Thursday, July 31, 2014

How It Is Really Like Being A Comic Character

Hey happy Thursday guys! Hope you guys are having a fantastic Raya holiday. Or maybe you are back from the holidays and reality has indefinitely resumed for you.

Anyway, there were times where my Bros get asked how is it like to be a comic character. Being a comic character is pretty fun and I must say it has its perks.

Shamus decided to use it recently.

He paid full price for the book. Comic character or not.
Shamus: Miss. I'm one of the characters in this comic book. Do I get a discount?
Cashier: Hah? No way!
Shamus: Look! Don't I look like this guy over here?
Cashier: Not really.
Shamus: Look at my identification card. It's the same name as the character in the book.
Cashier: Oh yeah! Shamus!
Shamus: So do I get a discount?
Cashier: Nope.
Shamus: ....
Ernest: Apasal ko pegi buat bende gila camtu?

I lied. There is no such things as having perks for being a comic character.

Mystery solved.

Anyway, as you might have known, I have recently released my second book, BACK TO SCHOOL. It's kinda selling pretty fast so do quickly grab a copy before it finishes.

Also I am having a book signing and a comic workshop this coming weekend at KLCC so do come by if you would like me to sign your books! We can take pictures and talk about how awful the new Transformers is and other stuff.

See you guys there!
Please come. I don't want to get lonely.

Have a great weekend ahead!

It will be great because you are coming to meet me, right? Right?


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Selamat Hari Raya 2014 & #RayaPickupLines

Hey everyone! How's everyone doing?

Okay I am a day late and I know that Hari Raya started yesterday and I didn't manage to draw something on time but it is still Raya and I want to take the opportunity to wish all my Muslim friends a Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin.

So yesterday I wanted to wish a friend "Selamat Hari Raya" but autocorrect made it "Selamat Hari Saya".

This is why people think I'm self absorbed. Damn you autocorrect.
Anyway, I was on the internet when I saw these epic #RayaPickupLines posted by my friends and I shared it on my Facebook page but I still find it so awesome that I thought I would make a comic out of it.

Here are the best #RayaPickupLines (in my opinion). Use it at your own risk. Results not guaranteed.

Special thanks for my friends Izuan Izham, Jing Xiu and Bee San for these epic pick up lines. There were more, but these five are my top favourites.

What other #RayaPickupLines do you have? Do share in the comments below!

In the mean time, have an awesome Raya!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Wakudoki Your Way To Tokyo

Hey everyone! How’s it hanging?

Happy Monday by the way.

So recently the bros were doing something really strange. But then again they have always been the strangest bunch.

I bumped into them one day all dressed up in suits and tie.

Turns out that Daryl has found yet another online dance competition brought to you by Toyota who has kicked off this rather interesting competition about dancing to the Wakudoki feeling and I’ve always thought that they are only about cars.

Firstly, what the heck is Wakudoki anyway?

'Waku-Waku' is a term in Japanese use to describe when your heart is pumping with joy and you can't sit still.
'Doki-Doki' is Japanese for the sound of your heartbeat.

Hence you get “Wakudoki” which is the creative expression for the joy you feel when your heart is pumping with excitement!

It is pure mathematics and science. Do not dispute.

Don't know how to do the Wakudoki? The website teaches you how!

Here's some complimentary screenshots!

The dance is really simple! It includes a “Beginner mode” where users can do the Wakudoki  by following the animated silhouette of the dance moves.

If that is too easy for you and you want to show off, you can go for “Expert Mode” where there will be no 
guide given.

You can even do the Wakudoki through the smartphone app too! 

Wakudoki on the go!

There’s two rounds in this contest, the video with the highest number of views wins “Beats by Dr. Dre” earphone! One winner will be chosen from each country, and among all the posted videos, the best dance wins a trip for two to Tokyo!

First round of the contest ends 25th August 2014! Join now for regret forever.

Find out more about Wakudoki and participate at

Have a nice day!

*This is a sponsored post*

Monday, July 14, 2014

Writers Unleashed!

Hey what is up everyone? If you say the sky I will punch you in the throat.

Good joke though.

So I guess by now a vast majority of you guys might have known that I already have my first book published and the second one would be coming really soon. I heard that my first book is really good so you should probably go get it if you haven’t. *self promote detected* So the first book has been on the shelves since November 2013 and I am thankful that you guys are so supportive about it and I really believe that you guys are a huge bunch of awesome people.

So much so that the book had also inspired someone else to write a book of his own. Namely Shamus.
When faced with intense rejection, retreat to favourite corner.
Shamus’ poems are actually quite rubbish. You would know if you have read about it in my book.

I must say I was pretty fortunate to have a good publisher to work with but bear in mind that getting your book published can be a daunting task. Especially the beginning stages where you try to just land that one book deal. However, there is a way that dream of yours could be made a reality!


Twelve thousand? Holy cow!
That’s right! You could now fulfil your dreams to be a writer and potentially publish your book and earn royalties from it! It is time for you to shine!

Entering this contest is easy! Just include the following!
1.            An official entry form duly completed.
2.            A softcopy of the complete manuscript in both PDF and Word format.
3.            A recent photograph of the writer in soft copy (1 Mb).
4.            A short biography of the writer not more than 200 words.
5.            A summary of the manuscript not more than 200 words.
6.            A copy of writer’s MyKad

Submissions should be made:
For any enquiries:

The closing date for MyCreative Writers Unleashed Competition is on 5 August 2014 and winners will be announced in October 2014 so what the heck are you waiting for?!!

Win up to RM12,500*  worth of cash prizes and opportunity to get your manuscript published! Who doesn’t want that? I’d do it too! I might even join this contest for fun!

Unleash the writer in you!

But someone really needs to tell Shamus that his poems are actually quite rubbish.

For more information visit

Have a great week ahead!

*Yeah this is a sponsored post. You should have noticed by now.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Real Man of the Match

Hey everyone! It's Thursday and it's comic time!

What? Two days of comic back to back? That's right!

Also because I have no life.

Here's today's comic!

It was the longest wait for Jon. Ever.
This comic is dedicated to those who don't actually care about football but they get dragged out to watch the matches early in the morning anyways and some matches just don't freaking end.

So the World Cup is coming to a close and only two matches left. Throughout this entire season, I would say the best experience would have to be going out to the mamak to watch the matches live with friends at ungodly hours in the morning. However, some matches just go all the way from extra time to the penalty shootout and games like these delays our scheduled time to just go home and sleep. Especially on a weekday night, we would want the match to quickly end but such stubborn dedication from us to watch the match till it's over would not allow us to do so. But I've noticed that one in every five guys at the mamak don't actually care about the World Cup and they are the ones most desperate to go home but they couldn't because they love their friends too much.

Also mostly because they did not drive there.

These guys would just come to accompany their friends thinking it would just be a regular mamak session plus football on the side. Little did they know that some matches take forever to end and they end up waiting with the rest of us with they only difference that they are actually dying from boredom.

They are the real man of the match. A true bro indeed.

Two down! Two to go! Who will be the World Cup champion this year?

Have a great weekend ahead!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Stop. Just Stop.

Hey, happy Wednesday!

I know I haven't been posting on my usual Mondays and Thursdays but hey a little surprise buttsecks comic never hurt anyone!

So actually I had a new comic ready to be posted tomorrow but then something serious happened early this morning and I took some time after waking up to digest that information and actually decided to make a comic about the situation.

It was none other than heart breaking so here is a comic which serves more as a public service announcement.

It is not even funny.

You can make a difference (?)
Yep. Turns out that the World Cup semi final match between Germany and Brazil this morning was buttsecks brutal. By making this comic, it is official that I'm the salt rubber.

I'm such an awful person.

To be honest, I actually felt quite bad for the Brazillian fans. Seeing how devastated they look each time the Germans scored a goal. It also didn't help that their anguish was captured in super slow motion. This could only mean one thing:

That cameraman is a dick.

He is definitely a more awful person than me. I don't feel so bad now.

One down. Three to go. Who will be the World Cup champion this year?

Have a great rest of the week ahead!

Friday, July 4, 2014

That Whisper We Hear

Hey Friday!

And a surprise buttsecks comic today for you all!

Every once a year, every single Malaysian will hear this one singular whisper. It's not evil. It's not a voice in your head. It's not something you can avoid. It's not something that you don't know.

What is it?

It's annoying.
Happy Ramadan to all my Muslim readers!

In case you are not from Malaysia, Yusuf Taiyoob is a famous brand for dates and their radio ad involves a woman whispering the name in a sultry manner a few times in that 30 seconds. And it gets stuck in our heads.

This is not a paid ad for Yusuf Taiyoob in case you are wondering.

How many days are we in this fasting month anyway? I lost count. I could try fasting like you guys but you already know that I will fail. Keep up being awesome!

Have a great Ramadan ahead!

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