Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014!

Hey everyone!

Christmas is tomorrow! And it is once again time to spread some holiday cheer!

Firstly, I know there has been a lack of new comic postings lately but if you haven't already know, I have been trying to come up with animated YouTube videos now to explore new storytelling methods and at the same time enhance your experience in the story telling receiving end.

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No obligations. But if you really do subscribe, that'd be great.

Speaking of which, instead of making a new Christmas wallpaper this year like every other year (except 2013 because I had no idea Christmas was happening), I've decided to come up with a Christmas video!

Hope you guys like it!

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

Have an awesome holiday ahead!

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Instagram Cleanup

Hey everyone!

What's up? More like what's down as follower count for many Instagram profiles have dropped in the direction which is the direct opposite of up.

Why? Well, in case you are not living in the world of social media because you actually have a life, Instagram has recently went on a cleaning spree in removing spam and bot accounts from Instagram hence many Instagram users have been seeing massive slashes in the follower count and there are a handful of people who aren't too happy with it. Especially those who are a bit too obsessed with the amount of followers they have and those who have follower count targets to achieve.

Here's my depiction of the scenario for those targets which was dashed at the very last minute in 2014.

Instagram effectively gave a lot of people a big fat NOPE.
This comic is dedicated to one of my photographer friend, Jeremy from rice | photo. Do check him out! He takes amazing pictures.

In the aftermath of the cleanup, people were playing the game of comparing who has lost more followers.

It is a game where nobody wins.

Have a great weekend ahead and may your follower count overcomes this setback and continue to grow in the great effort to inflate all of our egos!

Friday, December 12, 2014

I Cannot Stand It When My Friends Do This

Hey everyone! Friday random comic!

Why? Because I feel like it.

A short one though. Hope you guys like it!

I’m pretty sure we all have that one friend who is exactly like this.

Maybe he is busy? Ya. Sure. 'Busy'.
You have more than one? Ouch. Maybe it’s time to find new friends.

Apparently this situation is very, very normal on a daily basis.

I still can’t stand it anyway.

Tag a friend who is like this and let them know how awful they are.

But then that would make you awful for publicly shaming them.

QUICK ANNOUNCEMENT THOUGH! And totally unrelated to the topic above...

When I was much younger, there was this advertisement promoting a certain sitcom and it plays the song ‘Mamma Mia’. The song was so catchy that I can remember the song until today and I had no idea that it is actually a song for a musical! That song has been stuck in my head for the past 20 years.

When I was in the UK a couple of months back, I did see posters of this show all over the London subway stations and unfortunately I didn’t manage to catch the show while I was there as I wasted a lot of time stuffing my face with fish and chips. But now it has come to Malaysia! Such awesome fate! I didn’t go to the show and the show has come to me!

If you are into musicals you might want to check this one out! From 18-21 December 2014 at the Plenary Hall in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center and there will only be 7 shows! That shows how limited the seats are! Mamma mia! (See what I did there?)

Hurry and get your tickets now! TICKETING LINK HERE!

Now I have no excuse on missing this show the second time. So do you.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Five Most Irritating Things People Do On Social Media

Just letting you know in advance that this is a sponsored post. Comic is still fun to read though.

Hey everyone! What’s up?

This post is up! That’s what’s up! Geddit? Geddit?

Oh god that was an irritating joke.

Speaking of irritating things, there are many irritating things that a person can do once they are on social media. I’ve been using social media for a good decade at least and I can say that not only it has made it easier for us to connect with each other but it has also made it easier for us to irritate one another as well.

For the past few years Ive noticed that there are a few things people do on social media that irritates the living daylights out of me.

Here are my top five most irritating ones.

I hate them all with equal passion.
Social media has been a part of our lives and I admit that some of us use it quite a lot especially the youth. We love social media and we enjoy using it but I believe that we could do much more with its power!

Instead of just doing irritating and pointless things over social media, we could definitely do more with social media.

So I stumbled upon this Facebook page and I found out a handful of awesome Malaysians have submitted their stories on the things they have done to build a better Malaysia with the power of technology. There is this one dude named Syafiq and he had made the effort to lead the younger generation to explore more about ICT by enhancing their current school-homework to be more interactive and innovative. He has conducted various ICT workshop series to the secondary school student in all over Malaysia. The idea is to equip them with any related set of ICT technical skills such Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Basic Coding like CSS, HTML5 that can convert into mobile apps in hopes to build young Malaysian technopreneurs in the future!

Other stories of social media savvy people on that page include, Ray, who works hard to create a better and more caring society by connecting donors with charity houses through the convenience of his 4Charity portal and Padja, who provides solution to the problem of unsold books and increase the total number of readers among the new generation by selling books via an online bookstore which provides digital previews of book and all of them are linked via a Facebook account

Holy snap! Even I’m not at their level of doing such things! Honestly I am pretty amazed! As the more techno savvy generation, perhaps it is time for us Malaysians to participate in this and be a part of the digital volunteerism community! Teach others to use basic software tools and lets us all be creators together!

Use social media effectively! #DoMoreLah4Malaysia!

Find out more on how to do more!:

Together we can make a difference in digital!

Have a great day ahead!
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