking experience."

Wow. I had no idea a bottle could do that.

Anyway, I look forward to the next international music act presented by Heineken. Those guys really know how to throw a party!

No. No birds wanted to give me their number that night.


Have a great week ahead.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

B.R.O.S.: Facebook Shenanigans #4: How Boring Are You?

Hey Saturday is here! Time for another Being Random On Saturday!

As we all know, Shamus spends a load of time on Facebook daily till the point that Jon actually says that Shamus can easily be the CEO of Facebook Malaysia for the time he has dedicated on this social media tool. (No I do not have a screenshot of that as it was not said over Facebook)

So, one day, as usual, Shamus posts yet another menial Facebook status but I couldn't help myself as it has a double meaning to me.

The screenshot will make this explanation easier.

At that moment he was rather cryptic to an almost genius level.
No, bro. I am not really calling you a genius.

I gave up within less than five minutes.

A little punctuation could really help, bro. And you meant that you are BORED, not boring. If you were boring I don't think I would wanna hang out with you anymore.

Why are there so many people confused between the word 'boring' and 'bored'? To the grammatically uninitiated, when you say you are boring, it means you bore people with your boring Facebook statuses. When you say you are bored, it means that some boring idiot is boring you with his boring Facebook status.

Unless you are really trying to tell the world that you are actually a boring person, then by all means you can say that you are boring.

I shall stop being such a grammar Nazi now.

Aw! C'mon bro! Don't go to the corner!

Have a great Saturday everyone!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Why Dogs Shouldn't Be Allowed Near Your Dinner

I close my eyes for a bit and it is already Thursday! Za-zah! Weekend is near!

It's not like I have any weekend plans anyway.

In the previous episode, I explained why dogs shouldn't be allowed near a barbeque pit. Today, I will explain why dogs shouldn't be allowed near your dinner.

Of course the reason is not going to be a typical "dogs shouldn't be allowed near your dinner because they might eat it". This is a bro comic. What do you think?

Today we have Jon to help in explaining why.

To be honest, iced Mocha would go along nicely with lasagna.
This is why dogs shouldn't be allowed near your dinner. To be exact, this is why dogs shouldn't be allowed near Jon at all.

No wonder Jasmine is always pissed at us.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Why Dogs Shouldn't Be Allowed Near The BBQ Pit

Hey happy Mondays everyone!

It's the start of the fasting month for Muslims around the world and I would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone all my Muslim readers a very "selamat berpuasa" and you guys rock for being able to pull off such a feat every year!

Today, I need to tell the world why dogs shouldn't be allowed near the barbeque pit.

Here is why.

She thought that we were going to have BBQ dog for lunch.
Dogs shouldn't be allowed near the barbeque pit especially if Jamus is around.

He sometimes get experimental. And scary.

But we know Jamus loves Mocha and wouldn't want to try to cook her....right?

Have a great week ahead!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Bathroom Picture

Hey happy Thursday everyone!

It's Friday already bro.

I know my days of the week!

Hey happy Friday everyone! Yeah I know I am actually a day late for yesterday's posting. Yesterday was one of the craziest busy days I ever had and due to the fact that I was not at home till 12am this morning, I couldn't even upload a post at all. My day was filled with meetings, video shoots and interviews till night time and by the time I got home, I was so tired I crashed on my bed and when I woke up, it was already Friday. However, I do apologise for the lateness but in the spirit of better late than never, here is a comic for you guys!

To make up for it, I do hope today's comic has a little more crazy in it.


That awkward moment when your evil plan backfired on you.
In case you are wondering, Jon's ass was safe. There were not surprise buttsecks of any kind happening.

This was actually a real incident that happened in the bro's household some time ago. It was one of the most awkward ones that Jon had to endure as he (and even me) had not seen coming. Who knew that Shamus and Daryl would naked tackle Jon to the ground with their wet soapy bodies. I had one of the best laughs in my entire life. With the camera in hand, that laughter escalated into the most phenomenal laugh that I ever had.

Unfortunately, the picture I took of them in that homoerotic dog pile position has been deleted or else I would have posted it up here anyways for everyone to see. And I did not even manage to save a copy.

That image is however forever imprinted into the back of my skull for life.

Somehow I regret having that image in my mind.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Monday, July 16, 2012

SPONSORED: Mr. Asahi Live In Malaysia!

This is a sponsored post.

Hey Monday! A long comic comes your way today!

About several weeks ago, the bros were lucky to be able to attend Mr. Asahi's party after being invited and doing a special dance for Mr. Asahi himself earlier. Needless to say, the day finally came where the bros were able to have access to unlimited amount of refreshing Asahi beer!

Still a source of creative imagination.
Fun, dance, games and babes were aplenty at the party. Not to mention as well as a robot serving Asahi to everyone that night which was totally an icing on the cake.

This was  the first event where all five bros managed to attend. And the bros don't usually get to attend many events. But as usual, things did not go as easy. For me at least.

Here is why.

We had an immensely fun conversation.
Though anyone around us didn't really understand what we were saying.

We sat there till the event was over and all the lights were turned out and security actually asked us if we would kindly leave the premises.

It was more likely we totally forgot about the time.

Talk about having too much fun.

"I was born in Asahi!"
"Shut up bro."

Have a great week ahead!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

B.R.O.S.: Those Three Words

Happy Saturday everyone! Today's posting is really early because right now I am about to go out and spend an entire day till late night attending events which is so obviously gonna tire me so much that I do not know if this weekend will be enough for me before Monday comes by again.

But who the hell cares, right?

It's time to be random on Saturday again.

Anyways, in today's B.R.O.S., sometimes girls get vague and keeps talking about a certain three words they would like to hear from time to time from the person they love. Or something like that. We do not understand women that well. However, being curious busybodies, we would really like to know what are those darn three words that girls ALWAYS mention about?

Perhaps Daryl has an idea.

Apparently that's not it. 
I think it actually is, "Want a cookie?"

I don't know. Seems legit though. Everyone loves cookies.

In your opinion, what are those three words that can be strong when said by the right person at the right place and at the right time?

Too many criterias if you ask me.

Have a happy Saturday ahead!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

When A Hot Chick Winks At You

Hello Thursday! Brace yourselves! Weekend is coming! For a moment there I thought it was actually Monday but then I realised that something was wrong. I was THIS close to making myself look like an idiot on the Internet.

Oh wait. I already have.

Anyway, I have one question. What do you do when a random hot person of the opposite sex just suddenly winks at you? How do you react to it? Does it happen often for you? Most importantly, what happens after that?

That is not one question. That is a few already.

Shut up, bro.

Here is a situation when a random hot chick decides to wink at one of the bros on one really random day.

Wah. You lucky you.
That really awkward moment when that wink wasn't actually for you.
It was an awkward silent ride home after that.
Shamus promptly went into his usual corner upon reaching home.

Poor guy.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Wah, you lucky you!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Got Milk?

Hey happy Mondays everyone! Ok I lied. Mondays are never happy. Let's ease the pain with a comic.

If you have been following this series so far, you will know that the bros enjoy their cereal as it has been mentioned in several episodes, e.g. HERE and HERE.

But having cereal in the bros household is not usually an easy thing to do.

Here is why.

The fine line between resourcefulness and desperation.
It thought it was the dumbest thing to put into a cereal.

Nyam nyam.
It could also be the most genius thing ever.

Not sure if resourceful or desperate.

Before I end today's posting, just want to let everyone know that I am featured in today's (9 July 2012) Life and Time's pullout from the News Straits Times Newspaper! Do grab a copy, read a little more about me and inevitably laugh at my horrible picture!

It's really horrible. Seriously.

Have a great week ahead!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

B.R.O.S.: Live Chat and Another Newspaper Interview

Good Saturday morning guys! I'm writing this post while enjoying a steaming hot bowl of laksa which I am proud to say that I made it myself!

It tastes horrible.

Anyways, I have a great announcement to make! If you have been following me on Facebook and Twitter, last night I announced that I have been fortunate enough to be granted an opportunity by the people of to have a slot on their live Star Chat session!

Finally you can see me in person and how I actually look like in real life.
Yep! That's right! On the 10th of July 2012 at 9:00pm Malaysian time, I will be live in front of a webcam for an hour talking to everyone who comes by and answering all of your questions (if you have any that is). So, make yourself free this coming Tuesday 9pm and come chat with me! We will have a good laugh and a good time!

I have also invited some of my comic blogger friends, such as Pouleen Low and Dan Khoo (this guy has a Youtube Channel as well) to come by to the chat as I think it would be nice to see some familiar faces on the chat window. Mainly so I wont feel so lonely when I am seated alone on the couch in front of the webcam. Maybe you can ask them some questions too!

However, being the trolls they are, I am not so certain that they will be giving me an easy time in front of the webcam.
For those uninitiated, TFK simply means wanking.
I have a feeling it is going to be a really fun hour.

So, don't forget! Tuesday at 9pm only on! See you guys there!

Also, I will be featured in the News Straits Times's Life and Times section on Monday, 9 July 2012! They were kind enough to contact me to do a short interview with them last week and I had a really awkward photo shoot session with them. Do grab a copy of it and read a little about me but mostly laugh at my stupid face.

Have a great Saturday!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

SPONSORED: MDEC Digicon6 Award 2012

This is a sponsored posting.

Ever since I was a little bro kid, I have always wanted to create my own little cartoon series. As you can see at this point I have somehow made a webcomic series that people would actually come and read, humoring me so I don’t feel like a total spaz drawing comics to an invisible non existent crowd. Thanks everyone for not making me feel like that. I have not visited the corner in the longest time. 

Shamus frequents that spot now.

So, I guess that makes me another step closer in creating my own cartoon series. Static images in a comic strip form is accomplished. But how do I push myself further to realize the bigger objective? The obvious next step is making them move. Via animation!

I had never seriously thought about it but Jon actually encourages this idea.

Yeah. Share. Sure....
Jon can be really sneaky sometimes. But he has a really good motivation point there.

So what better way to push myself further in creating my cartoons than participating in an international award competition for my (somewhat nonexistent) animation skills?!

Yes! It is the Digicon6 Award is here once again! An international award for Digital Content of Animation and Movies brought to you by TBS, all the way from Japan!

Established in 2000, this annual competition has grown to be the most recognized award in Japan, which seeks and recognizes talented creators through-out Asia (Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia) and rewards them for their outstanding works.

TBS DigiCon6 is opened to Japan and other Asian countries with the support by each territorial partner!

Every aspiring animator can participate and here are the stages you will face to advance internationally!

So, you have to show what you got locally first and even at that level you stand a chance to win some sweet prizes!

So obviously it is going to be a long shot for me to be able to get into the finals in Tokyo much less qualify and represent Malaysia in the regional finals as my animation skills in nothing compared to many other experienced animators out there. But it is a shot nonetheless!

I know it is next to impossible to win at the grand finals but who knows I might win a free trip to Tokyo. That would really be kind of the organisers.

For more contest details, head on HERE.
Application form is HERE
Rules and regulation is HERE.

Contest ends on 3rd August 2012 and results will be announced on September 2012! What are you waiting for? Get in on the action!

Digicon6 ATTACK!

So, the moment you have been waiting for, my very first attempt at animating a bro cartoon! Hope this would be worth your while!

This animation is a tribute parody to a song that will forever remind me of  Daryl whenever it is played.

It has taken me about five days to come up with this short animation and I know more could be done for it but I only had so much time to make it in time for this posting.

Maybe I shall do more videos like this and have a cartoon series on Youtube going on. What do you think?

Have a great week ahead!

Monday, July 2, 2012

In Nothing But My Underpants

Welcome July!

Good Monday morning! How is your morning treating you so far? If you had been watching football last night till the wee hours then you must know that your morning just feels a little worse than usual. No matter, I'm not here to judge your football watching habits. There's a comic today.

Living in a house with four other guys, a girl and a dog can make it a little bit difficult for me to do whatever I want. With the random madness and shenanigans that the bros practice like an insane religion almost everyday, privacy can be a luxury that you can't afford in the bro's household.

However on one such rare occasion, I get the entire house to myself.

And I can finally do the thing that I really want to do; a lifelong dream of mine.

Yes. I wear red underpants. Get over it.
Damn it, Daryl!

I'll never get to walk around the house in my underwear.



What became later was the most awkward weekend of my entire life.
It's not easy for dreams to become reality sometimes.


Have a great week ahead!

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