Monday, September 23, 2013

Please Stop

Hey happy Mondays! How about a lunch time comic?

So last night, something serious happened and I feel the need to address the issue in today's comic.

It involved the feelings and pride of many people and so here is a public service announcement.

I don't really care much about football, but I care for those with fragile feelings.


It isn't funny.

Please be considerate of the feelings of those hurt last night.

I said stop it!
Damn it, Daryl.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Damned Autopay Machine

Hey everyone! How's Tuesday so far?

Sorry today's post got delayed yet again. Busy schedule had landed me in unpredictable situations and my body clock has officially gone out of whack.

I hate autopay machines for parking sometimes. When it was first introduced I was intimidated by the entire concept of a machine handling your parking ticket payments. Yes I am that old that I used to experience paying for my parking ticket to a guy behind the counter.

Yes and I was that stupid as well.

Many years have gone past and now autopay machines is the absolute norm whenever you visit a shopping center or a building. Now there is one thing I hate about them machines.

It is this.

And I am pretty sure a lot of people go through this damn dilemma.
It was like winning at a jackpot machine. Only except you lose.
I'm pretty certain you read parts of the comic in the autopay machine voice.

The other thing I hate about this machine is that when there is a long line of people behind you and you have to move at 1000 kilometres per hour and each time the machine rejects your stupid note you feel like punching a baby because it is not your fault that the machine doesn't like your money and that stops you from proceeding any further and people are getting annoyed behind you.

Even more infuriating is if you get stuck behind a person who doesn't seem to know how to operate the machine and that person takes forever trying to figure it out and gets angry when you try to help.

It's diabolical.

I just hate autopay machines.

What's your autopay machine story?

Have a great week ahead!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

SPONSORED: Enter The Ultimate Animators Challenge! 15th TBS Digicon6 GO!

This is a sponsored post.

Hey everyone! How’s your day so far? I had cereal this morning but frankly nobody cares.

So the annual TBS Digicon6 is back once again! No, it is not some knock off duplicate of a certain anime series of digital monsters from Japan.

The 15th TBS Digicon 6 contest is an international award for Digital Content of Animation and Movies brought to you by TBS, all the way from Japan!

Why come all the way searching for animators here? Well, Digicon6 aims to bring the creative minds from across Asia together all in Tokyo, to share, network with broadcasters and creative minded people in the land of the rising sun this November.

Accepting any video based done digitally, this is the time to share your ideas in hope to get the recognition that you feel have been long overdue!

So today, I shall provide a short tutorial on how animation can be done! Who knows, your entry for Digicon6 might just land you a trip to Tokyo, Japan!
I suck at animation.
I won't be able to join this year because I lack the necessary skills and confidence to actually come up with anything substantial for this year's Digicon6 competition. My last year's submission was deemed inappropriate.

But that means your chances just got higher! 

This contest invites digital content creators, both professional and amateur, to enter your original work.

This is your final call! Submit your entries today! 


Yeah. Do it today.

Dig from the deepest depths of your animated works and show the world your amazing talent!

You can submit your entries in any one of the following formats!
  1. Computer graphic animation (2D/3D).
  2. Live-action films shot/ edited by digital movie equipment.
  3. All 3D-rendered films (Includes stop-motion and clay animation).
Go to or more details!

Hurry up and grab your most awesome animated work and submit via right now!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Turning Three Years Old & The Universal Razor

Hey everyone! Monday is here! But it is also a special day for the "Bro, don't like that la, bro" series!

In case you hadn't knew, today marks the third year anniversary of the comic series! Finally we are three years old!

I feel old.

Thanks for following the comic series this whole while no matter when you first started reading. Even though you may have only read one strip the entire time but that still means something to me. Thanks for the comments, the likes, the shares, the feedback, the cheekiness you guys pour into my email and comment boxes. At least for three whole years, thanks for not making me feel like I have been talking to the wall with my comics and I am glad that you have been enjoying this sort of self deprecating humour at the expense of the bros. Thank you all very much for being part of this journey with me and hopefully I will never stop churning out comics for your entertainment.

I didn't figure out what to do this year as I have been pretty busy so I shall just give you guys a special massive edition comic like I have done for every year.


Here is the story of one particular universal razor.

That horrible moment when I found out that my razor was a 'toilet prostitute' all along.
Some translation in case Google Translate fails you:
Frame6: "Yes! Like this la only sexy!"
Frame7: "Woh! Looks like jungle!"
Frame9: "Woohoo! Beautiful macho and shiny!"

That horrible realisation. I swear to God. Never again.

Careful when you live with your friends. What you put on your face might have been elsewhere far far away.

Okay now for some announcements:

Now I know I missed a Thursday posting last week and I have received some emails asking me what happened and some even asked if I was okay. Don't worry as I am totally fine and I thank you guys for the concern.

Here's the thing, I have been immensely busy as my schedule just got extremely crazy this month. Therefore, in order to clarify things and to avoid me dying in my own pool of Red Bull infused blood due to extreme exhaustion, for the next two to three weeks, new comic postings shall be temporarily reduced to Mondays only but old comics will still be posted as usual on the Facebook page. That means no Thursday comics for at least two to three weeks from today.

Before you guys grab your pitchforks and prepare to storm my house, I just want you guys to know that it is not that I am doing something else and slowly ditching this series. It is because I am working on something awesome for this comic series and I hope when it comes out, it will be totally worth your time. Yours and mine. A lot of blood, tears, sweat and HP are being invested in that project right now and I hope you guys can be patient for a little while more as it loads.

In the mean time, HAPPY THREE YEARS OLD to my dearest comic. And thank you all very much for reading! Keep the love and the support and stay amazing!

Have an awesome week ahead.

"Like that only ah? How you gonna celebrate the third year bro?"
"Maggi goreng and video games."

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Why Guys Space Out

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesdays! What is up?

"Petrol price is up."

Anyway I wanted to do a full length comic on the topic of petrol but then I ran out of time to think of an idea. So I'll be covering a different topic anyways. In another week or two or so everyone is going to eventually accept the new petrol prices anyway just like how people flip out each time the Zuckerberg decides to change to layout of Facebook.

A friend asked me, what do guys think about when they space out? Even though every single comedian has already said guys can think of absolutely nothing when their eyes just stare into space, our female friends still find that hard to understand. They still will harass with the "you have to be thinking of something" crap then question you why do guys space out anyways.

So today I shall alleviate that once and for all on why guys space out.

Two words: Zen mode.

Alone time will adjourn to either the toilet or to his own personal space in his bedroom.
This is the best answer I can think of. And it doesn't make sense.


I guess I did nothing to help answer that question.

Have a great week ahead!

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