Sunday, February 6, 2011

Zipped and Famous

Hey guys! I'm back from the Chinese New Year holidays! Hope everyone had a great time during the festivities. Hope no one O.D.'d from mandarin oranges.

I know this entry is a little bit early but I had no choice but to upload it right now before I leave my hometown to  KL and brave the nightmarish traffic along the North South Highway. Who knows what time I would reach there.

I was planning to do a strip about the new year holidays but I guess that has to wait as they are not complete yet. Hope by the time I release them they would not be old news. For now, I would have to put up something which has happened to me recently and the bros have insisted I make one on this as they said its about time I get embarrassed in this cartoon series. Well, I had no choice but to do this lest the bros would not let me tell the world about their other embarrassing stories. Anyhow, here is this week's cartoon. Enjoy!

*click to enlarge*
There I have done it. You bros happy now?!
I wouldn't expect to be hot stuff to the ladies anymore after this week.

Just another announcement. For the time being, the posting of my cartoons would not be consistent as I would be relocating my habitat and my new abode does not have internet access yet so I would only upload whenever I can get my hands on some Internet. (No, I have never heard of it. What is a "Starbucks"?)

Do bear with me on this while I settle down and rebuild my connection to the world in my new place and in the mean time, allow me to zip up my pants first. 


  1. 1st!!!


    anyway,Happy CNY,welcome back.

    erkkkkkk,now drop waterface edy,how laa?

    the bros sure had a good laugh kan?kesian....

  2. hahaha when did this happen lah Happy CNY btw!

  3. hey bro, Happy CNY, where actually you moved to???

  4. Awesome man. You get to be the most looked at guy at the moment! LOL!

  5. hey guys sorry for the late reply! internet has not been generous to me:(
    @pitto: thanks pitto! happy cny to u too! hope its not too late haha.. yeala... saham menjunam teruk
    @marilyn: yeah happen during new year shopping
    @eric: happy cny bro. aiyaa where can tell u where i live on here? later ppl stalk me haha:P
    @miss anis: thanks! yeah i was! also thanks for the feature of my rabbit in one of ur comics! :D

  6. never mind. at least you're famous for awhile.
    you should be bangga with it.. hahaha~ ;p


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