Monday, July 14, 2014

Writers Unleashed!

Hey what is up everyone? If you say the sky I will punch you in the throat.

Good joke though.

So I guess by now a vast majority of you guys might have known that I already have my first book published and the second one would be coming really soon. I heard that my first book is really good so you should probably go get it if you haven’t. *self promote detected* So the first book has been on the shelves since November 2013 and I am thankful that you guys are so supportive about it and I really believe that you guys are a huge bunch of awesome people.

So much so that the book had also inspired someone else to write a book of his own. Namely Shamus.
When faced with intense rejection, retreat to favourite corner.
Shamus’ poems are actually quite rubbish. You would know if you have read about it in my book.

I must say I was pretty fortunate to have a good publisher to work with but bear in mind that getting your book published can be a daunting task. Especially the beginning stages where you try to just land that one book deal. However, there is a way that dream of yours could be made a reality!


Twelve thousand? Holy cow!
That’s right! You could now fulfil your dreams to be a writer and potentially publish your book and earn royalties from it! It is time for you to shine!

Entering this contest is easy! Just include the following!
1.            An official entry form duly completed.
2.            A softcopy of the complete manuscript in both PDF and Word format.
3.            A recent photograph of the writer in soft copy (1 Mb).
4.            A short biography of the writer not more than 200 words.
5.            A summary of the manuscript not more than 200 words.
6.            A copy of writer’s MyKad

Submissions should be made:
For any enquiries:

The closing date for MyCreative Writers Unleashed Competition is on 5 August 2014 and winners will be announced in October 2014 so what the heck are you waiting for?!!

Win up to RM12,500*  worth of cash prizes and opportunity to get your manuscript published! Who doesn’t want that? I’d do it too! I might even join this contest for fun!

Unleash the writer in you!

But someone really needs to tell Shamus that his poems are actually quite rubbish.

For more information visit

Have a great week ahead!

*Yeah this is a sponsored post. You should have noticed by now.


  1. The ceiling is up, Ernest...

  2. wow.. excited with the cash money

  3. Hey Ernest, I saw your second book at the Popular. Is it about life when you guys are in primary school? :)

    1. yep! hahah it appeared in stores even before i could announce it!

  4. interesting... have to dig out my past work...
    well, maybe not. hahah

  5. i like this bro! haha..mayb i'll challenge myself..maybe....(^_^)

  6. Is there any place to get the book digitally? I'm not much of a fan of physical books since i got my hands on an iphone / ipad years back..


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