Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011 Dear Readers!

In another few hours, the clock will strike 12:00 and that will be the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my readers for following my webcomic so far. I know its only been a couple of month but I hope you had a lot of fun reading them as much as I have making them. Hopefully his 2011, "Bro, don't like that la, bro" will continue going strong and gather a lot more readers who just enjoy a laugh or two.

My dear readers, thank you for the undying love and support for the series and do share this with whoever you know that might like my cartoons! I could not have gone this far without you guys!

My dear bros, thank you for bringing such color each time with your silly and wacky antics and I hope the random humour factory in you guys will never ever close down! May you guys continue making everyone laugh till the end of time!

I would like to dedicate this artwork to all readers, family, friends and loved ones and especially my bros! You guys are free to share or send it to your friends and love ones as a greeting card: ) May all of you have a memorable great hour towards the end of 2010 and a wonderful and blessed new beginning in 2011!

On behalf of my bros and myself, here it is:


Have a great one!

Monday, December 27, 2010

God of Gambling

Wow! Time sure flies fast this weekend. It was only Christmas two days ago and it is Monday once again!

I noticed that if I do upload another comic this week it will be FOUR postings in two weeks! I was in Singapore during the Christmas weekend and I DID thought of NOT posting a comic this week as I've already posted three artworks already within a week! But I guess you guys could use some humour to ease your Monday blues after such an eventful and joyous weekend (assuming you did have a blast during the Christmas weekend) so I blasted through to complete this week's comic on time. I hope you would excuse me for this rushed work! Please be nice and comment as I've been so hardworking to post a lot for the past week!

Here's a little story on how you can take advantage of other people's weaknesses.

Hope you guys had a great Christmas! I'm so exhausted right now, I think I'm gonna sleep for awhile!

Daryl, faster bring me out for a free meal after this!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Hey readers and fans! About a few months back I started this webcomic series on Facebook and now it has been going strong ever since even after its inception onto the blogspot and I know I could not have done it without the support from all my readers. Well, its the 25th of December and to show my greatest and sincere appreciation, I just feel like giving you lovelies a special gift on this Christmas Day! On behalf of the bros and from myself, I wish all of you "A Very Merry Christmas!" Be safe and may you have all the love, care and blessing in the world!

Here is a special edition picture from me! Enjoy!
 Thanks for all the support and for loving the series! Do share the love and happy holidays to all!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Slowest Reaction in the World, Continued!

What day is it? It's only a Thursday but I guess I'll pull something extra out of the hat this week as Christmas is only a mere TWO days away! In the spirit of Christmas I'm feeling rather generous and hardworking for the sake of entertaining you guys:) In case you don't get what I'm trying to tell you: YES! Another comic this week!

REALLY? Yes, really.

Just in case you missed Monday's comic, which is the first part of this story, you can read it HERE.

So, what happened after Jon got pants'd by Shamus? Read on.

A wild Daryl appeared!
Well, if you are just tuning in and don't really get the joke, perhaps you should head on HERE first to see what had happened in the earlier comics. If you don't, the humour of this particular comic strip shall forever elude you! Still not clicking it? Here's a hint: It's a running gag that has been happening throughout this series.
And that concludes the story of the slowest reaction in the world! Hope you enjoyed it!

Jon, why haven't you pulled up your pants yet?

And Daryl, please la enough with that already!
Merry Xmas everyone!

Too early?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Slowest Reaction in the World

Hey folks! Monday is here once again! As usual always, a comic treat for you!

Had to rush through another comic once again! This is gonna be a busy week for me as Christmas is approaching! Hope I can pull out more comics before the end of the year to give an awesome 2010 farewell and a wicked 2011 start to this wacky series!

This was an incident happened recently. I guess it must have happened to anyone (even you!) at some point in their lives. An incident where most of us are lucky enough if it never occurs in public. Still, it is kind of degrading in a way to the victim. What kind of incident? Read on.

You got pants'd!

It was the longest 10 seconds of Jon's life and the most relatively awkward one at that. There was a chick present when this scene occurred. Why didn't I draw her in? Even I'm finding it hard to figure that one out. Still hope you guys enjoy this week's strip!

Jon, just pull up your pants already la for goodness sake.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Traffic in KL is horrendous!

Good Monday morning? Feeling the blues? Here's something to cheer you up!

I won't say much first. Here's this week's comic! Hope its funny enough. (I personally think it's not that funny but here goes)

click to enlarge
Yes, as we all know (and in case you don't) last week petrol price has gone up again so I suppose everything else will follow suit. This happened the night before the fuel price increase and I thought I'd just share with you what I experience EVERY DAMN TIME petrol price is set to go up! As usual, people will, line up to the nearest petrol station, just to have the last 'kopek' of slightly cheaper petrol and block the main road just because the line was TOO DAMN LONG!

What the fuck.

Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Getting Hot in Here

Monday is here once again! Another new comic strip for those who have been patient! Here you go! (Does anyone actually read the text I write? Or do you guys just go ahead to the comic?)

I might have a feeling that Jon might be either having suicidal or homicidal tendencies, or both. Here is why:

click to enlarge

Jon is still very much alive. Just in case you are wondering.
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