Monday, February 28, 2011


And we thought we would never see a comic upload this week. Sorry guys I'm late today! Had a hectic weekend and honestly I almost forgotten about Monday's usual routine. (No, not really. I just have no consistent access to the Internet as usual. Damn you Internet!)

Anyhow, the story this week actually happened for real. (well, everything in this series so far happened for real) Seriously, I have no idea how random Jon can be.

*click to enlarge*
Jon only left the window when the couple walked off without finishing their food.

Talk about awkward.

I guess hunger just took over his bodily function.


Ok, that's about it. (Somehow, this entry feels kinda half assed. Hope you guys will never see a half assed comic from me.)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Internet is a Dangerous Place

Welcome back guys! I just realised that my postings for this month is extremely scarce compared to usual standards but I assure you that I will resume posting at normal speed once my new place has the Internet!

Speaking of which, I recently had a discussion about how dangerous the Internet can be. Cases like phishing sites, viruses, spyware, malware, fake lotteries, your friend who somehow got stuck in the UK, the Nigerian prince and such tales tells that the Internet is thriving with such predators and opportunists, just waiting to pounce on any gullible individual for their hard earned life savings. But one other type of predator that does not go after your wallet is this type:

*click to enlarge*
The type that goes after your dignity.
Yeah, do watch out the Internet for such predators like Jamus.

For another story of Jamus and vuvuzelas, click HERE.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Zipped and Famous, the continuation

I'm back from a long trip and this is gonna be another early upload for this week's comic! No choice as I need to quickly upload this before heading back to Kuala Lumpur from my hometown, where my new habitat still has no internet connectivity!! So, once again, do bear with the inconsistencies of my uploads!

Looks like there is a continuation from last week's strip. You can check it out HERE in case you haven't. This week's joke is once again based on the ever popular Daryl's famous dick quote. Find out HERE.

Do not ever jump to conclusions.
Yeah. I got own'd by Daryl.

I totally underestimated him.

Damn it.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Zipped and Famous

Hey guys! I'm back from the Chinese New Year holidays! Hope everyone had a great time during the festivities. Hope no one O.D.'d from mandarin oranges.

I know this entry is a little bit early but I had no choice but to upload it right now before I leave my hometown to  KL and brave the nightmarish traffic along the North South Highway. Who knows what time I would reach there.

I was planning to do a strip about the new year holidays but I guess that has to wait as they are not complete yet. Hope by the time I release them they would not be old news. For now, I would have to put up something which has happened to me recently and the bros have insisted I make one on this as they said its about time I get embarrassed in this cartoon series. Well, I had no choice but to do this lest the bros would not let me tell the world about their other embarrassing stories. Anyhow, here is this week's cartoon. Enjoy!

*click to enlarge*
There I have done it. You bros happy now?!
I wouldn't expect to be hot stuff to the ladies anymore after this week.

Just another announcement. For the time being, the posting of my cartoons would not be consistent as I would be relocating my habitat and my new abode does not have internet access yet so I would only upload whenever I can get my hands on some Internet. (No, I have never heard of it. What is a "Starbucks"?)

Do bear with me on this while I settle down and rebuild my connection to the world in my new place and in the mean time, allow me to zip up my pants first. 
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