Monday, July 23, 2012

Why Dogs Shouldn't Be Allowed Near The BBQ Pit

Hey happy Mondays everyone!

It's the start of the fasting month for Muslims around the world and I would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone all my Muslim readers a very "selamat berpuasa" and you guys rock for being able to pull off such a feat every year!

Today, I need to tell the world why dogs shouldn't be allowed near the barbeque pit.

Here is why.

She thought that we were going to have BBQ dog for lunch.
Dogs shouldn't be allowed near the barbeque pit especially if Jamus is around.

He sometimes get experimental. And scary.

But we know Jamus loves Mocha and wouldn't want to try to cook her....right?

Have a great week ahead!


  1. And I thought there'll be a hotdog somewhere in there! Haha..

  2. Hot dog it is~~ ehehehe
    Thanks Ernest for the wish. Come and join me for Puasa. If you manage to try fasting without cheating for one day, I'll treat you to something good for berbuka! promise! XD hehe

  3. poor mocha later become hot dog bbq ~

    jamus should bbq some food for me, if he good at bbq-ing haha XD me always burn the food ==;

  4. hahahhahahhahaa........hawt dogggggggggg

  5. why shouldn't any MEAT goes near Shamus...hahahaha

  6. lol it must be very scary for her seeing her dog near bbq pit :X

  7. is Jamus from China/Vietnam who eats dogs?

  8. hua hua hua.. hot dog! hot dog!!..

  9. Hahaa... still need to be careful. If he drop the dog, si Mocha, how? Jadi la hotdog on the spot. Wakakaa. Touchwood.

    Happy Monday, dude

  10. Jamus might really be a real chinese. XD

  11. MOCHAAA!!! long time no see in comic. so cute one. XD

    Did jamus get his kick in the ass? :p

  12. being nice can be misunderstood haha

  13. Jamus... for once actually scared me. Hahahaha XP

    p.s. thanks for dropping a comment in my blog :)

  14. Sam luk fan......hahahaha....kidding only...... :P

    anyway.....that is so dangerous.....what if he drops mocha....sure mocha become "roasted" mocha......

    even i'll get heart attack if i see anyone puts a dog near fire pits or BBQs....

    1. *Sam luk - delicacy made with dog (literally a real dog) meat.....

      it's a taboo for me and my family to eat it since we are all dog lovers n treat them as a family....


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