Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Please Help My Sad Desperate Friend

Hey everyone!

Yikes I missed two weeks of content. And there I was two weeks ago promising to make a comeback and be consistent on my blog once again.


Oh ya I never said I wanted to be consistent back again. I actually went back to my previous two posts to check on what I said.

I am the most inconsistent person I ever know.

Speaking of consistency, there is this one guy who has been pretty consistent with me regarding one thing.

If you have been following my content regularly on my Facebook page, you would know that I did mention that some of my jokes are inspired by this one stand up guy named Dr. Jason who could really use your help right now.
Seriously Jason leave me alone...
 I could also really use some help...

All jokes aside, I am a huge fan of Jason's work and he is definitely one of my most favourite local stand up comedian. If you do not know who he is, here's a video of him in action.

So right now he is in the running for Laugh Factory's Funniest Man in the World competition and he needs your votes so he can be in the finals to perform in Helsinki, Finland and hopefully win us the gold medal for what you can call the Olympics of stand up comedy.

How can you help? Just go to this link www.votedrjason.com and watch the video and then click like and share the video onto your FB profiles. By doing so you can reduce this man's desperation to qualify for the finals!


Please.... I just want him to leave me alone...


Friday, September 9, 2016

How To Get Girls

Hey everyone!

I'm back again! Based on my previous post, I am glad that some of you actually come back to visit the page and I am very thankful for that. You guys are awesome!

So I came across this advice on the internet and I thought I'd put my spin on it as I believe that it is very true and the title for this post have great potential to be misleading.

Put up some lures first for better chances?
On another note, I think I just equated women with cartoon pocket monsters. Go me.

Feminists please don't kill me I'm just a simple stupid man.

Have a great weekend ahead!
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