Monday, January 30, 2012

What Happened Yesterday

Hey everybody! So I am back! How was everyone while I was gone?

I'm now officially suffering from the dreaded post-holiday-withdrawal-syndrome hence my inability to wake up earlier to get this posted up. Would really need a new form of boost to enable me to get back to usual routine.

Last week's break was a total blast. And now I am actually down with sore throat and flu. Hope you guys had a great time to render yourself to the point of sickness too!

So, since I'm back from a not long enough break, let's start back the comics with a special nine frames! You are welcome.

Enjoy! Today, Jon has a story to tell!

Eating sh*t go die. Since 1987.
This surely must have happened to everyone.

Hate it so much when it's you being ignored.

To those who did this to me or are still doing it: You eat sh*t go die la.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Tossing The Yee Sang

Hey there! It's official! Happy Chinese New Year is here! Time to celebrate the year of the water dragon!

Wadaa~ dragon.

Okay, so during the Chinese New Year I don't usually post up a comic and I will usually take a week off from drawing comics. This is because I'm sure most of you are out celebrating and I know not many of you are are gonna read this anyways for the next few days but I'll just post this up now anyways for those of you who don't celebrate the Chinese New Year and might be sitting and relaxing at home right now.

Yes. It is because I am in an extremely festive good mood. So here's a comic based on a popular Chinese New Year tradition! Za-Zahh!! (*za-zah is not a chinese tradition)

I'm sure pretty much most of you know or heard what 'yee sang' is? It's a colourful dish comprising of god-knows-what (I seriously have no idea what those colourful strands of thingies are) and salmon bits. As per tradition, everyone whips out their chopsticks and toss it around for good luck. Apparently the higher you toss the more luck you get! This is a Chinese tradition where we do this with family and friends during the Chinese New Year.

Here is how the bros toss the 'yee sang'.
Why must you always make a mess? Just why?
I guess it's one of those kiasu (scared to lose) moments where you just want to toss your 'yee sang' all the way up to the ceiling for 'supposed' massive luck.

Other than that, they could very much be just playing with food.

I'm sure many of you make a freaking mess as well when tossing the 'yee sang'. You know who you are. *eyes suspiciously*

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Have a great holiday celebration!

"Bro, don't like that la, bro" might take a break this Thursday and we will be back next Monday! Have fun everyone!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year 2012!

Hey there everyone!

It's Thursday and it's just one more day to yet another long weekend thanks to the Chinese New Year! Everyone around just seems to be in the festive holiday mood!

Therefore, I think I am going to enjoy it so here's a greeting wallpaper from me so that you can put it on your desktops and impress your friends or whatever.

The crocodile dragon hides in the wadaa~ 
Please spread the holiday cheer by sharing this wallpaper with family and friends!

Here are a few sizes for your various desktop wallpaper needs.

I, on behalf of all the bros, would like to wish everyone a Happy Gong Xi Fa Cai and may everything awesome happens just for you in this dragon year! To those who aren't celebrating, have an awesome relaxing holiday ahead!

Be safe, don't be stupid and have a happy and a prosperous new year!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Jasmine's Bathroom

And so Monday is here once again to ruin our sh*t. But no worries because next week is the Chinese New Year holidays! That one time of the year where if you are not married, people will give you free money in red packets as long as you invade their houses, eat their cookies and pretend that you are there to see them because it has been such a long time since you guys last met.

Today's comic has nothing to do with what I just said.

I realised we haven't had a Daryl comic recently and people have been asking me to put a Daryl comic so here it is, a Daryl comic. First Daryl comic of year 2012.

It might be a little disturbing or hard to understand but I hope you guys get the idea.

Today's comic is more inclined towards the female audience. No, there is no hunky guy drawings.

Most ladies would get what's wrong.
Okay. If you don't get the joke just ask any female friend what the actual use of a feminine wash is for. If you do not have any female friends, you can always ask you mother or your sister though it would result in an infinitely awkward conversation.

No? Fine. A feminine wash is used for a ladies'..... know......
.... down there......


Daryl is just being Daryl.

Yeah. For the face. Sure.
Have a great day ahead!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rain VS Parking

It's Thursday. You know what's up.

I don't have much to ramble about today because I'm typing this so early in the morning where I should be under my comfortable sheets dreaming about happy dinosaurs and spaceships. Let's get to the point here today.

I hate open air car parks. I seriously do. It's not that they have done anything wrong to me but the whole concept of it makes the entire car parking experience feel like desperation.

Okay, so I am not good with words in describing that feeling. Read the comic instead.

Yet another classic Jon.
Tersungkur = fall on your face.
Basah kuyup = drenched

The crocodile runs in the wadaaa~ (No translations for that.)

Before signing off, please do check out my twitter! It's sorta new.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, January 9, 2012

EVENT: Kronenbourg L'aperitif Fashion

Oh crap. Monday is no longer a holiday. For the past two weeks, we were enjoying our Mondays like they don't exist. Today is no longer that day.

Monday blues are officially settling in again.

No worries though. To counter them blues, today's comic is more than six frames. That should add another ten or so seconds more to your reading time thus accomplishing your task of procrastinating further at work today. You're welcome.

So, several weeks ago, me and the bros were fortunate enough to be invited to this fashion event called Kronenbourg L'aperitif Fashion but rather than seeing this as a fashion event I was more inclined to see it as the official launch of the Kronenbourg beer in Malaysia. Chicks and free beer. Seriously. What more could the bros ask for?

This comic has been a long time coming but this story is finally done and up.

Jamus never finished studying that night.
Jamus, we're very sorry, bro.

All the best in your exams. Or the results. Or whatever.

Also, if you guys haven't noticed yet, I got twitter weeks ago. Go see. Like, if you want to.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Every New Year's Eve

Thursday and the fifth day of the new year! Just another day and it's the weekend. Seems like we're on a streak of holidays and not much work is getting done.

This calls for another comic!

This comic was supposed to be up on the previous Monday right next to the start of the new year but it had to give way to another story that has a deadline. However all not is lost as it's been only five days away and I suppose this story still is timely enough for everyone to still be able to relate to it.

Apparently a lot of us had experienced this kind of New Year's Eve at some point in our lives. This experience actually sucks.

Happy New Year, bro.
If you've never experienced this before, I envy you.

This did not happen in the recent new year but it did happen for a few times for several years before.

Celebrating the new year's count down in the car. Every time.

Total bull-crap feeling.

Have a great weekend guys!

Monday, January 2, 2012

SPONSORED: Carlsberg's Where's The Party 2011

This is a sponsored post.

Happy New Year everyone! It's Monday already? It's 2012 ALREADY? I really need to get a grip on the current flow of time. Anyways, let's start off the new year with a sponsored comic!

About two weeks ago I was invited to attend a yearly event organized by Carlsberg, mainly known as the "Where's The Party" event. Now I am not very familiar with this event but I was told that it is like a secret party where no one will know where the location is until the organisers actually bring you there. The guests gather at a meeting point, get loaded up on a bus and are taken to the party's secret location.

The organisers could easily kidnap people en masse but we all know that would be a total PR nightmare for Carlsberg. Besides, the Carlsberg's Where's The Party is known to be the most happening event organised by them every year and kidnapping people would be absolutely counter productive.

I went alone. No. I did not bring the bros along.

P.S. Where's The NEXT Party?

I seriously should have brought the bros along.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


This time it's WAR!

No, not really. This will officially be the first post for the year 2012!

2011 came by and went and I didn't even notice her leaving but what I can say is that 2011 has been really awesome especially in the final few months and it can only mean that it will be more awesome coming into 2012!

I am not going to bore you with what I have achieved or experienced during 2011 and all that kinda stuff because the future is like with spaceship and robot dinosaurs.

I don't even know what that means.

Anyhow, thanks so much for supporting my comics all these while and like always, I will do my very best to deliver more hilarity and cartoon entertainment every twice a week for you folks out there!

So before we start off the new year with another comic, here's an awesome artwork specially made by a great handful of comic bloggers all around Malaysia who got together and collaborated for the grandest collab I ever had so far! So from all of us comic bloggers,

Awesome enough to warrant it as a desktop wallpaper? Hi res version can be found HERE.

As 2012 is the predicted year for the end of the world, will you side with evil and embrace and conspire towards the world's destruction or will you be noble and protect and defend the planet from impending doom?

Special thanks to all those who participated and made this wallpaper to be totally filled with awesome fueled power juice!

In case you don't know them, here's a list and do go check them out!

The Doom Bringers (Left Side)
1. Ernest Ng ( <-- THAT'S ME!
2. Aujinz (
3. syuthekitteh (
4. Miss Morbids (
5. Miao&WafuPafu (
6. UTAR Boy (
7. Pauline Low (
8. Robin (
9.The Sharkox (

The Protector of Earth (Right Side)
1. Amin Aizuddin (
2. Egg & Yolk (
3. Munyamunya (
4. Kendy's life a.k.a house88kend (
5. King Syahmi (
6. CheeChingy (
7. Bolehland (
8. SE (
9. Dorky Guy (
10. Kyoru (
11. SayaDoodle (
12. Pek Chek Kia (

I chose to draw on the evil side cause I thought the bros as black ninjas would look REALLY cool. But seriously I do not hope or encourage for the world to end this year.

In other news, since this is the new year I would like to announce that "Bro, don't like that la bro" has a TWITTER! So yes, for more nonsensical ramblings from yours truly, don't forget to follow my daily tweets!

Happy 2012 everyone! Have a great year ahead with countless blessings and all the goodness in the world!

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